6 Essential Tips to Manage Anxiety in Female Teens

Every 1 out of 5 teenagers in the U.S are the victims of Anxiety. Out of this, females are more prone to anxiety disorders almost twice in number in comparison to Men. 

Feeling worried? 

Feeling Nervous?

Feeling Fearful?

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Well, all of the above leads to ANXIETY! It's nothing but a spontaneous reaction to the unwanted STRESS. Once this, inculcates into the daily routine, everything seems to scatter here and there messing up your life. It may lead to unexpected panicking attacks even when there isn't any danger around! 

Within the right time frame, you need to manage this anxiety, to put it at a halt state from scattering further. 

Unheard Stats and Facts

  • According to the NIMH - National Institute of Mental Health, - 'Almost 38% of the female teenagers go through anxiety disorders every year.'
  • As per one of the psychology research, 7 out of 9 female teenagers feel anxious and not so confident about their looks, relationships with others, or worthy enough to succeed. 
  • According to teen research, 'The social anxiety among the girl's teenagers are expected to increase as they mature with time due to abstract thinking.'
  • According to the survey by mind psychologists, 'Almost 70% of female teens having the poor self-esteem are bound to take a turn to the pessimistic route getting themselves indulged in excess drinking, smoking, bullying, misbehaving, drugs, irregular in classes, awful eating habits, etc.'
  • As per researchers, 'The teenager girl mind during a teenage period can be easily hypnotized or manipulated by others. Anybody can convince you that you have committed a crime within 3 hours and female teenagers accept this making them more anxious.'

According to the children mental health report, 2017

  • Teenager girls are 2 times more likely to face depression and anxiety in comparison to men by the ratio of 15.9% to 7.7%. 
  • Disorders related to social anxieties are more in females than males by a huge gap. Teenage Females face social phobia by 11.2% as compared to men I.e., 7%.
  • Females are more prone to panic disorders I.e., by 2.6% as compared to man I.e., 2%.
  • In females, PTSD is found in a large number I.e., 8% in comparison to males I.e, 2.3%.
  • Teenage females face more separation anxiety by 9% as compared to men which is 6.3%.
  • Other Unique Phobias in females are higher I.e., 22.1% as compared to men which are 16.7%.
  • After puberty, females are more prone to panic and get anxious than males. The ratio stands at 2(females):1(males). 
  • Between the years 2005 to 2014, depression was more common among teenagers by 37% due to social, political, and environmental factors.

Female Anxiety Signs

    • Falling of grades from heights.
    • Encapsulated by substance abuse like drugs, alcohol, and smoking.
    • Childhood phobias are becoming nightmares today.
    • Hyperventilation and sweating.
    • Gastrointestinal Problems 
    • Visible symptoms of OCD
    • Heightened Mood Swings, anger, and crying issues.
    • Becoming antisocial, or cutting from the outer world completely.

Managing anxiety: helping teenagers (Females)

1.You're perfect the way, you are…

Tell your female teen that she is just perfect the way she is. 

Her looks….

Her culture…

Her skin color…

Her breakups…

Her not knowing how to cook…

Her having to go for higher studies…

Her wearing clothes of her own choice...

Her having periods…

Her getting emotional over small things….

Everything is FINE…! Love her and care for her the way she is…. According to the researchers, 'Concern and the sense of belongingness help the female teen stay away from panic attacks and anxiety.'

2.Renovate the vibes of your home…!

According to psychologists, 'A powerful bond between the parents and children is the need of the hour as it directly works the way to keep their female teen comfortable around them to share almost anything.'   

    • Sprinkle the vibes of positivity all-around home.
    • Spend time with your children - ask them about their day, their friends, etc.
    • Perform some fun and creative activities with them.
    • Listen to their problems, acknowledge them.

3.Eat right...think right...

According to the researchers, 'Disturbed eating schedules can lead to disturbance in the brain functioning.' Henceforth, mood swings, anxiety, and depression are directly proportional to the things you let your body take inside.

Have you ever noticed that how a fruit smoothie or a hot coffee elevated your mood in seconds..? Well, this is what I meant by the importance of good food which reduces the risk of anxiety hardships. 

How does it work?

    • Eating so much fried or junk food, or even skipping meals can cause the deficiency of the good bacteria in your gut muscle affecting your mood and creating anxiety many times.
    • Intake food rich in good bacteria like yogurt or miso.

According to the researchers, 'The healthier gut muscle is in females teens, the more healthy her mind will function, and lesser will be the anxiety disorders.' 

4.Be Mindful of your actions…!

Anxiety happens when you're either living in the PAST or FUTURE! 

Adopting Mindfulness therapy, you will always stay in the PRESENT MOMENT - hence, it leaves no room for unwanted anxiety, stress, or depression.  

The best apps to practice Mindfulness are -

    • Stop, Breathe, Think
    • Smiling mind
    • Insight Meditation Timer

5.Exercise daily…rest daily...!

Daily physical exercises and calm meditation along with peaceful sleep are the best cure for ANXIETY! 

According to the Harvard cardiologist, 'The relaxation response is triggered automatically as soon as you complete breathing exercise and wake up from the sound sleep.' 

How does it work?

    • Counterbalance the neurochemical eruption which is responsible for creating anxiety. 
    • Breathing must be done via the belly instead of the chest.

6.Either Face it...or lose the race…!

Tell your female teen daughter/friend or whatever relation you have with her, to confidently face the response of others, nobody ain't can make her feel worthless but herself. 

More than 70% of the teen female goes through -

    • Eve teasing
    • Sudden periods
    • Gender inequality
    • Mental and physical harassment
    • Bullying
    • Low self-esteem
    • Conscious about her looks
    • Relatives/Others taunting comments judging her.

Love her, care for her, tell her you are there and she is in the safe hands.

Latest ongoing research in female anxiety disorders 

Researchers, psychologists, psychiatrist, and other mental health experts or counselors are researching on the following topics -

Role of Hormone Testosterone
According to experts, the male hormone testosterone is also found in females but it's in bulk naturally in men. They say that treating testosterone is going to work as an antidepressant & antianxiety in Women. 

Why are females closer to developing anxiety symptoms twice as men?
In this ongoing research, the reports said that the hormonal alterations in females will play a major role in this subject. They said that the role of estrogen hormonal changes in the two conditions mentioned below will give a better answer to this question-
  • Menstrual cycle 
  • Reproductive life

Anxiety disorders at the time of Pregnancy
The third ongoing research is on how pregnant women (even teen pregnant females) can have anxiety disorders before and after their pregnancy period. Also, how the anxiety is going to attack the women or teenager females with obese or overweight issues. 

Acknowledge your Anxiety as much as you acknowledge other physical illnesses - it might not be visible physically yet symptoms and the graph of the person will show it all! These problems are extremely intense, it can stay withu forill weeks, mon,ths and even for a lifetime. Don't fake it lightly. Get it treated as soon as you find your teenager girl or any other person going through the anxiety disorder syndrome alone. 




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