How To Reduce Breast Size?

While some women consider large breasts to be their cosmetic asset that enhances their body, some others want to reduce them due to several reasons. Having a large chest or getting to see them develop rapidly due to weight gain or other issues might really be frustrating. Many women literally struggle with their heavy breasts as they can even cause neck pain and back pain, thus making your way of living tougher. However, there are some few options for reducing your breast size and here are some of them which might be helping you to choose your best option.

Reason for Heavy Breasts 

The development of breasts goes on throughout the lifespan of a woman. The breast is composed of fatty tissues known as the adipose tissues and the breast tissue used for producing milk known as the glandular tissues. These tissues are also attached with the hormone receptors and these hormones are responsible for expanding the fatty tissues of the breast which enlarges them. 

Studies say that some other factors are also responsible for enlarging the breast. Pregnancy is responsible for increasing the breast size in 47% women while in 73% of women the breast tissues get modified due to obesity. Genetics is also responsible amongst 29% women and medication is also there affecting 5% of them by increasing the breast size. Also breastfeeding and aging causes the sagging of your breast which makes them look larger than they are.

Natural Methods to Reduce Breast Size

Some natural methods are there which can help you to decrease your twins. 

They are:

1.Doing High-intensity and Cardio Exercises: As the maximum portion of the breast consists of fat, regular exercises especially the high-intensity and cardio ones will be helpful in shedding the fat besides strengthening your muscles present under the breast thereafter reducing them. By doing some aerobic exercises like cycling, power walking or stair climbing will help  to reduce 25% of your body fat. Also swimming helps to initiate the overall fat loss and it gets distributed evenly all over your body.

2.Doing Oil Massages: Breast massages are one of the most useful and proven natural ways for reducing your bust size. Research says that a proper and regular message will help in reducing all the extra fat deposited in your breast. You can use olive oil or coconut oil or any lotion for improving your skin elasticity. For getting some good results, practice the massage on a weekly or daily basis.

3.Intaking Supplements: Having some natural supplements like fish oil also helps to reduce the breast size. By consuming at least 1000 milligram of fish oil everyday  is going to give you faster results. Fish oil contents Omega 3 fatty acids which are able to control the overproduction of the hormones like estrogen in your body and like this your breast size would get reduced drastically. You can also consume steamed fish in your everyday life.

4.Binding: Binding means wrapping some bandages tightly around your breast to flatten them. Although it is neither going to shrink your breast issues nor shall prevent the natural growth of breasts. But binding helps in making the appearance much smaller and can also make you much more comfortable with your body. For using a binder correctly, take help from a professional or talk to your doctor.

Maintaining a Balanced Diet is also helpful for maintaining Breast Size

Whatever you intake plays an important part regarding the amount of your fat storage in the body. Thereafter having a healthy diet everyday will help you to promote your weight loss and reduce breast size. Fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meat helps to burn the fat besides your everyday workout. The following foods and drinks are definitely going to tone your breasts nicely:

  • Flax seeds: Flax seeds help to regulate the levels of estrogen in your body which further decreases the breast size.
  • Green Tea: It consists of natural ingredients and antioxidants which helps to burn the extra calories and reduce fat buildup of your breasts. So you can switch your morning coffee or milk-tea with green tea.
  • Ginger: Adding some ginger in your tea will be stimulating your metabolism thus burning the excess fat of your body.
  • Egg whites: Not by eating, but by applying egg white mask over your breast will help to improve the skin tone. Sagging breasts look larger so it is important to return elasticity to the skin of your breasts. 

Undergoing Breast Reduction Surgery

If you want some faster results or the natural ones and are not working for you, then you can talk to any plastic surgeon for breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery usually takes a few hours and through this process some extra fat tissues and skins are reduced from your lower breast area. Also the nipple is often moved to a higher position for enhancing the shape. There are also options for undergoing a scarless breast reduction surgery where the extra fats are being taken out by making a small incision with the help of a surgical tube known as cannula.

Recovery Rate of Breast Reduction Surgery

Your breasts would be swollen, bruised and sore after carrying out the breast reduction surgery. You might have to wear the bandages for a couple of days post surgery and there would be some restrictions. You won’t be able to do any strenuous activity or heavy liftings for at least a month or two after the surgery. The stitches are removed after two or three weeks. Recovery rate is faster but you have to attend all the follow ups as recommended by your surgeon. 23% of the women reported to have pursued their normal life after 15 days of their surgery and 37% of them feel that this method is an effective one. 

When should you opt for Breast Surgery?

If no prior breast reduction techniques worked for you, then this breast reduction surgery might be the perfect option for you. Do speak up to your plastic surgeon regarding your body goals so that the surgeon can clarify if you are a suitable candidate for undergoing the surgery after carrying out your health checkup.

Fabrics helpful for reducing the appearance of your breasts

Did you know that if you wear well fitting clothes then your breasts are going to appear much smaller! That is why, always invest in the bra which is properly fitted so that it can give your breasts full coverage and support. Linen and cotton fabrics are usually body hugging materials which helps to make your breasts look smaller. Even try to wear darker colors like black, maroon etc., and check the necklines of your dress like, try to wear boat necks or collared dresses as they will be taking the attention from your bust. 


Hopefully this article is going to help you to choose the right option for reducing your breast size. Indeed, reducing some extra fats will help you to live a much healthier life. But always remember to do proper research before carrying out the breast reduction surgery and also opt for some professional help if you need so.

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