Is Raya app a celebrity dating app?

 Here Are Some Of The Celebs On Raya & What You Have To Do To Get A Profile

Here Are Some Of The Celebs On Raya & What You Have To Do To Get A Profile_


While most people use Bumble, Hinge, Tinder, and other dating apps to find love, Hollywood's biggest stars use the Raya dating app. 

Here's everything we know about the app, from who's using it to how to sign up.


What is Raya App?

Raya is a celebrity dating app that debuted in February 2015.


The app's official website describes it as a "safe and exciting" way to meet new people.


'We believe in meeting someone who has the potential to change a person's life.'


Hayley Greenberg, a social media manager based in Los Angeles, spoke to The New York Times about her experience with the app.


'It's the Soho House of dating apps,' she explained.


'They have the really good-looking guys, the athletes, the actors, the guys with 500 Instagram followers who got accepted because they're a D.J.'


How much does it cost?

The celebrity dating app, according to The New York Times, costs about $7.99 per month.


So that's about €6.81, which isn't bad considering the celebrities who use it.


Who uses the app?

Raya app has been used by some of the world's most famous people.


Last summer, it was reported that our very own Paul Mescal opened an account.


And it's believed that I'm A Celeb's Roman Kemp joined it following his divorce from Anne-Sophie Flury.

Ashley Benson's ex-girlfriend and model Cara Delevingne, according to Nylon, has used the app.


They also mentioned Ruby Rose, Diplo, John Cusack, and Patrick Schwarzenegger.


Joe Jonas appears to have used it as well.


Friends star Matthew Perry is also said to have experimented with the app.


Bonnie Wright, Elijah Wood, Raven-Symoné, Zach Braff, and Ginny Weasley have all appeared in the film.


Channing Tatum, Amy Schumer, Ben Affleck, Demi Lovato, and Niall Horan have all been spotted on it, according to Flare.


How do you get on Raya?

Obtaining a for this celebrity dating app is not a simple process.


Raya dating app requires applicants to go through their ‘multifaceted application process,' according to the website.


Applications are evaluated based on algorithmic values and feedback from hundreds of committee members worldwide.


A decision can be made in as little as a day or as long as a few months.


According to The New York Times, only about 8% of applicants are accepted.


Daniel Gendelman, the company's founder, insisted that the app is not for people who "look a certain way or do a certain thing."


He told the outlet that it is for "passionate people anywhere in the world who have something they want to share with other members and can do so in a respectful way."


'There's a lot of applications where it’s just a Lamborghini, a yacht and a private plane, and we’re just like, 'See you later.''


How to use the Raya  app

Raya appears to be very different from your typical dating app.


Users can scroll through the accounts of people from all over the world, according to Business Insider.


Profiles are shown as slideshow images 'against a soundtrack of your choosing.'


Members are also asked to sign a code of conduct 'to ensure respectful conversations and interactions.'


All  conversations on the celebrity dating app are solely between you and the other person.


A user named Ginny Hogan revealed in an essay for Elite Daily that the app does not allow you to screenshot messages.


'I couldn't keep my friends up to date on my app convos,' she explained.


Ginny explained, 'You write a brief bio, and if two people like each other, you get to talk.'


'Matches also expire after 10 days, which seemed like plenty of time.'


If you're interested, you can begin by downloading the app and following the instructions.


Raya is only available on Apple.


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