How to Avoid Divorce? Can you stop it!

‘Divorce’ is very strong with a lot of emotions attached to it. For some, it is emotion-filled with hatred while for some it is a freedom that they always wanted. But no matter what for most of them divorce leaves a scar on their hearts forever. There are hundred different reasons because of which divorces take place like loss of compatibility, toxic relationships, trust issues, lack of communication, financial constraints, so on and so forth.

But to understand how to avoid divorce, one should first know what are the reasons that can cause a divorce, only then can they learn how to avoid a divorce. A study of sociologists has also found that the number of divorces has doubled over the last century. And some of the most common reasons for divorce are as follows:

  • Women can survive on their own today – This very statement is true that women nowadays are independent enough and can take care of themselves also can manage to be a single mother. And because the women today know that they can survive on their own, they actually don’t like to suffer in an unhappy and demanding marriage.
  • Increase in demands- People nowadays have a very high life expectancy. Every individual wants more and more from life and the people around them, but when they fail to receive things that will fulfill their expectancy, they tend to be disheartened and this becomes another reason for the increased number of divorces.
  • Social Media and other dating opportunities – With the rise of the increase in the use of social media and various dating apps, people are getting hundreds of options to select from and which causes them to be unsure of their own choices and tastes.

The above-mentioned reasons are some of the serious reasons because of which divorces happen but there are also some silly reasons which become the cause of certain split-ups as well. And they are as follows:

  • Makeup – Strange enough but this is one of the causes of divorce. People often tend to be picture perfect while they are outside and tend to forget the real them even to the people with whom they are going to spend the rest of their lives with. Hypocrisy has become an integral part of our lives but when the other person happens to witness the real deal of the other person, they don’t like them anymore because it is very different from their imagination and makeup is one such thing.
  • House Chores – Who wants to do house chores right? It is very boring and tiring. And this is one of the reasons why people end up fighting about who will do the chores and thus this also becomes one of the reasons for their split up.
  • Along with these, there are more reasons because of which a divorce can take place like the old love letters,  nicknames on the phones, and many more.

Now that we have come to know about the causes of a divorce, let’s see how can we avoid divorce?

Some amazing methods to prevent a marriage from ending in divorce are as follows:

  • One should know how to listen to their partner – communication is the key to a happy marriage.
  • Actions speak louder than words- thus instead of just saying how much you love your partner, make sure to show it through your actions as well.
  • Instead of just looking at the negative side of a person, look at their virtues and what their good qualities are. No one likes to be reprimanded always for their flaws.
  • Don’t be always calculative of how much effort your partner is putting effort in the relationship, instead create a balance and talk it out so that there are no misunderstandings.
  • Don’t cling on to the other person 24/7 as every individual has their own life, even if they are your husband or wife. Respect that. 
  • One of the most important things is to stop avoiding conflicts, rather one should be upfront about it and solve it as soon as possible instead of just avoiding it forever because it will only bring you towards your doom.
  • Never criticize your partner for the mistakes they have done, rather criticize their actions and make them understand where did they go wrong.
  • Trust your partner and don’t go all detective on them and always ask them about each and everything they do. Let them breathe instead of suffocating them in the relationship.
  • Make time for your partner because spending time together also strengthens the bond, get to know more about each other. Make sure to atleast spend 15 minutes daily with your partner talking about how was your day and theirs, talk about the future but specifically share things about your life with them. Don’t be a busy closed-off person and make them feel neglected.
  • Also, make sure to compliment your partner, whether be it in public or privately. Compliments make people feel special in the eyes of others. It feels like you are giving them the importance and you care for them.
  • Love your partner or spouse the way they want to be loved. Fulfill their dreams of a happily ever after because even if it is just a fictional idea but every other person does dream of a happily ever after with their loved one. Try to understand their feelings of love and reciprocate accordingly.
  • Take part in each other's life, be a person on whom they can rely and count on. Work together.
  • Before you become the love of life of your spouse, try being their friends. Friends with whom they can share everything. 
  • Use terms of endearments, instead of just calling your spouse with their names give them special and cute nicknames, that a very beautiful meaning and that connect you both together.
  • And last but not least, ‘I Love You’ is the most important key to a happy marriage. Confessing your feelings is as much as important as it is to show with your actions. Make sure to make your partner loved and that they are wanted and a blessing in your life.

Life is not easy and to find a person who will love you till eternity and will accept you the way you are is more difficult to find, thus the moment you get someone to like them who is ready to accept the way you are and love you forever never let them go. After you start living together you might start finding a lot of flaws of the other person but always remember that you, yourself have many flaws and if your partner can cope up with it, then why can’t you. And even though it may seem that it’s okay to get divorced but the reality is exactly the opposite to it, it leaves a scar on your heart forever. Try and avoid divorce until and unless it becomes the last resort to save your life from further damage. 


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