#5 Tips to Improve Mental Health in Teens, Yes you Must!

'MENTAL HEALTH' is one of the most ignored topics nowadays! Especially, talking about teenagers, they are more likely to undergo depression by almost 70-80%, and heartbreaks leading them to the wrong way to live like drugs, alcohol, and addictive physical intercourse!  

According to mentalhealth.org, - 

  • Poor mental health can affect 1 out of every 10th teenager's mind.
  • Almost 70% of teenagers go through mental problems which are recognized by others too late.

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What we fed ourselves with, in terms of good food, thoughts, surroundings, etc molds our mental and physical health in that way! Henceforth, our mental and physical health are likely to get affected at the same time where mental health is often being ignored as it's unseen, it's like a - 'TEARLESS GRIEF HIDDEN INSIDE.'

Let's understand what all factors affect teenagers' mental health and how we can make it healthy.

What's a teenager's healthy mental health look like?

  • Teenager folks having good mental health often tend to socialize more rather than isolating themselves in a room. 
  • They tend to go for playing and get themselves involved in multiple outdoor and indoor activities like football, basketball, running, debates, etc.
  • They often tend to sleep on time peacefully after having their dinner and also waking up peacefully fully excited for the new day, new opportunities!
  • They love to spend time with their friends and families often making outing plans to explore the world more. 
  • Happiness, infinite smiles...are a part of their day-to-day life. They feel more joyful and enthusiastic in their life and always push hard to try new things out!  

Mental Health Constraints Teenagers Face

    • Consistent Eating Disorders
    • GAD - Generalised anxiety disorder 
    • Suffering from Depression
    • Underestimating/ Harming Oneself
    • PTSD - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 

Improving good teenage mental health

1.Be a friend

Make your child feel loved, trusted and somebody with whom they can share everything.

The jolly behavior many times will keep your child out of heavy burdens where they will feel at ease to choose their life according to their terms. 

2.Create a healthy home environment

'Toxic Families'- often lead to mental health illnesses in their child causing depression, researchers say. 

    • Maintain a healthy home environment.
    • Plan frequent outings.
    • Do home activities and fun.
    • Get your child involved in social activities.

According to psychology experts - 'Always remember, if you are there to help your child via your loving actions, 90% of the depression issues will be handled there and then avoiding further life hazardous risks!' 

3.Yoga/Meditation/Other Hobbies Classes

Body in motion treating the physical muscles and the inner mind holds the - 'Natural Healing Powers.'

According to the research-based studies, - 'keeping the mind consumed in the productive activities can help us heal from within shifting our mindset from the negative flow of energy to the optimism ray of hopes!' 

Also, the researchers suggest the following natural treatments -

    • Exercising
    • Yoga
    • Meditation
    • Writing
    • Practicing the art of gratitude 
    • Following your passion
    • Walking barefoot in nature
    • Learning new skills

4.Be a good listener

Everybody wants to be listened to - so, are the teenagers! 

As a friend, guardian, parent, or angel, - Listen to what he is trying to tell you. Be there for him in his hard times. Never throw or pass on your toxicity on the mental health patient. It will scare him to the extent where he will choose other means to cope up with his problem like 

    • Drugs, 
    • Sexual intercourse, 
    • Alcohol, 
    • Smoking, 
    • Violence, 
    • Aggression etc.  

Make him realize the fact that, 'It's okay to be emotional... it's okay to be sad... it's okay to be anxious at times, it's okay to have breakups... it's okay if somebody doesn't like you….!'

5.Healthy Routine

Make sure your child follows a good healthy routine that is filled with a bunch of joy and nothing like 'you are forcing something over them.'

    • Give him juice, green veggies, fruits, and other healthy food.
    • Make him write about his day daily.
    • Make him write his goals and plan of action.
    • Make him work out daily.
    • Go for a walk with him and explore the world together.
    • Tell him about the Bible, Mahabharata, and other valuable things.

Mental Health Aid for Teenagers  

1.Seeking Professional Help

Many times you will feel helpless in encouraging your children to come out of a miserable circumstance. If the situation gets worse, as mentioned below then you must visit the education counselor, psychologist, school nurse asap! 

    • Poor academic performance 
    • Misbehaving with classmates and teachers
    • Extremely low grades
    • Being aggressive all the time.

How Professional can Help?

    • Professionals generally work as one under 'CAMHS - Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services,' to treat such mentor health teenager problems.
    • A teenager facing such hardship also gets help from 'NHS'.
    • Such cases are also handled by the SSD - Social Services Department of the local councils.


Medications are the direct drugs put inside your body to work on the depression symptoms from the root. It's effective although it isn't the natural way to treat mental health. 

Researchers say that - 'In almost 80% of the cases, medications work faster in treating the mental health patients.' 

As per the mental health doctors' studies, - the medications are rich in releasing the body chemicals mentioned below to relieve inner stress and produce happiness from within!

    • Endorphins
    • Dopamine 
    • Serotonin

Although, the release of such chemicals via natural activities is more apt as that doesn't involve the intake of any drug!

3.Seeking Parental/Guardian Help

According to the experts, '70% of the teenagers feel generation gap issues with their parents or respective guardians.' 

Try to minimize this generation gap by putting yourself in their shoes and treating them accordingly.

What can you do as a parent?

  • Be an active listener
  • Give them space
  • Appreciate their achievement irrespective of small or big.
  • Never force them to score 99% marks or choose a particular career.
  • Hug them as often as you can.
  • Educate them enough not to opt for suicide whatever worse situation they deal with.
  • Stay as friends with them with some thin boundaries.
  • Tell them you are there to catch them when they fall.

4.Talking Therapy

Talking therapy is one of the most promising & effective therapies - researchers say! In this therapy, your child is being referred to a qualified therapist to treat his/her mental health. 

What Talking Therapy involves -

    • Lots of assessments
    • Put forth the emphasis on interacting and talking.
    • Role plays, and other games.
    • The feelings & behavior of the teenager are explored by a specialist.
    • Also, known as psychological therapy.

Psychology Researchers focus on the point, - 'Talking out your heart is the first baby step to an inner child or trauma healing.' That's why talking therapy puts the mental health patient in a situation where he needs to communicate more than listening.

Organizations Providing Mental Help Solutions For Teenagers

  • CALM - Campaign Against Living Miserably
  • Contact a Family
  • Children and Young People's Mental Health Coalition
  • Penumbra, Scotland
  • YoungMinds
  • Penumbra (Scotland)
  • Family Lives
  • Bernardo's
  • ChildLine
  • PAPYRUS - Prevention of Young Suicide

Final Words

Mental health has become one of the most alarming topics today. To avoid cases like depression, suicide rates, and self-isolation, mental health needs to be treated as soon as possible with prompt measures taken into account. 

Educate yourself better on such subjects! This will eventually help you figure out whether somebody is in the right state of mind or not. If you encounter the cases of teenagers undergoing so much by themselves, then you must talk to them or help them with professional counseling.

Take steps before witnessing the 'Teenagers Mental Health taking an ugly turn.' 



Image Source: Zme Science

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