How to hide your Tinder Profile from boyfriend?

Cheating in a relationship. Yes, its on the rise. It has been going on since the beginning of relationships, but modern technology is aiding it, in that it has made it more difficult for those who have the urge and are unhappy with their relationships. Unlimited texting, snapchat, instant messaging for exchanging photos, skype for video calling, and website dedicated to discovering adulterous people in your area make having a fling more convenient than ever. Tinder, an app, that lets you promote yourself and locate people in your area who are interested in exchanging pictures for casual flings, is one of the easiest ways.

Relationships should be truthful, and the desire to cheat on your partner should be addressed. However, if you plan on keeping someone on the side, Tinder is a fine place to start as long as you keep the account hidden from your boyfriend. So, if you need to keep your Tinder account a secret from your significant other, read on for a few pointers. Many people use Tinder for hookups and one-night stands, and the majority of them have lovers, necessitating the use of an anonymous Tinder account.

1.Hide the application

If you think your boyfriend may be checking your phone, the first thing you can do is lock the app in a folder or a set of directories so it isn’t visible on the homescreen or list of apps. There is not fair excuse you can provide that will not make him suspicious if he discovers it on your phone. 

In this day and age, where our lives have been so fast-paced, people choose to have online chats rather than face-to-face conversations. When a relationship becomes messy and people begin to explore other options, the first thing they can do is sign up for an online dating app. To avoid any circumstances when your boyfriend finds the app, simple hide the app using one of the following methods:

Nova Launcher:
Nova Launcher is one of Android’s most common launchers. It is a great choice for people who use a device with a custom Android OS. This launcher even allows you to hide apps. All you have to do is to set it as the default launcher. 

Privacy Hider: This app is insane. It allows you to make an app look like a calculator. You can also use a password to secure the app.

Apex Launcher: Make sure that Apex Launcher is your default launcher, much like Nova Launcher. Navigate to the launcher’s preferences, then to the drawer settings, and then to private apps. You can choose the dating app, this ensures that the app does not show up on your home screen.

Parallel Space: This software allows you to clone applications and hide apps in incognito mode. It is a viable solution if you want to keep your online dating secrets hidden from your boyfriend.

2.Linking Tinder to Facebook isn’t a good idea

Since Tinder connects to your Facebook account, it is a good idea to change your Facebook privacy settings so that men on the app cannot search you on Facebook. If you want to be extra secure, create a fake Facebook account with heightened privacy settings so that even if Facebook is connected to Tinder, it isn’t you. 

Tinder mandated you to log in via your Facebook account until a few years ago. This was and continues to be useful because it makes customising the Tinder profile much easier. This meant that once you changed your Facebook settings, Tinder had a fair chance of posting something on your wall for all of your friends to see. The simplest solution is to keep your Tinder account apart from your Facebook account. It will make customisation a little more difficult, but it will provide you with the anonymity you need when you hide your Tinder from Facebook.

If you want to use Facebook to log in to Tinder, you should create a new Facebook account, one with just your first name and a few pictures to avoid suspicion. But now, you do not need Facebook account to begin with. Tinder now gives people the option log in and browse profiles with their phone numbers. 

3.Create a fake profile (use a fake name and bio)

You don’t have to lie entirely on your Tinder profile, but giving yourself a false name and changing a few minor details about yourself would still portray you as an individual while concealing your true identity. This is particularly relevant if your boyfriend has single friends who might stumble across your profile and inform your boyfriend. If you don’t want to get caught, don’t have too much information in your bio. Be less detailed as possible. If you like, change your age by a year or two so that if his friends see your profile, they will not think it is you. 

4.Some some body or skin but keep your face hidden

On Tinder, men looking for a hookup want to see some body. That does not mean you can give them a full photo the moment someone matches with you. But your profile picture should show how you would seem nude so they can envision the rest. You can wear a skin-tight dress that accentuates your body and curves, as long as it is not too explicit. Just make sure you cover your face so no one recognises you right away. Otherwise, your Tinder profile will not remain hidden for long. 

5.Be cautious about picture location or where you take your pictures

If you end up sharing a lot of photos on Tinder or sending a lot of photos to men, make sure that nothing in the backdrop or background of the photos can be used to recognise you. If you have monogrammed towels, and those are seen in your profile picture, then it is not really keeping a secret. If you do decide to start adding, mailing, accepting photos and videos, keep in mind where they may be on your computer or phone. Pictures you take and download end up in your phone gallery and on your SD card, so just make sure they do not have any traces of your activities. It will be difficult to justify if your boyfriend notices a slew of nude photos on your phone that she did not get. 

In short, Tinder is better kept hidden by using it for its intended function and then deactivating it. Do not be selfish and try to get photos from every attractive man on the web. If you find a guy eager to send pictures or meet up, gather the information you need and delete your Tinder profile. Otherwise, it is just proof that is waiting to be discovered. When it comes to cheating, you have that choice as well. Hide the app, disable alerts, log in with your phone number, and create a fake and/or highly personalised profile - these will all help you a lot. However, keep in mind that no matter how cautious you are, your good fortune will eventually run out. When partners start to think they are being cheated on, they turn into super-detectives.





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