Why Are girls with glasses more attractive?

Are girls with glasses more attractive? 

I remember going through my Twitter timeline on time when I saw a riveting tweet from a girl who wears glasses telling men to stop sexualizing girls who wear spectacles. It was hilarious at first. But also, when I thought about it. What is it about ladies who put on spectacles? Do guys like girls with spectacles? Why is this so?
Do guys like girls with glasses? (10 reasons somenguys find girls with glasses attractive) ichhori.com

Some females indeed wear spectacles all the time because they have to see. Others, still, wear it to read or when using their computer. Others yet put it on for the fun of it. Of course, they put it on without lenses, as compared to those that wear it to see.
Some also love spectacles because it is fashion accessory. Others also, in their attempt to see, have discarded spectacles on the whole and wear contact lenses.
For whatever reason a female may decide to wear spectacles, it seems it has the effect of turning some guys’ heads. Occasionally, in the movies, when a woman exchanges the spectacles for contact lenses, the guy always seems to prefer her spectacles. So, why do some guys like girls with glasses? I believe I have answered this question within the subsequent paragraphs. Read on.

Some guys like girls with spectacles because they look intelligent. Believe it or not, some men do have a librarian fantasy. And when they see girls who wear spectacles, they are turned on. No doubt, utmost girls look intelligent and smart when they have on their spectacles. Utmost men find intelligence alluring in a girl. And if she looks the part, well perhaps she is.
We can indeed look at this argument from a cultural perspective.” Art glasses life”, it is said. So we generally see on the big screen, the girl who wears spectacles, in utmost cases, is the intelligent one.
Some instances include Velma Dinkley in Scooby-Doo and Amy Fowler within the big bang Theory. These girls in each movie end up to be that intelligent girls. And the distinguishing feature with them both was that they were wearing spectacles.
Using this analogy then, it is safe to mention girls with spectacles are intelligent. Though this rule does not necessarily cut across to each girl who wears spectacles.
Girls who put on spectacles have a certain air of mystique around them. Take, as an example, Anne Hathaway in Princess Diaries. She was that nerd always with her spectacles on until she had that transformation. Similar girls are secure in their nerd appearance. This is because it does not take importance for them to change their choice of clothing without looking like they had a major facelift.
The ability for similar girls to seem different by trying different frames is simply mysterious. This is because the moment she may look like a total nerd with those reading spectacles. In the coming time, she has those cute professor spectacles, which make her look like a hot librarian. Also, maybe, coming time, she may decide to go without them.
Although a veritably intelligent girl, she is bound to look different all the time including sexy.
Men love mystique. It is like it gives them a commodity different to wonder about so they are attracted to it.
Some people believe that a woman wearing spectacles is more feminine. Men are attracted to feminine women. You could say it is the attention equivalent of a curvy woman. She is bound to get further attention from guys because she looks more feminine than a woman who is not veritably curvy.
There is just something unique about the feminine quality that men can not help but be attracted to. It is thus no surprise that because a girl has the right frames on, she is sure to look alluring to a man who loves ladies with their spectacles on.
Occasionally, it is difficult to know a person’s personality from hence. Other times, due to certain physical qualities, it is easy to assume the character of someone. You can tell if someone is typically the lifetime of the party if they are a fashion guru or simply a nerd. For girls with spectacles, they tend to choose frames that match their personalities. This is cute, however.
Choosing the wrong frame for your face can make you look unattractive. But at the top of the day, every lady cares about her looks. It is something natural. And as much as a girl would want to choose the right frame for her face, she would also want to choose one that speaks of her individuality.
So whether various, loud, cute, smart, there is always a frame to suit her individuality. It is, thus, easy to know if a girl loves getting attention or not just by looking at her spectacles. And that ( depending on the guy’s preference) is hot.
Some guys like their women fashionable. And utmost women have the perfect accessory for the perfect occasion. However, that girl is likely to have the perfect spectacles for every occasion, If she is wearing her spectacles for dual purposes (both for better vision and to look fashionable).
Therefore, she will always have a pair available be it photochromic spectacles, sunglasses, dark shades, reading spectacles, etc.
With these, she is likely to show the heads of guys because she looks trendy. And if she is achieving that flawlessly, men who find spectacles on ladies a turn on would pursue her. Again, if she happens to pass off as the mischievous professor with her spectacles, no man will ignore this hot “professor”.
In their attempt to see, some women accept that spectacles will be a part of their life ever. At this point, a woman who wears spectacles knows that she just needs to embrace herself for who she is. And when she does, her confidence oozes out.
Men find confidence in a lady to be very hot. It is sort of a perfume scent that fades off. Thus, a girl who wears spectacles and is not insecure is charming.
  •  EYES
Eyes, they say, are the windows to the soul. And as shown on the big screen, if you know whether someone has feelings for you, look straight into their eyes. I have come to realize that utmost girls who wear spectacles have some of the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.
I do not go about looking into the eyes of girls who put on spectacles but let me make this further practical so that you understand.
A woman wearing spectacles has her eyes protected generally from physical elements similar to the sand during windy or sunny days, etc. So, using this line of thought, the extent of damage to the eyes of someone who does not wear spectacles is likely to be more. Facial features are one of the physical characteristics of a woman that the maturity of men is interested in.
What generally stands out on the face is that the eyes. And men can be crazy about a girl’s eyes, especially if the sclera is veritably white which makes the colour of the iris stand out. It is relatively lovely.
Men love the thought of vulnerability during a woman. This is because it makes them look virile, strong and sometimes, demanded. A woman who does not fit in a man’s idea of vulnerability would be seen to be too male. Thankfully, it is the 21st century and the goods are looking bright. Let us admit it. A girl wearing spectacles is vulnerable.
Once her vulnerability is in line with what a man’s idea of vulnerability should be like. Similar men would start to pursue her. This is because, for many reasons, they find her hot.
A girl wearing a brace of spectacles, despite the erudite look, has an innocent disposition. The thing about innocence in a woman is that it unconsciously makes a lady more beautiful, which makes the person want to protect her. It also increases a woman’s desirability.
A girl who wears spectacles can stand out in a crowd. Men like it when their women are placed on a fashion item that makes them unique. It is further of a “You can see but you cannot touch” situation. This makes her easy to identify. A woman who stands out because of what she wore when a man was first approaching her is a commodity different. But it is common news.


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