Is Gleeden App ok? (Extra- Maritial Dating App) Review

 The Gleeden App Review

Hola Ladies! Have you heard of the bizarre and crazy app Gleeden? If you don't already know, let us tell you. Gleeden is a French virtual dating platform and social networking service geared primarily toward women, especially those who are already in a relationship. The site was introduced for the very first time in France in 2009 and it has since extended to 159 countries.

It entered the Indian markets in the year 2017 and had already amassed a following of over 100,000 people. Gleeden is targeted mainly at married men and women. How challenging would it be for a company that bases its core business on the idea of incest to make an impact in India, where marital infidelity is deemed to be a sin? So far, it does not seem to be too much. To be frank, it was quite easy. During the COVID-19 timeframe, it surpassed 13 lakh subscribers in India, and its user count has soared in recent months. Since 2019, the amount of time spent on the website has tripled. The platform has also gained significant traction in Tier-1 cities, with Bengaluru taking the top spot with 16.2% of the overall Gleeden population in India and a more than 17% increase in new user acquisition since March 2020. They are followed by Mumbai, which has 15.6% of Gleeden users and overall growth of more than 14%. With 15.4% of Indian consumers and a growth rate of more than 25%, Delhi has risen to third place. Even after the lockdown limitations were revoked folks believe that virtual dating was better than meeting in person because the possibility of contracting the virus is still high. Gleeden also reported that Indians spend marginally more time in chat than Europeans, averaging 3.5 hours a day against three hours. Couples' engagement is at its highest throughout the weekend; however, the peak hours remain consistent during the week, i.e. 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. Since the start of the lockdown, male users on the site have spent more, with a more than 45% rise in purchases.

Gleeden is completely run by a team of 20 women, and female subscribers can access the website for free. The platform provides various subscription plans for men beginning at Rs. 700. Although the app has repeatedly faced backlash for allowing married men and women's profiles to be revealed online, Gleeden has defended its theme, claiming that "extramarital affairs can strike as therapy for a couple" in an era where divorce rates among newlyweds and married couples are higher than it ever was.

Signing up for the dating website is simple and free. The procedure takes about five minutes and consists of just a few steps. Gleeden strives for anonymity in the registration process. You should not use contact specifics or any other information that could be used to identify you. You'll choose a username, specify your gender, and include the gender of the person you're searching for on the web. Members may opt to include all genders if they so desire. It is, however, necessary to include your place of residence. When you enter the information correctly, the site will take you to the next section, where you can enter more personal details. The following registration phase requires you to enter your birth date, location, email address, and choose a code. To finish the registration process, check the boxes indicating that you have read the privacy statement and agree to the site's terms and conditions. As part of a security review, the final move is to enter a captcha code.

Gleeden operates in a similar manner to other dating sites, albeit with a few distinct characteristics and aspects. Using chat or private messaging, you can easily start or receive texts. Women can post messages for free, but men can only strike up a conversation after spending a minimum of 5 credits. Nonetheless, men can use the dating site even if they do not have any credit. Sending crush reminders and other forms of virtual gifts are free of charge. You can also add users to your favourite list and access those who have sent you crush updates and rewards, as well as those who have placed you on their preferred list, for free. The site has an extensive search feature that makes it simple to locate your hidden partner. The search feature allows you to find the right person based on a variety of criteria, such as physical and personal details. Members may be filtered by location and other parameter thresholds, such as people with a picture and people with a profile, up to a certain percentage. 

The Gleeden platform has a user-friendly interface that aims to provide the best possible experience for all of its users. It employs boxes to keep all parts arranged and various shades of violet to improve the overall design look. The GUI has two menus, one on the head and one just under the header. Icons display features on the header menu, while texts highlight menu items. The chatbox, which displays the currently active users and active messages, is conveniently located on the right side of your page. Feedback and notepad are minimized tabs on the left side. The feedback tab allows you to send messages to the administrators, while the notepad allows you to jot down any thoughts you have. The website is simple to use and navigate. The overall style is pleasing to the eye, with high-quality icons and pictures. The following are the main Gleeden characteristics:

  1. Virtual Gifts: They can improve the chances of meeting someone in person by up to 30%.

  2. Panic Button: This button automatically redirects you to a website of your preference. 

  3. Gleeden News: This is where the Gleeden group shares content and news.

  4. Evaluate Members: Women have the choice of doing so. It enables them to assess men on the site.

It is safe to use Gleeden and fun too. And yes, it works. The fact that the network has over 6.8 million users worldwide is proof that it succeeds. Furthermore, it has been in operation for over ten years as one of the first dating sites, which is only reasonable if it is accomplishing its goal. But when it comes to India, does it really work? Six out of ten are men impersonating women. Approximately three out of ten people want "benefits." Every day, there are at least ten males (or female profiles who are actually men) interacting with every genuine lady. Consider the lady attempting to respond to all of the messages she receives. Your message would be given less time and attention than a recruiter who is shortlisting your profile for a position. Other than that most men do not want to spend money on the site and some find it unfair because it is free for us ladies.

In contrary to that we would also like to bring your focus to a recent survey where it was discovered that 48% of Indian ladies who had extramarital encounters were not only married but had children as well. According to the survey results, 64% of the surveyed women who engaged in extra-marital affairs did so due to a lack of physical intimacy or satisfying sex life with their married partners. According to the survey, 76% of women seeking love beyond marriage were educated, while 72% were financially independent. Infidelity was considered entirely taboo for women across societies, despite the fact that it was historically frowned upon in men as well. In India, for example, the recently decriminalized and completely bizarre adultery law chastised women for having affairs by allowing husbands to sue and execute their wives' paramours. Such accusations could never be levelled by a woman against a man.

So, ladies, it's your life, your ideologies, and your choices. Do you want to explore Gleeden as well?


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