Which is the Best suited jobs for women ?

 According to a census in the year 2020, the number of female population in India is 662.90 million out of which only 20.3% of women participate in the labor force. Also 60 per cent of women in India are engaged in full-time housework, the main reason for a decreasing labor force of women is because of the socio- cultural norms. This phase is slowly changing with an increasing job opportunity for women in various sectors. 

A study reveals that, women in urban areas are engaged primarily in services like public administration, health, education, domestic workers, followed by trade and then manufacturing. Within services, 37.4% of urban women work in education; 20% work as domestic workers and 13% are employed in health sector. 

Wondering what are the best suited jobs for you? Do not worry, below are a few guidelines that would help you to choose your dream job.

There are no such female jobs or male jobs anymore; women are exceeding men in all the fields. There are plenty of options opening for women every day. Only thing is to keep our dreams and hopes high. Women stand ahead of their male counterparts when choosing the right career. 

Gone are those where women were allotted only the household work and were asked to stay at home, women these days have become successful financial supporters equal to the male member of the family. Especially in India, traditions and stereotype practices are no more a threat to women who want to be successful. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best career options for women 

Education sector 

Teaching jobs have been one of the favorite career options for women, especially for married women. Teaching sector is one of the sectors where women participation is very high. In primary education, there are almost twice as many women as men. This job requires a lot of patience and strength, because it is all about nurturing and building the future generation. 

In recent days the education system has a drastic change and it is more challenging. In this case women have wide options to choose from the education sector such as career counselor, child psychologist, curriculum designer etc.

Also online tutoring is becoming a major platform, since the time of Corona and who knows it might even continue like this. Growing teachers prefer online teaching jobs because it is more convenient and also the pay is good. 

Hospitality industry 

The industry is quite broad. It includes jobs working in hotels, restaurants, casinos, theme parks, cruise lines, and other facilities that help customers meet their leisure and recreational needs.

This field is like ocean and the options are plenty. You have to analyze your area of interest and choose job accordingly. Remember each position demands a specific skill set so know what is right for you and go for it.

Below are lists of job options in the hospitality sector. 

  • Front office 
  • Guest relation executive
  • Associate 
  • Duty manager
  • Reservation officer

  • Service 
  • Room service order taker
  • Waitress
  • House keeping
  • Director of Housekeeping
  • Director of Maintenance
  • Director of Operations
  • House maid
  • Desk attender

  • Sales
  • Sales coordinator
  • Sales executive 
  • Associate director
  • Asst. manager
  • Banquets 
  • Executive 
  • Coordinator 
  • Manager 

Although some hospitality roles require formal training it is still possible for people who have the desire and passion. 

Human resources

If you have the patience and ability to solve problems then this is a well suited job for you. Corporate sectors have a lot of openings in this field and this is one of the rapidly growing career options for women. The main task is to conduct interviews and hire candidates and train them. 

Travelling story teller

Well if you have been good at telling stories and if you are a creative person you will make a good storyteller. This is a captivating job and you can also start your own studio, where you can invite children and conduct story telling sessions. 

Storytelling describes the social and cultural activity of sharing stories, sometimes with improvisation, theatrics or embellishment. Every culture has its stories or narratives. Story telling builds confidence among children and also they become more creative. 

Media sector

Just like the hospitality industry, the media is another ocean. Television is a medium, as are radio, newspaper, movies, and the Internet. If you have a job in media, it means that you work in a field that revolves around managing mediums that pass along relevant information to those who want it.

Types of media jobs 

  • Writer
  • Content writer
  • Copy writer 
  • Author 
  • Blog writer
  • Ghost writer 
  • Script writer
  • Journalism 
  • Reporter
  • Journalist
  • Announcer
  • News analyst 
  • Television 
  • Anchor
  • Producer
  • Director
  • Actor
  • Cinematographer
  • Editor 
  • Technical head
  • Advertising and marketing 
  • Account Executive
  • Art Director
  • Creative Director
  • Creative Project Manager
  • Designer
  • Graphic Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Sales executive
  • Marketing manager
  • Business analyst 

Graphic Designers 

If you are willing to choose this career then congratulation, now this is one of the much opted careers for a woman which is also well-paid. This job showcases your creative side; it has many scopes in most industries. Even for fresher the salary is quite impressive. 

Pursuing a graphic design career doesn’t mean you simply learn the rules and then you’re done. In fact, you’ll need to be working on improving and evolving your skills and knowledge, throughout your working life.

Fashion designer jobs 

Fashion designers are creative, innovative and determined individuals having knowledge and awareness of the fashion market requirements. Fashion designers have to be interested in learning new things and reading journals, magazines, and books on fashion design history and new trends. The profession of fashion designing involves a set of skills that range from market research and creativity to sketching and fabric selection. It is a profession that requires designers to be in tune with market trends constantly. To be successful, fashion designers must have a good understanding of the audience's lifestyle, customer needs and requirements.

Beauty and cosmetics 

No other industry has such a constant demand for qualified, creative, well-trained graduates. None offers such bright opportunities for an individual to start a personal business and work toward financial independence. Your artistic skills and training give you the potential of changing peoples’ lives by making them look good and feel beautiful, possibly for the first time.

With the right training, you could begin a career in the fashion industry as a makeup artist or stylist. You can choose to work behind the scenes in a movie, on a Broadway play, at a fashion show or perhaps as a photo makeup artist/stylist. Perhaps your dream is to own your own salon or spa one day or become an instructor and inspire others to enter into the beauty business. Reach for the stars, because whatever your dream may be, a career in beauty can take you there.

Why can’t you start your own business?

This question leads to questions like – are you looking for a second income, are you quitting a job to stay at home with your children or do you want to contribute something to society or do you want to be an entrepreneur?

If you want to achieve everything that was mentioned above, then first analyze the following

What do you want to do? 

What are you good at?

What skills do you possess? 

What is your budget?

Once you are ready with answers for all the questions, you are ready to start your own business. Here are a few trending ideas to become an entrepreneur 

  • Blogging / you tuber 
  • Freelance Writing
  • Social media influencer
  • Sell on Amazon
  • Photography
  • Interior Designer
  • Food service business
  • Stock trading
  • Daycare Centre
  • Home-based hobby classes
  • Fitness trainer
  • Wedding planning
  • Health care for the elderly
  • Teach or Tutor
  • Baking 
  • Event planner

Government lends helpful schemes for women empowerment 

Mahila-E-Haat Under the purview of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, the government launched Mahila-E-Haat in 2016. It is a bilingual online marketing platform that leverages technology to help aspiring women entrepreneurs, self-help groups, and NGOs to showcase their products and services.

Another important initiative by the government is the Mahi Shakti Kendra. The scheme came into force in 2017 and it aims to empower rural women with opportunities for skill development, employment, digital literacy, health, and nutrition.

The STEP scheme was set up to provide skills to women so that they can take up gainful employment. It also provides the right competencies and training for women to become entrepreneurs. Open to every woman above the age of 16, it is run through a grant given to an institution/organization including NGOs directly.

So ladies, the options are plenty ,decide today and start preparing for the future. If you are clear about your passion, don’t let anyone stop you. Just go for it. All the best 

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