Top 15 things Guys like in Girls

          It is said that the sexiest curve on a woman's body is her smile. It is the smile of a woman that drags the attention of men. The smile on the girl's face shows how confident, welcoming, friendly and warm she is. This is not the only thing that guys like in girls. Nevertheless, a man does not consider only these physical factors while seeking a long-term relationship. Many such elements must be marked critical, be it in friendship or a relationship.

top 15 things guys like in girls

 A recent study by Forbes found that boys construct gender stereotypes from the age of 6. This means that they start opinionating and expect certain things from girls from a very young age. From this age, which is also termed as primary socialization, they start observing the things around them. So, it can be said that they start this liking or disliking process from this age. Apart from this, the aspects that guys like in girls are as follows: 

A good sense of humour:

          Generally, men are known to have a good sense of humour. One thing that they expect from the women is that they laugh at their jokes and keep joking around. Having a good sense of humour can foster whatever the relationship is between them. It makes the relationship last for long and also makes it memorable.


          Men easily get attracted to confident women. Confidence of a woman is something that flatters a man in no time. Timid women are less likely to be liked by guys. Being confident means that a woman is independent in making her decisions, and she knows what she wants. This gives clarity to her and the guy she hangs around with, avoiding the misunderstandings and petty fights between them.

Be caring:

          The key to any relationship is caring and understanding. Men like the girls who care for them and the ones who stay by their side when anything goes wrong. They get a sense of confidence when their woman stays and supports, takes care of them. Men feel cared for and secured around women who are great listeners.


          According to a study by the University of California, men seem to be vulnerable to loneliness than women. This study says that men tend to be happy around women who are caring and understanding. Men in stable relationships tend to be happier, healthier, live longer and have the hormone levels that decrease anxiety.

Be adventurous:

          Men always like to hang around with adventurous women. They want women who accept challenges and seeks new adventures in life. Adventures include going on a trek with them, accompany them in their sporting events Etc. They like the women who show some kind of excitement and passion in doing the things they love.

Be independent:         

Guys in the present generation like independent and strong women. Men get irritated when their girl depends on them for every small thing. They want their women to stand on their own, make their own decisions, live their life independently. 

Be intelligent:

          Many studies have proven that men like intelligent women. According to the 2015 Singles in America study, men desire smart, strong, successful women. 87% of the men in this study said that they would date a woman who was more intellectual than they were and who was better educated, and who made considerably more money than they did. 86% said that they were in search of a woman who was confident and self-assured.

Be feminine:

          Men like more feminine women and the ones who recognize the power of their femininity. Men like the women who believe in themselves, their beauty and their self-respect. They want women who give importance to their own space and also the ones with high energy levels and playfulness.

Be real:

          Boys like the girl who stays real when they are around them. They want the girls to be frank and straight forward. They believe that they can understand each other better only when they are natural. Many girls tend to act to impress a guy, but this does not impress them. In turn, they get a wrong opinion on this kind of double-faceted girls.

Patience and compassion:

          One of the most important things that men like in women is patience. Most men lack patience, and they quickly find patient women attractive. Men also like compassionate and kind women. Compassion is something with which women can cool down the situations.

          A 2008 study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology that closely monitored facial expressions says that men are usually considered more emotional till a certain age. So, they tend to find a partner who can have enough patience in listening to them.

Prove that they are special:

          It is said that 'do to others what you would like others to do to you. Follow this golden rule. They expect the girls to prove that they are special. This does not mean that they flush them with material gifts and happiness. Things like an untimely hug, making a call and asking them if they are fine Etc. would make them feel that they are special.


Be beautiful from inside:

          Physical beauty is just one of the characteristics for men to like women. There is something that is far more important, which is inner beauty. A survey has proved that boys get emotionally attached to internally beautiful girls. Try to sharpen your inner personality rather than wasting time on looks. It is okay if your lipstick smudges; it does not matter if you are not good at heart.

Be a shoulder to lean on:

          Be someone who not only shares the good times but also the times of grief and sadness. Assure them that you are always there for them no matter what. Give them a reason to smile when they are sad. Be their strength in their weak moments. This is the ultimate thing men expect from their women: friendship or a relationship.

The curves:

          Not only the characteristics mentioned above but also the physical characters are equally important for a guy to find a girl attractive. Men get easily flattered to the women with the right curves in all the right places. A woman's physique triggers the man, and he quickly falls for a girl with a perfect physique.

The dressing sense:

          Men get easily attracted to women with a great sense of grooming. Some men like it when the women dress in western attire, some men like it in traditional clothing. Few men also get attracted to messy women, with tom-boy looks and dressing. 


Other physical characteristics:

          The characteristics like the girl's eyes, looks, intentions, hair Etc. are equally important. These are the important ones that guys like in girls. The bangs of hair falling on the girl's eyes, the tuck back of the girl's hair and every such small gesture is equally significant. 


          These are not the only things that guys like in girls. The type of girls they like depends on what the guy expects from a woman out of the relationship, i.e., a guy does not expect the same from his girlfriend and his sister. So, it depends on the level and the kind of relationship they share.    




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