How to lose weight after C section? 7 Excellent Tips

Girls, who don't want a slim and trim figure? Whether we are in our teenage age or a mother of 4 children, having a beautiful figure is what we all desire from within! Well, this dream shatters to some extent once you enter the motherhood zone - umm yes, it's true! Gaining weight is normal after conceiving a baby - Whether you had a normal delivery or via c-section. We can't change this reality but surely can work in remaking our body healthy and smart after gaining excess weight from a c-section delivery. Also, note that all of the methods disclosed on this page are natural ways to compensate for the overweight. In case you feel some serious issue like excess vomiting, bleeding, and low or high bp's - then without a single thought immediately contact your consultant. 

How much time does it take to lose weight after a C section?

Losing the weight gained in the c-section depends on how much weight you have gained. 

  • On average, by taking proper precautions the mothers can expect to reduce 3-4 lbs every month.
  • If the mother has earned 25-35 lbs then, it might make you wait till 3-6 weeks at least to lose it.
  • If the mother has earned more than 25-35 lbs then, it might take 6-12 months to get back to normal.

C-section delivery - STATISTICS

  • As per stats, from 2009 till date - C-section deliveries have doubled in India.
  • An increase of 300% in the C-section deliveries was witnessed in the public hospitals of India - 2019.
  • An increase of 400% in the C-section deliveries was witnessed in the private hospitals of India - 2019.
  • According to the 'HMIS - Health Management Information System' - 14% of the total deliveries were done via C-section in 2018-2019 inside the public hospitals I.e., 19 lacs birth out of 1.3 crores. 
  • As per Mukhopadhyay, 55% of c-sections are done in private hospitals which benefits the mothers by covering insurance schemes. Also, only 17% of the c-section deliveries are done in public hospitals.
  • As per Dr. Subhasri, C-sections are increasing in India because of high monitoring and precautions undertaken by doctors.

How to lose weight after a C section?

  1. Healthy Diet - Say YES! Does a healthy diet works? Well, not to doubt it does! High intake of calorie food isn't a good idea for a mother and the child for at least a year. It can spoil the figure of a mother by supplying the wrong food to her and further passing it to the child. The shift to a healthy diet will not only make sure that your child is getting proper nutrition and minerals but also help you get rid of extra weight via this practice. 
  2. Embrace the World-of-Exercise - Exercise has got its worldwide proven positive effects - Not only physically but MENTALLY as well! For a mother who has just gone through the c-section delivery, she might have a lot of mood swings which may result in affecting her mental health as well. So, ensure to adopt the practice of half an hour simple exercise daily to get relief mentally helping you shed superfluous gained weight physically. In contrast to this, avoid heavy exercises as much as you can - like squats, jumping, lifting weights - AVOID ALL OF THEM! Your incisions area is delicate enough to handle the pressure of such heavy exercises. Do the simple ones like meditation, ground walks, neck and hand exercises. 
  3. Avoid Sugary Food - Who doesn't get cravings from Gajar Ka Halwa, Rasmalai, Pastries, cakes, cookies, etc? I would jump on them literally lol - undoubtedly they are tempting like crazy! dear you need to hold on to your cravings for some time as they possess high levels of calories. These calories might give you temporary pleasure but will do no good to reduce extra weight. Indeed, you might gain more of it - leading to heart problems and diabetes! What you can do is, you can choose an alternative to compensate for your sugary items cravings with fresh watermelon, grapes, and mango would work.  
  4. Say NO to Alcohol - Breaking up with the alcohol for a time being is quintessential for a breastfeeding mother and child. The intake of it is bound to pass on to your child while breastfeeding. With extra calories present in alcohol, it can lead to excess weight gain which will be most visible around your belly side. 
  5. Do more of a Breastfeeding - Good news for the breastfeeding mothers is that they can lose weight without putting any extra effort via the method of breastfeeding - Shockingly wonderful thing it is! A child at least for 1 year needs as much nourishment as he can to grow up healthy. So, moms can pass on their extra calories to their child via more and more breastfeeding - which is good for Mothers as well as Children!
  6. Increase the consumption of Water - Stay hydrated by supplying your body with enough amount of water. Drink at least 3 - 5 glasses of water a day depending on your height and weight. It will ensure that you and your child are getting the essential nutrients. 
  7. Intensify your sleep with more hours -  Sleep..sleep and sleep…! I know, what you are thinking - How to ensure enough sleep with a baby crying in the middle of the nights? Well..well...give some of your duties to your husband too! Ask him to take care of basic things during nighttime like changing the diapers of a baby, making him sleep, giving him the breast milk via bottle. You need to make sure to have enough sleep of a minimum of 8-10 hours each day to stay at mental peace, reduce calories and extra fat. 

Frequently Asked Questions faqs -

  1. What is the right time to start the exercise after a C section delivery?You can start preferably after 6-12 weeks of c-section delivery. Make sure to do simple exercises avoiding heavy weight lifting.
  2. Does losing weight once a C-section delivery is done difficult as compared to a normal vaginal delivery?No, losing weight is easy if you work daily on yourself. If you eat healthily, you will surely recover from the extra fat within some time.
  3. What is the right food to consume after a C-section delivery to lose weight?You must stick to green vegetables, fresh fruits, and any nutrient, fiber, vitamins, and minerals-rich food to lose weight faster.
  4. How long does it take to get back to the normal weight after a C section delivery is performed?It might take 4-6 months to get back to the normal weight, however, only if you stick to the techniques discussed above.

Final Words - Losing your overly gained weight isn't a task of a day - HAVE PATIENCE! Work on the above ways to get better with your body with time. Being regular and committed is the key to getting desired results soon. Work on them daily and make reminders to track your progress. See the change and time it has taken for you. Also, in case of any emergency or uneasiness - consult the doctor because taking advice is important as what works for one person might not work for you.

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