What Causes a Frequent Urge to Pee for women?

What Causes a Frequent Urge to Pee for women?  

What Causes a Frequent Urge to Pee for women? ichhori.com

Have you been finding yourself making several trips to the lavatory for relieving your bladder that is getting full all throughout the day as well as night constantly? Then you have reached the exact page. Over here we are going to let you know contemplating a condition that you must be dealing with named as Frequent Urination, which can be led by several conditions. We know that having a frequent urge to pee can be frightening as well as annoying as well and that is why we are going to provide you all the relatable information over here so that you can reach out to the proper treatment conditions. 
What exactly is meant by frequent urination?
Frequent urination is a medical issue when a female is required to pee or urinate numerous times all throughout a day which is very problematic for their daily life. This can also be a symptom of various other medical problems and even in some particular points of life like during the pregnancy period, this can turn out to be a normal symptom that usually becomes normal after the birth of a child. But if your circumstance is not linked with any particular face then it can be related to some different health difficulties which do not go away by themselves. Your frequent urge to pee can be a symptom of distinct medical issues like OBS or overactive bladder syndrome, prostate issues, diabetes or urinary tract infections. Even you can suffer from a sleep condition which is named as Nocturia if urinating frequently doesn't allow you a good night's sleep. 
If you are wondering who exactly feels this frequent need for urinating, like if there is a particular age or not, then we would like to inform you that this can happen for anyone. Women, men, and even children of any age feel this particular symptom. But technically a person is more likely for urinating frequently when:
The woman is pregnant
The sufferer has turned to an old adult or is a middle-aged individual
A person is having an enlarged prostate
Reasons for having the urge for frequent urination:
Already we have provided you the hints of some common probabilities that might be leading to frequent urination now let's get into the details of this condition:
  • Diabetes: 
  • Pregnancy period
  • Urinary Tract Infection or issues related to the urinary bladder:
  • Having an issue in the prostate gland:
The prostate gland present in the men which is sized like a golf ball tends to release the flow of some liquid which happens at the time of ejaculation. With age, the prostate gland grows bigger and in some medical issues, it can even become very large. As it becomes large it further creates a pressure over the urinary system that leads to frequent urination. There might be some conditions like benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH, that are obviously treatable.
There might be some other medical conditions that can lead to frequent urination and they are:
Consuming too much caffeine or alcohol
Having a tumor in the pelvic region
Experiencing vaginitis, which is inflammation in the vagina region
Consuming diuretics
Experiencing a stroke
  • Wearing a Menstrual Cup
As the menstrual Cup is inserted inside the vagina so it creates pressure over the urinary bladder which is of different degrees for different women. It is very common for 90% of the women wearing the menstrual cup and it can also be fixed. You can change the position of your placement of the menstrual cup for you can change the size of your menstrual cup to stop the pressure. In order to gain some more insights related to this do check out our other articles where we have discussed this in a detailed form. 
Tips for controlling frequent urination
Even though visiting a doctor and taking some medical help is a compressed solution for controlling the ask for urinating frequently but there are some common changes in lifestyle which might be helpful and they are as follows:
  • Avoid drinking water or other fluids at night time, especially before going to sleep.
  • Doing some exercises for strengthening the pelvic muscles.
  • Drinking alcohol or coffee within a limited amount.
  • In case of going out for emergency purposes, you can even use some protective underwear or use leakage-proof pads which can act as an immediate and short-term solution.

The Bottom Line
As you might have already understood, the actual reason for having a frequent urge to pee is from casual to emergency, which is why it is very important to get a medical check-up or speak with your doctor if you experience a typical pattern of urination. Just keep an eye if you see blood in urine, have a fever, back pain or you are feeling like vomiting along with continuous urination then you must visit a doctor as early as possible.
For diabetic patients going to urine frequently is a very familiar symptom and the patients of type 1 or type 2 of diabetes can experience this. It mainly happens because there is a circular pattern that is attached with the kidneys. As for the diabetic patients the patient's body is incapable of controlling the level of sugar in the blood which the kidneys are accountable to clean, the extra fluid gets out from your body. Since the kidneys need to work overtime for circulating the blood, this creates the need for releasing out the extra fluid and in turn, the body feels dehydrated and the patient drinks more water. The circle continues leading to an urge for frequent urination. 

As at the time of pregnancy the urinary bladder becomes crushed, since the baby that is growing inside you takes up some more space of your body so you would feel like going to the lavatory frequently. If you are pregnant then you don't have to worry at all because it is a very normal symptom and you are going to experience this much more at the time of your first as well as third trimester rather than the second trimester. This is so because during the second trimester the uterus becomes a bit higher in the body which takes out some pressure from the bladder. Just after the child is born the body returns back to its normal state which is the non-pregnant state. But if you want to be extra sure then you can do some muscle contraction exercises which helps in tightening the pelvic floor like the Kegel exercise. This is definitely going to avoid urinary bladder problems that are the leakage of urine.

Study shows that 3 out of every 10 women, suffers from urinary tract disorders or bladder disorders and they are some of the commonest medical conditions that lead to frequent urination. Urinary tract infections basically happen when an infection gets inside the body from outside and then creates inflammation or swells the urinary system. This system includes the Ureters, kidneys, the urinary bladder, and urethra. Even someone who is suffering from Interstitial Cystitis, which is a very pathetic condition of the bladder can lead to regular urination and the person might feel and increase urinating. Even in some rare cases, the continual urination might be a symptom of possessing the bladder cancer. It is always suggested to visit a doctor whenever you are facing this.

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