I lost my job during COVID, what to do next?

Post pandemic, India’s unemployment rate currently stands at 6.9%. But there was a time when it touched a record high of 23.5%. Several employees were forced to do all sorts of odd jobs and even take drastic steps to meet ends. There were also many who were on the brink of destruction, and resorted to self farm as well. 

The world has surely gone to utter chaos and it is still uncertain when and how we will completely recover from all the damage that has been done.

If you are one of those who is still struggling for a good break, take a deep breath. Know that there are billions like you. Finding a job was not easy even before the pandemic and it’s even more difficult with the uncertainty in the market.

But you need not worry. There are several ways in which you can make yourself useful, or even get a fresh start. Just in case you have been wondering what to do, we are here to help you.

Life is never supposed to be static. There will always be ups and downs. Stay strong.

Below are few steps that you could follow to come out of the crisis.

Don't take the loss too personally

First and foremost thing that you should know is that your job termination wasn't personal,  and also not a reflection of you or your professional worth. Don't let this affect your self esteem. Remember your strong points and be satisfied, work on the things that you are not confident about. Make yourself unputdownable. 

In case you fail to keep your spirit up, we advise you to open up and get some help. There are several helpline numbers to aid you. Don’t take it lightly or fall for the societal taboos but embrace it as something equivalent to a general illness. To get someone to hear you, click here.

Take your time and process the job loss

Losing a job can be shocking and lead to acute depression. 

Tell yourself that it is not the end of the world. It is just a bad unprecedented incident. You will make it through. Have patience.

Revamp your resume and cover letter

Now that you don’t have a job, you need a fresh and awesome resume and cover letter to grab the attention of the employers. Work on that, and nail it.

We recommend Zety, Resumebuild, and ResumeMonk for building your new profile.

Join all employment platforms

You got to creat your account in all employment platforms starting from LinkedIn, to Monster, to Naukri, to Updazz; in short in every website that meets your eye. Also make your profile look complete. Do not leave a single detail for it may just be what the employer is looking for.

Look for work from home opportunities

As the threat out there is not completely nullified and you have not grabbed a designation that suits you, you are stuck and still need to cover your expenses. In such conditions, look out for freelance, part time, or full time job opportunities that can keep you going.

We recommend freelancer, upwork, truelancer, and fiverr amongst the freelancing websites that you could check out.  Also keep an eye on your Instagram, and Facebook feed to grab more opportunities.

Start networking

Now this one is that is most vital and tricky especially if you are an introvert. But you have to do it anyway. 

Try to connect with people in your field, your old colleagues, college seniors, family connections. Just get in touch with anyone and everyone that can help you. Don’t be shy. It is a matter of bread and butter.

There’s also a female networking platform – KoolKanya – that could be a blessing for you.

Rest there’s Udyomitra, Meetup, Xing, Angel List, etc where you can catch up a whole network of professionals.

Brush your skills

Now is the best time to take all sorts of courses and add to your CV to impress your next employer. After getting into a job you may or may not get time to take them up.

LinkedIn and Google have a whole range of professional courses that can be most useful and concrete for you to add to your resume.

Convert your hobby or knowledge into courses and take classes

Have you noticed lately how many courses they are offering online these days? You have no idea how many of them are like you, who just lost their jobs. Instead of mourning over it, they are rather selling their knowledge and earning a stunning amount of bucks. T

There are many platforms that let you start your own classes like Unacademy, Udemy, Vedantu, Teachmint, Superprof, etc. 

So, why wait? Start your classes now.

Taking up odd jobs (If you are in dire need of money)

Not many of us are lucky enough to get what we want. So, in times of need one has to resort to a lot of adjustments and when you are in dire need of money, you may just resort to do a lot of stuff you never did before.

It may be a small opening a store, or a pawn shop, or going door to door to make deliveries, but don’t feel bad about it. As long as you are doing it sustenance it’s worth it. Don’t listen to what people have to say if you actually care about running your family.

How about a startup?

If you have enough savings or security to take a business loan then you can quit Google to sell samosas! There’s a whole book on this as a guy just did it for real so you may buy it and be inspired. 

A lot of people are switching to personal business, be it a shop or a brand. It is sure a whole new zone and a bit risky but if you play safe and look after all the wobbly areas, you may just do fine. 

The Government of India is pushing the youth to be Atmanirbhar and has various schemes such as Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, CGFMSE, MSME Loan, NSIC, and CLCSS that let you take the safest loans to start your business. Startup India is a whole platform dedicated for the purpose where you may look for options and help. 

Rest every bank also has schemes regarding the same. Enquire at yours.


About 60% of the Indian population belongs to the villages so a large chunk of the population owns ancestral lands or at the least has family members back at these rural setups who are into farming. 

If you have gone back to your village and are feeling like lend them a land, you actually should. The humankind cannot survive without food. Deeming agriculture as a low work is something that we Indians should get over. 

Start checking government schemes on farming and regularly visit the website and channel of Krishi Jagran to get information about everything related to farming. 

Don’t presume it’s not profitable. People are actually earning in millions if they are planning their farms well. You may be one of them too. Why nullify the opportunity?

Keep going

Never lose hope, and do not over think. The law of attraction sure asks you to focus but it also asks you to let go. So, give all your efforts and let the universe work out the rest.

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