What is breast implant, how to increase breast size?

Many women want to make their breasts fuller and bigger. In such case, they can get breast implants. In simple words, a medical process in which prosthesis are placed in the breast to create, reconstruct or augment the physical form of breast is called breast implant. 

Breast implants are also known as augmentation mammoplasty or breast augmentation. Many women do it for cosmetic purposes and some are forced to do it due to surgeries (breast cancer). 

In this process the surgeon places saline or silicone breast implants under the breast tissue or chest muscles. On an average, the implant lasts in between7-12 years. 

Reasons for choosing breast implants

The breast implant process involves making an incision in your breasts and then implants are inserted. Following are some reasons as to why breast implants are done:

  • Enlarging naturally small breasts
  • Restoring breast shape and size post pregnancy (breastfeeding or weight loss)
  • Restoring symmetry to asymmetrical breasts
  • It is also done for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes. 

As per a study held in the year 2007, by the University of Florida researchers it was found that mainly breast implants are conducted for cosmetic purposes. Women feelings and self-esteem about their sexuality makes them do so. 

Types of breast implants

There are many types of breast implants which include:

Saline breast implants: Sterile salt water is filled in this process. In case, the implant leaks, saline collapse and will be naturally absorbed and expelled by the body. These implants are approved by FDA. They provide firmness and uniform shape. If you are 18 or above, can get saline implants. 

Silicone breast implants: Silicone gel is filled in this process. The gel gives you a feel of natural breast tissue. The gel will remain inside the implant shell, if it leaks. But, the gel will not collapse. For getting silicone breast implants, you should consult a plastic surgeon. MRI screening or ultrasound will be performed to check the breast implant condition post surgery. These are also approved by FDA. If you are 22 or above, can get saline implants.

Gummy bear breast implants: They are also referred as form-stable implants. If the implant shell breaks, their shape is still maintained. The gel inside the implant is thicker than usual implants. Unlike traditional implants they are firmer. If the implant rotates, your breasts will appear to be unusual, then to correct it another procedure is required. 

Round breast implants: They make your breasts look fuller. There are very chances that they will move out of place. 

Smooth breast implants: They give natural movement and the softest feeling. 

Textured breast implants: A scar tissue is developed for sticking the implant thus, they do not move out of place. 

Costs involved in breast implants

The cost of breast implants depend on where you live, which is your surgeon and which type of implant will be inserted. Usually the cost of the breast implant ranges from 3.5 lakhs to 7 lakhs. Since, it is a cosmetic surgery; you won’t be covered for it under health insurance. 

Procedure of breast implant

Once a girl reaches in her late teens or early 20’s, the breasts don’t develop. As per FDA’s requirements a girl can get breast implants only when she is above 18 years of age (saline implants) and above 22 years of age for Silicone implants. 

When you decide to undergo a surgery, ensure that surgeon is experienced and highly recommended. In such case, there are fewer chances of complications. Before the surgery, your medical evaluation is done. You can talk to the surgeon about how you want your breasts to look, for better advice. What you might be thinking must be absolutely wrong. A few weeks or days before surgery some medicines are prescribed by the surgeon. The breast implant surgery does not talk much long. It is an outpatient procedure. In some cases, the surgeon might ask to be in the hospital for at least one day. 

Recovery after the breast implant surgery

Everybody is different, so the recovery takes place differently. Post surgery, bandages are put by the doctor around the breasts so that swelling does not take place. A surgical bra is used after bandages are removed. This bra gives enough support and also prevents excessive pressure on the breasts.  

Sutures are removes after 7 to 10 days, and some normal activities like driving may be restricted for one week. Regular activities like workout can be resumed after 3 weeks. For about one month, scars will appear to be red then will eventually start disappearing.

Risks associated with breasts implants

Implants are artificial objects placed in the breasts, so there are some risks associated with it. These risks are rare but occur in some patients. Following are some of the risks:

Implants are a foreign object that is placed in the body. There are certain risks associated with implants, but these occur very rarely in patients. 

  • Capsular contracture: In some individuals, a layer of scar tissue is formed around the implants which later on harden, thus distorting it. With new technologies coming up, there are only 5 to 10 % chances of such risks taking place.
  • Rupture or leak: Silicone implants may rupture or leak thus slow release of gel surrounds the tissue. In saline implants deflate due to sudden rupture which requires immediate replacement or removal of implants. 
  • Loss of sensation: In some cases, there is loss of sensation in the breast tissue or the nipples. 
  • Calcium deposit formation: In some cases, due to the leak of silicone gels, calcium deposits are formed around the breast tissue. This causes hardening and a lot of pain. 
  • Shift in the implants: In some cases, the implants shift from their original place, thus giving your breasts unnatural look. So, to avoid this, you have to be very careful and give your breasts firm support post surgery. 

Complications associated with breast implant surgery

Although, there will not be any problems in breast feeding after the breast feeding surgery but, there are chances that implants effect the mammograms. Since the implants have a shelf life of 5 to 10 years (varying on the type of implant), in longer run, there could be complications like capsular contracture. A painful fibrous shell is formed around the implant which could be dangerous.  You might have to get it removed eventually. So, you have to consider all the pros and cons before you get the surgery done. 


All the modern day treatments can be easily availed in India. Breast implant surgery in India has also become quite popular due to its affordable pricing structure. Women from Germany, Russia and UK are flocking to India to get breast implant surgery. The surgery is giving quite satisfactory results, due to which more and more patients are increasing in India. 

India has some of the best hospitals giving world class facilities and latest technologies. With zero waiting period and lower costs, best cosmetic treatments are given in India. The breast implant surgery is safe in India as modern implant technologies are used. You can now make sure that India is one of the best places for breast implant surgeries. 






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