How To Delete Your OkCupid Profile?


The online dating industry is massive, and there are so many new sites popping up almost every day that finding something interesting can be difficult. Many of these websites can be classified into many categories, such as serious dating sites, messaging applications, travel and meet-up apps, and so on. 

Since its launch in 2004, OkCupid app has amassed almost 10 million subscribers, including a reported one million users.

OkCupid dating site also gets about 3 billion monthly page views. About 60% of OkCupid app users in the United States use their mobile devices to access the site. OKCupid is one of the most basic dating applications available, providing a venue for men and women of all sexual orientations to meet, mingle, and find love.

Simple statistics will demonstrate the website's usefulness and efficacy. Take, for example, the fact that over 91 million couples met each other on this platform in a single year. In addition, over 50k dates are held every week as a result of OkCupid dating.

how to delete ok cupid profile

What is the OkCupid dating algorithm and how does it work?

It's fairly straightforward, and you might claim it functions similarly to other online dating sites in Ukraine. To clarify your conditions to your mate, you must first register your account and then pass some exams. This functionality is extremely useful, because you won't have to look for the girls. You will be presented with the required options. Then you'll start chatting with Ukrainian women and developing serious relationships.

OkCupid dating app

To be honest, not all dating websites have applications, but there is one for OkCupid. Furthermore, as compared to a variety of other websites, it is thought to offer the finest user interface. It has all of the same features as the PC edition, so if you haven't tried it yet, you can start with OkCupid's mobile version. Also, all the features are greatly organized and you are just swiping profiles and reacting to them or not.

Here is a beginner's guide to the OkCupid app. 

How To Delete Your OkCupid Profile

  • Log in to your OKCupid account.

The first step in deleting your OKCupid account is to log in to the app or the website. Make sure you're on the homepage after you've signed in.

  • Click on your profile picture.

The next move is to click on your profile picture after you've navigated to the homepage. You can see a drop-down menu of multiple choices after doing so.

  • Select "Settings" in the drop-down menu.

After that, choose "Settings" from the drop-down menu. You can see a list of tabs in a menu bar on the left side of the screen after the "Settings" page has opened.

  • Click on "My Account."

The first tab on the menu bar will be "My Account." Once you've selected "My Account," the app or web page will bring you to another page.

  • Click on "Go here."

After that, you'll be shown a "Have you forgotten your password? It should be reset "a connection On the same list, if you scroll down, you might see another link that says "Do you need a break? To disable or uninstall your account, go here." Select "Go here" from the drop-down menu.

  • Select "Delete" or '"Disable."

It's now up to you to choose whether you want to "block" or "delete" your profile. If you want to delete your account, the positive news is that, though it will look to everyone as though it no longer existed, OkCupid app will save all of your photos and records in case you wish to reactivate it at a later date. If you want to uninstall your password, though, your account will be deleted indefinitely. If you plan to use OkCupid again in the future, you'll have to sign up as a brand new customer.

Natalie Sawyer, OKCupid's Communications Manager, tells Elite Daily, "You can opt to uninstall or disable your account." "Disabling your password helps you to return at any moment, while removing it is irreversible. OkCupid app will stop sending you emails in any case."

When it comes to meeting and engaging with future friends, dating applications have been a very useful tool. Taking a break from online dating is, however, a common part of the process for certain people. Perhaps you've met someone exciting and want to give it your best, or perhaps you're just exhausted and want to spend more time focusing on yourself. Any excuse you feel compelled to abandon online dating is entirely true. You can't go wrong if you trust your instincts.

Reasons why People delete their online dating profiles

Online dating sites like OkCupid can be a perfect way to meet new people, but occasionally accidents happen and people erase their accounts. It may be aggravating to log in with the goal of calling a particular participant only to discover that they are no longer there, whether it was due to a perceived creepiness or a general lack of responses.

  • People delete their dating profiles for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is that they have met someone. However, all of these people just cover their accounts in case they ever need them again.
  • Receiving comments from so many people they consider to be weirdos is cited by some as a justification for removing their profile.
  • On the other hand, certain users would uninstall their profile if they do not get any responses, regardless of whether they are creepy or not.
  • Some users would look for the erase profile alternative after a poor dating encounter with another site user.
  • If the expense of a dating site outweighs the incentives received, members are more likely to remove their profiles. For those that have abandoned other platforms due to cost considerations, free sites like OkCupid app are a nice option.
  • Regularly searching a dating site without discovering a suitable match may be discouraging, leading to people deleting their accounts.
  • After dipping their toe into the dating pool and realizing they are not ready to move in, some people will uninstall their profiles.
  • If a person is hesitant to share photos, they will most likely delete their account.
  • Self-doubt and the belief that you are unfit for everyone.
  • Taking your dating profile off the search engines

How to Have Your OkCupid Account Reactivated

You can reactivate your account at any time if you have disabled it previously. To do so, simply enter your email address and password into OkCupid. We'll ask you to check if you want to reactivate with a prompt. If you choose yes, your profile will be live and available on OkCupid once more.

You would not be able to reactivate your account if it has been deleted. Deletion is irreversible. If you like, you can build a new account using the same email address.

This may be the case if you haven't used your account in over a year and are unable to log in. You would be able to build a new account with the same email address if this is the case.


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