How to move on from a BREAK-UP!

The end of a relationship is the worst situation. It's tough, depriving of emotions, stressful and painful. While sobbing, anxiety, and conversation with your friends trying to comprehend what happened, it's impossible to bear a breakup. Everyone faces a break up differently and it's very vital to move on after a breakup for your physical and mental health and also to build confidence that you are ready to meet someone else who deserves you better.

How to move on from a BREAK-UP!

The break-up situation is a mixture of emotions and unexplainable sometimes. You have to be strong during this time. It's tough though and it's alright to feel the sorrow and pain. You have to give time maybe weeks, months, and years to get over the breakup and trust me you will emerge as the strongest person ever.

According to research, 64% of Americans have been through this worse situation called breakup in a long-term relationship. According to breakup statistics, women are responsible for the breakup than men in the average US long-term couple. 

76% of women confessed that they had ended the relationship, just like 62% of men.

Now, I would guide you some essential tips on how to get over a breakup:

1. Stop playing the blame game.

Don't forget the fact that there are two people in relationships and mistakes occur from two sides. There are two perceptions and two people who couldn't cope up to end it well. These are not the proper ways to deal with your breakup.

So, stop blaming yourself or your ex for the breakup. Instead, give some time and you will forget everything.



2. Distance yourself

 It may happen that after some days, you will be friends again with your ex. Your heart is still broken and having contact again with your ex can make the situation worse. It's better to keep your distance and heal yourself completely by not keeping in contact with your ex.



If some of the ex's possessions are still at your place, have a friend, relative or roommate reside home when the ex comes to pick them up so you don’t have to meet him/her. If you need to get things from his/her place, send a friend to do the needful.


 Defy the urge to call, text, or email him/her to see how he/she is doing or to discover out if he/she thinks the two of you made a huge blunder by breaking up. Don't try to contact your ex. Delete all the emails, voice messages, pictures, and texts. Also, don't try to answer phone calls.


By keeping in touch with your ex now may leave you with the hope that your ex is thinking about being together again. So, just remove your ex from your mind. You will not be able to move on if you keep thinking, meeting, or talking about your ex.


 3. Accept that the pain is normal. 

As per an old song, “Breaking up is a tough task to do.” Scientists have even claimed that romantic rejection triggers the same ways in the brain that physical pain does. It hurts when you break up with someone, and it’s completely okay to feel upset about it.

· Some psychologists approximate that about 98% of us have experienced some form of unanswered love, whether it’s an unreciprocated crush or a cruel breakup. Knowing that you’re not alone possibly won’t heal your broken heart, but it could make the pain easier to tolerate. The pain will pass gradually after you make up your mind and get over your breakup.

4. Stop talking about ex


You will feel good by discussing your break-up with friends or relatives. It's okay to share it with others.


Piling up your emotions is not helpful moving on, and can be unhealthy.

Your emotions are real and applicable, so talking about your break-up with a faithful friend can be quite useful at first, as long as this friend isn’t also friends with your ex. 

5. Switch up your routine and environment.

This doesn't imply packing up everything and shifting to another country. Also, a haircut won't mend your heart. Instead, try to make some changes in your routine and environment for a good perception. Start with small changes. Don't visit the parks, restaurants where you used to go with your ex. Change your park for walking and jogging. It would help you in long term.

Types of Breakup:

1. Mutual Breakup

This is as passive a breakup as you can have, like when the entire family consents it's time to pull the plug on Grandpa's respirator: he is freed of his sadness, and the family feels a sense of relief. But it can't be that harsh to reclaim from a mutual breakup and go to the dating scene over again.

2. The Circumstantial Breakup

A cousin of the mutual breakup, the circumstantial breakup happens when the environment around you won't allow the relationship to persist: my parents hate you, you're in the USA and I'm in UAE (or even, you're one state over), I need to be single for time being, etc. Recovery time is shortened because the other person gives an excuse that takes the concentration off your weaknesses or unappealing qualities that could have caused a breakup.

3. The I've Been Cheating

Whether you find out from an ex or some other way, it's the eventual betrayal when they are cheating on you. You can get over it because you release this person as a cheating jerk, but you still feel dull and you might spend numerous months predicting the cheating or trying to recover faith in the opposite gender.

4. The First Love Breakup

The First Love breakup is one of the hardest to overcome. Some convey you never get over it. This breakup teaches us that the world is a larger place than we thought. There are more people to meet up with, there are bills to pay, there are places to visit. Things can't be the same as they formerly were.

How break-up affects the female?

Break-ups seem to affect females more than males, in the instant timeframe.

Females have more prospects than males, and so have more future expectations and remember each thing that has passed.

These expectations can have a huge consequence on the experience of the break-up. Having positive expectations will make it a lot tough to split because your future strategy abruptly comes crashing down along with your relationship. Nonaligned or negative expectations might make it a bit easier to move on because you already had it in your mind it wasn’t going to last for a lifetime.

The fact a female’s brain works harder, that a female senses the pain of a loss more strongly than a male does.

The relationship’s done, there’s not much point searching up feelings gone which can jumble with your head and your present situation. This is why females are inclined to delete messages, pictures, don't keep contact with their exes friends.

So, there is no need to sob over your breakup. It's okay sometimes things don't work the way we want. We can't stop living our life just because of our breakup. Everything would be fine with time and try to move on with your life.

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