Best foods for Women's Health

Eat best, leave the rest 

Women need fewer calories than Men, although the need for several minerals & vitamins in Women is much higher than in men. The fact is that a woman undergoes multiple hormonal variations during several stages of her lifetime. It includes menstruation, pregnancy period, menopause, and childbearing. The resultant of it is a greater risk associated with osteoporosis, anemia, weak bones - which creates the high need for the right nutrients in the Women's body like magnesium, vitamin D, calcium, iron, and vitamin B9. 

'According to the CDC - Heart Disease is the main reason for the death of 1 out of every 4th woman.' 

We have discussed all the mandatory nutrients rich foods in this article for women to keep them healthy and away from any kind of heart, blood pressure, cholesterol, and other women health-related diseases. 

Facts & Figures 

  • According to the 'USDA - U.S. Department of Agriculture,' daily intake of calcium for a woman between the age group 19 to 50 must be 1000 mg. Above 50 years women must intake calcium of at least 1200 mg per day. Eating more than what's expected will not lead to any extra benefits.
  • As per USDA, the best calcium-rich foods for women are cabbage, grains, green vegetables, and tofu. Along with this, your body cannot digest and intake more than 500 mg at one time.
  • Women need to have at least '600 International Units - IU', of Vitamin D each day for the proper processing of the calcium. Vitamin D-rich foods are eggs, ½ an hour of Sunlight Bath, milk, and Cod.
  • As per USDA, Women must intake the daily magnesium of 320 mg to 400 mg each day. Magnesium is highly crucial to absorb calcium, forming the blood into the women's bones. Women can consider Magnesium-rich foods like broccoli, beans, green vegetables, squash, cucumber, and celery as a part of their daily routine. 
  • According to the FNB - Food and Nutrition Board of US, women who are between the age group of 14 to 18 must consume 15 mg of iron/day, 27 mg in case of pregnancy, 10 mg if she is lactating. Also, women having 19 to 50 age must consume 18 mg of iron each day, 27 mg in case of pregnancy, 9 mg if she is lactating. Women above 51 age can intake Iron not more than 8mg/day. The best Iron-rich foods for women are apricots, bread, raisins, and iron-based cereals.

Best foods for Women's health?


Broccoli was once not on the diet list of the President - H.W. Bush. People either love eating it or completely ignore it based on a hierarchy of food followed by their parents or guardians. As per researchers, if your parents have made you practice to eat something in childhood, then you will develop its taste to eat it till long. 

Why Broccoli?

  • MD/author - 'Eat for Health - Gift of Health Press,' named Joel Fuhrman suggests eating broccoli as it can fight cancer.
  • Broccoli contains the 'sulforaphane' chemical that helps to fight against cancer cells like melanoma & leukemia.
  • 135% of your everyday Vitamin C needs can be fulfilled by one cup of Broccoli.
  • Broccoli helps to fight against 'Breast Cancer,' - as said by one of the studies of Chinese Studies of 2007.


Like its rich dark pink color, the Beetroots are highly rich in nutrients! The sweet, buttery and juicy pulpy taste it holds is just the best; eat it once, & you will eat it forever.

Why Beetroots?

  • "Beetroots consists of the potassium which balances any ill after-effect of salty diets - said by, '150 Healthiest Foods on Earth's author/Ph.D.' named Jonny Bowden as per Fair Winds Press. 
  • By 16%, your stamina to do daily workouts can be boosted by drinking Beetroot juice daily - Said by 'English Study held in 2009.'
  • Natural Chemicals present in Beetroots helps to fight against inflammation and cancer as well.
  • Beetroots are rich in 'Folate' helping to develop new cells in Women's bodies and preventing damage of the DNA.


One of those fruits which can be served to anybody, anytime - Almonds! From mediterian diet to date, everybody loves having these nuts on cakes, desserts, or as it is! 

Why Almonds?

  • Women having stomach problems due to irregular unhealthy diet, delays in the menstrual cycle can surely keep it in their pockets and have it to ease down all the irregularities and your stomach pain.
  • Being a Prebiotic food and a Higher fiber food, it works miraculously for women. 
  • Lowers down the bad or LDL cholesterol from the body. 
  • Rich in vitamin E, it helps fight heart diseases and diarrhea.
  • One cup of almonds (quarter) carries more protein as compared to an egg. 
  • Contains magnesium which releases the happy chemical 'dopamine elevating your mood by fighting depression.
  • Helps in boosting and fastening the absorption of calcium in your body.


Oatmeal consists of a higher level of fiber which saves you from high cholesterol-related health problems. High cholesterol can lead to the development of plaque in the Women artery walls which further might give birth to heart disease. Oatmeal in this case is the best cure!

Why Oatmeal?

  • As per one of the 'Harward Studies' - a survey was done of more than 68,000 Women. Among them, those who have consumed fiber in the high content daily were 23% less likely to suffer from heart disease. 
  • As to researchers, Oatmeal reduces the risk of diabetes in women by 61%.
  • Helps in stabilizing the blood sugar which helps to control untimely hunger.


Being one of the most loved foods in the US and Brazil, people there call this food as versatile as it doesn't need hours of chopping or seeding. In the same family of Blueberries, there is 'Acai', its cousin having the same health care properties but it's hard to find and a bit costly too. 

Why Blueberries? 

  • High in anti-inflammatory property, Blueberries reduce heart diseases, arthritis, & diabetes - said by 'Health Researchers. 
  • Blueberries consist of 'Anthocyanidins' which indeed give them rich blackish-purple color having antioxidants property. 
  • Blueberries also help to take control of the Woman's mental health declination which is a very good property as the monthly menstruation, conceiving baby, miscarriages, etc might lead to weakening women's mental health.  


Being free from any unhealthy fat, Beans are the best choice that women can inculcate in their diet! 

Why Beans?

  • According to the - 'Canadian Medical Association Journal,' Women consuming beans at least 4 times a week have a 22% less chance of getting a heart attack. 
  • ¾ cup of Beans helps in removing the " BAD CHOLESTEROL" from your blood by 5%, - said by almost 26 clinical trials. 
  • As revealed by the 'Alzheimer's Association', - Alzheimer's disease is the fifth cause of death in women. Intake of Beans can safeguard you from such diseases to the maximum extent. 

Key Takeaways 

Women go through a lot of physical and mental burdens like managing household work and office work at once, mental depression, menstruation, giving birth, etc throughout their life. Henceforth ensuring the right diet to help you fight against the existing issues is a MUST!

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