What is Vaginismus? its Symptoms, Causes, Treatments?


Vaginismus is a sort of penetration ailment affecting girls wherein vaginal penetration for the motive of sex, or gynaecological exam, or another such hobby is both extraordinarily painful or not possible.

Vaginismus is a circumstance regarding a muscle spasm withinside the pelvic ground muscle tissue. It could make it painful, hard, or not possible to have sexual sex, to go through a gynecological examination, and to insert a tampon.

When you attempt to insert an item together with a tampon, penis or speculum into the vagina, it tightens up due to an involuntary contraction of the pelvic ground muscle groups.

This ends in generalized muscle spasm, ache and brief cessation of breathing.

The maximum muscle organization affected is the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle organization. These muscle mass are chargeable for urination, sex, orgasm, bowel actions and childbirth. Without remedy, it could cause frustration and distress, and it can get worse. However, remedy is possible. Therefore, in short, Vaginismus is a type of penetration sickness affecting girls in which vaginal penetration for the reason of sex, or gynaecological exam, or Pap smear or some other such hobby is both extraordinarily painful or not possible.

Although it is able to look like vaginismus is usually bodily and biological, it is extra complex than that.

"Most human beings don’t understand that vaginismus has biological [and] mental aspects," Dr. Anna Yam, PhD, a medical psychologist who makes a speciality of pelvic ache such as vaginismus, and proprietor of Bloom Psychology, tells Bustle.

As Dr. Yam explains, vaginismus is just like a watch blink in that the contraction of the muscular tissues withinside the vagina are involuntary and typically brought on via way of means of "notion of a danger." That danger being the worry of ache at some point of intercourse, or while every other item is inserted withinside the vagina.

"Biological muscle contraction is strengthened through the mental fear, and vice-versa," Dr. Yam says, growing a vicious cycle. The elements that cause vaginismus are a aggregate of biological, bodily, mental, and others that want extra study.

What situations are just like vaginismus?

These issues can reason signs just like vaginismus:

Vaginal atrophy: Lack of estrogen after menopause makes the liner of the vagina thinner and drier (vaginal atrophy).

Vulvar vestibulitis (provoked vestibulodynia): This situation causes painful sex (dyspareunia). People may also have ache from preliminary penetration at some point of the complete experience.

How is vaginismus diagnosed?

Your healthcare issuer will ask approximately your signs and your clinical and sexual history. A pelvic examination can assist rule out different issues or affirm the presence of muscle spasms. Your issuer may also observe a topical numbing cream to the out of doors of the vagina earlier than the examination to make the method extra snug for you.


Vaginismus Symptoms may also range from character to man or woman. Woman with vaginismus may also revel in slight to excessive coital ache and might include:

  • Burning ache all through penetration or tearing ache for the duration of penetration
  • Long time period painful intercourse
  • Some ladies won't enjoy ache at the same time as exam or the use of tampons however can also additionally revel in ache all through penetration handiest.
  • Some girls may also revel in ache in sure positions or deep thrust dyspareunia.
  • In ladies with excessive vaginismus any sort of penetration might not be possible.

There are a few different situations that can bring about very painful intercourse, like endometriosis and this has to be differentiated from the ones situations. Whereas endometriosis might bring about ache in the course of deep penetration.

Other signs of vaginismus include:

  • Not being capable of have penetrative intercourse or insert a tampon at all
  • Fear of ache or intercourse
  • Loss of sexual desire

These signs and symptoms are involuntary, that means a female can’t manipulate them without remedy.

Vaginismus Types

There are  primary varieties of vaginismus.


This is while a lady has had an ache on every occasion something entered their vagina, together with a penis (referred to as penetrative intercourse), or whilst they’re in no way capable of inserting something into their vagina. It’s additionally referred to as lifelong vaginismus.


This is while a female has had intercourse without ache before, however then it will become hard or not possible. It’s additionally referred to as received vaginismus.

Vaginismus Causes

Doctors do not know precisely why vaginismus occurs. It's generally related to tension or worry of getting intercourse. But it is now no longer usually clean which got here first, the vaginismus or the tension. Estimates vary. A 2016 textbook predicted approximately 0.5% of ladies are affected, at the same time as prices in Morocco and Sweden Were predicted at 6%. Among people who attend clinics for sexual disorder prices can be as excessive as 12 to 47%. 

Some ladies have vaginismus in all conditions and with any item. Others have it best in sure cases, like with one associate however now no longer others. Or they may have it with sexual sex however now no longer with tampons or in the course of clinical exams.

Other fitness troubles like infections and dryness also can reason painful sex. It's essential to look for a physician to discover what’s causing it.

Vaginismus Treatment

Women with vaginismus can do sporting activities at domestic to learn how to manipulate and loosen up the muscle tissue round their vagina. This is known as revolutionary desensitization, and the concept is to get cushty with insertion.

First, do Kegel sporting events through squeezing the equal muscle mass you operate to prevent the go with the drift while you’re peeing:

  • Squeeze the muscle tissues.
  • Hold them for two to ten seconds.
  • Relax the muscle mass.
  • Do approximately 20 Kegels at a time. You can do them as usually an afternoon as you need to.

After some days, insert one finger, as much as approximately the primary knuckle joint, internal your vagina whilst doing the physical games. You would possibly need to clip your fingernails first and use a lubricating jelly. Or do the physical games in a bathtub, in which water is a herbal lubricant.

Start with one finger and paint your manner as much as three. You'll experience your vagina's muscle mass clenching round your finger, and you could continually take your finger out if you are no longer cushty.

After an event, you’ll be capable of placing cone-formed inserts into your vagina for 10 or 15 mins to assist your muscular tissues get used to pressure. For girls whose vaginismus is related to worry or tension, remedy frequently helps.

Although having vaginismus can be tough to speak approximately for some, it is definitely treatable. According to Dr. Gersh, running with bodily therapist who makes a speciality of pelvic ground musculoskeletal issues is a great area to start.

"Often simply running with vaginal dilators and working towards rest strategies will effortlessly solve this condition," Dr. Gersh says. "Sometimes anti inflammatory vaginal suppositories or muscle relaxants are helpful."

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