Suffering from Back pain? 7 best effective treatments available listed

On a regular day you wake up and suddenly feel the pain in your back, you might wonder how it causes you to have sudden back pain. You may have a healthy lifestyle, you may have a flexible routine but still having  a sudden back pain out of nowhere, you may wonder. Lower back pain is a common problem around the world, mostly lower back is majorly seen in women. Back pain is seen in between 40 to 80 years of age, but with the coming age of time, it is also seen in the age of 20 to 40 due to the stressful lifestyle and lack of activity.

lower back pain

But many reasons cause back pain. Some of the basic causes are as follow:

1: Sedentary Lifestyle: Most of us spend our entire day seating at one position working for a continuous shift without a break. And that’s where we are inviting back pain. We need to understand that our body needs a break, our body needs the flexibility to move. Our body is made up of muscles and muscles need contraction.

2: Poor Posture: Observe how you seat on a chair or how your posture is when you do a regular shift. Poor posture causes a sudden ache in the body. Your body feels the stiffness in the entire spine. And most of the time there is a lot of tension in the spine member. The tissues get contracted which creates tension in the muscles. And the circulation of blood also gets disrupted.

3: Drowsiness in the Muscles: Sometimes we have jobs that need to lift heavy objects as well as in regular life we need to move some of the things at home. Due to the lack of activity in day-to-day life sudden contraction in muscle causes the pain. It happens because our body doesn’t have the habit to accommodate the sudden activity.

4:Pre-menstrual Syndrome: PMS is usually seen before the arrival of the period. And it is very normal to have back pain, fatigue in the muscles as it occurs due to the hormonal imbalance.

Some of the most effective treatments that one can follow are as follow for back relief:

1: A warm pad: Warm heating pad is the most common thing to have near you. It acts as a quick remedy for back pain as well as the pain during PMS. It creates a warmness in the tissues which helps the relieve the  stress.

2: OTC painkiller: Over Counter painkillers (drugs) that don’t need the doctor’s prescription, one can have the painkillers with them in time of emergency. But usually, avoid being dependent on the pills and tablets. It may have side effects so it is highly advised to consult a doctor.

3: Placement of pillow: A soft cushion pillow placed in between the knees can bring bliss during sleep. It brings the perfect posture. A perfect posture helps in a good pattern of sleep.

4: A warm bath: After a hectic day a warm bath is the best remedy. It reduces the stress over the head and brings warmth to the entire body which helps to reduce the ache. It helps to improve the tension in the muscles and to create easy blood circulation.

5: Exercise and stretching: Exercise is the ultimate and long-term remedy for a healthy lifestyle. Taking a short break and stretching on the spot can bring more flexibility.

6: Ice pack: Along with a warm heating pad one must carry an ice pack with them as the heat helps the muscle to release the stress, ice pack works the same way to reduce the stress and bringing flexibility.

7: Active Hobbies: We all need a hobby that can keep us intact with a flexible routine, and provide us more activity in body.Hobbies such as jogging, skating, trekking, cycling, etc. help to play an active role in a healthy lifestyle. Having hobbies which help us to be active is needed.

 Some of the natural treatments for lower back pain in women.

1: Stretching Exercise:  Though exercise is mentioned there is also a good remedy one can apply at home, there is no need to join a gym or join a daily hobby because it is hard to maintain, and neither have we gone trekking daily. First, try out the following stretch for your lower back: sit down in a chair and bend forward so that your chest is resting on your thighs. Your arms should be hanging by your sides so that your shoulders can also relax. You may not accept but the pain is not always visible, On the contrary, your vertebrae will tend to warn you that something is wrong. You may even notice some minor discomforts that end up becoming extremely painful and incapacitating if you don’t treat them quickly enough.

2: Proper breathing pattern: However strange it sounds but the way you breathe affects a lot on your body and within your body. Often we feel the tension in our spine, a simple breathing exercise or Yoga can relieve the stress and make a resilient flow of oxygen through the spine because major of the stress is present in the spine. Andrew Weil is the director of the University of Arizona of the Institute of Integrative Medicine. His strategy for relieving lower back pain is the 4, 7, and 2 breathing method. This means inhaling air for four seconds, holding it in for seven seconds, and exhaling for two seconds.

3: Strength Training:  Strength training or weight lifting is known to be the most efficient for preventing lower back pain in the longer run. It is said that to overcome the pain you have to go through it. Simple weight training at home with the basic weights dumbles at home can help in gaining strength. Toning the muscles of the back will help us maintain a correct posture and greater protection of the area. The reasoning behind this type of activity is that preventing lower back pain is much more effective when you tone the muscles adjacent to the lower back. In addition, you can work the muscles that can help take the strain off your back, such as the abdomen, shoulders, and pelvis.

Though lower back pain is a common problem but with the treatments and painkillers affect the health of women in many ways. Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs sometimes have side effects on the body. As women go through hormonal changes rapidly during pregnancy, menstruation the cycle of hormones gets disrupted due to the heavy dosage of the drugs on the body. Mood swings, fatigue, stress, anxiety, tastelessness, pain in the stomach may occur due to the heavy dosage. As well as the irregular menstruation cycle is one of the reasons due to the affected drugs.

Lower back pain is common in today’s lifestyle it is not anything severe, what is severe is neglecting the pain. One must follow an active routine, should regular short break. The body should function flexibly. Flexible lifestyle is a key to happiness. A free life with no pain may be with less pain. It is important to keep in mind nothing works out if we don’t work for it.

Prevention is better than cure.


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