What is painless delivery, best places for painless delivery in Delhi/NCR?

We know that many of you might be wondering after reading the caption if it is really possible for having a painless delivery and also if the process is totally safe or not. Definitely being a pregnant woman you need to have the right guidance and support which will promote your strength to approach your labour with confidence. That is why, we are here to explain the process of painless delivery along with the suggestions of some of the best places in Delhi / NCR region where you can access it.

Literal meaning of painless delivery

Painless delivery is able to be achieved through the use of a type of regional anaesthesia that would be acting as a pain relief at the time of natural labour. It means that there would be a use of a certaine epidural injection that would be provided by an anaesthesiologist for relieving a person from pain during the labour time. It is being injected in the lower back and the plastic is also positioned over there and through it that drugs are being released all round the spinal cord. It is injected for only once why you are active in the labour that means that you would be having a minimum of 3 contractions within 10 minutes. These drugs take about 10 to 15 minutes for making its effect and it is a really good option for women having lower pain bearing capacity who would have been opted for a C-section otherwise

Administration of epidural anaesthesia

Pregnant mother needs to sit still on her back which needs to be done while she would be provided with the epidural. Then the doctor would be raising her lower back after inserting a thick tube inside the lower part of the spinal cord. As the needle is being removed the catheter is generally taped over that place for administering the epidural anaesthesia during labour. The epidural is administered once the pregnant mother gets in the active labour and the activity takes place after numbing the pelvic region and everything below this portion but the person would be remaining conscious. However, it is not sure to be offering 100% pain relief.

Advantages of epidural

Painless delivery helps in lowering down the number of psinful C sections which are being performed in India. Research says that all over the world almost 56% of the women have been provided with a epidural for carrying out a natural childbirth during the last five years. In India the numbers for epidural childbirth is slowly increasing and 73% of the women opts for it.

As it alleviates the pain so the mother is being allowed for focusing over the delivery. Being proper for relaxation, it also prevents exhaustion and interaction which has been experienced by most of the women during childbirth there after reducing the risk for developing any further postpartum complications.

The blood pressure of the mother gets lowered which is beneficial as the high blood pressure may shoot up during painful deliveries which is indeed dangerous. The baby also gets some help for descending easily after relaxing the pelvic muscles and vaginal walls.

Side effects of risk of epidural

Although epidural is totally safe for both mother and baby, it might cause some side effects like breathing problems, fever , back pain, dizziness and nausea. The time for labour might be longer than otherwise for epidural. In rare cases the blood pressure of the mother gets down and it makes heart rate of the baby to become low, and in extreme cases emergency C section needs to be performed.

The following hospitals are some of the best places for painless delivery in Delhi/NCR

Fortis La Femme

It is one of the most well known Health Care centres of Delhi that has a global recognition. This group has a quite impressive presence amongst almost every Indian city. In Delhi there are 8 hospitals from this group and Fortis La Femme present in the greater Kailash is the one for women care centre. This speciality centre provides comprehensive health care services to women from the birth time till the time of menopausal. The neonatal intensive care unit is equipped with level 3 unit which deals with some of the most complicated and painless births. They have performed more than 11000 deliveries till now. 

Mammamia at Fortis, Gurgaon

The Fortis Mammamia unit provides several types of maternity services and they provide personalized services for looking after you since your early phase of pregnancy till your child turns 3 years old. Any sort of medical obstructions during pregnancy are being properly handled by the team of expert gynaecologists and surgeons which makes your pregnancy really enjoyable and easy for you. 

Madhukar Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Malviya Nagar

This hospital possess one of the award winning medical facility, which is exclusively for the paediatric and maternal care. This chain of hospital belongs to the famous group of rainbow hospitals that began along with the vision of delivering proper care the team of specialists present in this hospital are trained for giving perfect child and maternal care apart from their investments in super specialisations related to women and child health. Being equipped with the latest technologies of diagnostic imaging like CT scan, ultrasonography, conventional and digital radiography; it’s quite easy for them to perform the painless delivery is accurately

Mother’s Nest, Moolchand, Lajpat Nagar

Mother’s Nest is considered to be one of the preferable maternity hospitals at Moolchand. The medical team along with the support staff tries their best to carry out the most rewarding experience for delivering a baby to make it really special for you. They have some of the country’s best gynaecologists and doctors on board who provide the best Medical Services to carry out a painless delivery. They even have provision for the normal birth along with LDR births which matches with the world class suits of labour delivery besides high risk pregnancy suites. Even the high risk pregnancy was also backed up with the facilities such as 4D ultrasound and monitoring system.

Adiva Super speciality

This super speciality hospital situated in the locality of Green Park, New Delhi and provides a multitude of the medical disciplines. The infrastructure is of superior quality having higher standards of the medical protocols and the specialists are ready for attending every sort of emergency that comes to the doorstep. The expecting mothers are given a single room maternity care and the labour delivery along with the recovery takes place over there which minimises the need for transporting her to a different room after the delivery. The operating surgeons are highly experienced in carrying out normal delivery is as well as high risk deliveries. Their advanced technologies used in deliveries help in carrying out a seamless and painless delivery.


Indeed being a mother is the beginning of a wonderful and memorable journey. The nine months of pregnancy culminates in the happiness of the arrival of your baby. But the extremely painful birth giving process is definitely a bit hectic and 86% of first-time mothers feara the natural birth. But with the modern revolutionary medicine and advancements, painless delivery through epidural analgesia is one of the best options for normal delivery. 





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