Can I use bumble on my laptop?

 Can I use Bumble on my Laptop?

Can I use bumble on my laptop?

You can not use Bumble on your phone as a mobile application? Well, it is not a problem anymore as the Bumble dating app also can be accessed from an internet browser with an internet app called Bumble Web. So you can use Bumble Desktop on a PC or a Mac, and also on a tablet computer.
In this tutorial, we were getting to show you how to use Bumble, where you can use it, what are the limitations of the web application and what are things are more in the desktop version than in the original mobile application version of Bumble.

What Is Bumble Desktop?

Bumble Desktop, officially called Bumble Web, is the desktop version of the Bumble mobile app that allows you to use the Bumble dating app the same way on your desktop computer (PC or Mac) as you would use it on your phone.
To be ready to use the desktop version, all you would like maybe a desktop computer or a tablet, a web browser application (like Google Chrome or Firefox) and an internet connection.

Bumble Desktop Features

On Bumble Desktop you can use all the equivalent features as you can use on your phone, only swiping and therefore the UI may be a little bit different. Still, you can use the following functionality and features on Bumble Web also.

  • Swiping profile left and right
  • Add and remove your photographs
  • Edit your profile, add filters
  • Message your matches
  • Use Backtracks to cancel left swipes
  • Verify your Bumble profile to urge the blue checkmark
  • Subscribe and use Bumble Boost features
  • Purchase Bumble Coins
  • Check your Bumble Beeline
  • Activate Bumble Spotlight
  • Use Bumble SuperSwipe

So as you can see, most of the Bumble app features can be used equivalently on the Bumble desktop as in the mobile app version. you can indeed create your account on Bumble web also.

Where you can Use Bumble Desktop?

Bumble Desktop is often used on any device, anyhow it is an operating system and therefore the browser you've got. So you can use it on a PC or Mac also during a Google Chrome browser, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.
Bumble Desktop also can be used on tablet devices, still, unlike Tinder Online, it does not feel to be performing on mobile phones. So, you can not use it in mobile web browsers yet, you still need to install the app to be suitable to use Bumble on your phone.

Where you can use Bumble Desktop?

It is fairly easy to use the Bumble desktop. You only need to open up an internet browser type and there you go.
If you would like a quick summary about bumble web. Or if you would like some further detailed written guidance about Bumble Desktop, keep reading.

  • The first step is to log in Or check-in To Bumble Through Bumble Desktop
  • So once you open up, you'll see the home screen where you can either log in or if you are do not have an account yet you can create an account on Bumble Desktop also.
  • You can log in by signing in to Facebook or adding your telephone number. you can check-in for Bumble in an equivalent way by either adding your telephone number or connecting it to your Facebook account, so Bumble can identify that you simply are not a bot.

How To Use Bumble Desktop?

Then are a number of the foremost important belongings you got to realize how you can navigate the web app and use Bumble Desktop.
When you successfully log in to your profile you get to ascertain your match queue on the left and you can swipe your potential matches on the proper part of the screen.

Swiping Profiles On Bumble Desktop

To swipe profiles, you can use your arrows keys, the proper key is adequate for a right swipe, the left key is adequate for a left swipe. you can also click on the X ( left swipe) or the checkmark (like the profile you see).
Still, you can also click on the Yellow Heart to send your potential match a SuperSwipe, If you have purchased Bumble Coins.
If you swipe right and therefore the other person has swiped you right also get to ascertain the Boom screen indicating that you simply received a match. However, you can message the man right away or if you're a person you can click on the match queue on the left and message girls who have already made the primary advance you If you are a girl.
You can backtrack profiles on the Bumble desktop by clicking on the Rewind button on the bottom left corner of the profile.

Other Features On Bumble Desktop

  • If you have Bumble Boost you can also see your Beeline on Bumble Desktop by just clicking on the green circles in your match queue.
  • You can also switch between modes on Bumble Web by clicking on the Bumble logo at the highest of the page. You can use Bumble Bizz and BFF in an equivalent way on Bumble Desktop as in the mobile app.
  • You can also customize your profile on Bumble Desktop by clicking on your profile picture in the upper right corner.
  • When you click on your profile, you can also click on activate Spotlight or manage your Bumble Boost.
  • Last but not least, you can also change your location on Bumble Web because it is explained and shown anymore.

Advantages Of Using Bumble Desktop

There are some advantages of using Bumble Desktop rather than the original Bumble mobile application.

  • One of the biggest benefits is the speed of typing on a desktop keyboard versus typing on a mobile phone touchscreen. You can gob out way more characters using a desktop keyboard. So if you have a load of matches and have discussions with them, you can save a lot of time.
  • Still, it is also a great productivity hack to delete the application from your phone. Do not worry, this will only delete the application and not your account. So, the bumble desktop version is handy if you are a Bumble addict and want to limit your addiction to the mobile application.
  • As you won’t have your desktop computer at your hand in every alternate, it is very easy to check Bumble less frequently. And when you use Bumble in the desktop version, you will be also quicker to go through your matches and chats.


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