What are the 9 reasons for guys liking bad girls?

 9 reasons why guys like bad girls 

When people say the heart wants what it wants, do they mean the heart wants what is bad for it? If they are not gluttons for punishment, why would guys stick with bad girls who will leave them broken hearted? Is there any justification for things guys love about bad girls?

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Do you have to be compelled to change something about yourself or move to the dark side before you will have a long-lasting relationship? Or should women start cutting themselves some slack for selecting the incorrect ones sometimes? After all, men make an equivalent mistake too.
The irony to either being the bad girl or being left for the bad girl is that the guy within the scenario always finishes up because of the bad guy. However, ask yourself if you are one by choice or by circumstances, If you are the bad girl.
Also, ask yourself if your personality will leave permanent damage on the good guys who can not seem to get enough of you. This article would offer you a thought of why good guys flock around you, especially if you have got been bothered by their attention.
Before condemning your worth as a good woman, read on for things guys love about girls that might lead to them choosing a bad girl. Peace comes with gaining clarity; hopefully, this text gives you both.

  •  Men are hunters

The nature of a person is that of a hunter who is usually hunting for one thing or the other. Occasionally, he features a goal and reason in mind. Other times, he is just hunting to ascertain what he can catch. Their restless nature makes it impossible for a few men to remain still during a healthy relationship for long.
The only time they provide a healthy relationship a try is once they are bored with the chase and need to play family. While they are still on the chase they are generally attracted to bad girls. They bypass genuine women in favor of girls like these because the latter poses more danger than the previous.

  •  Bad girls appear sexier

Confidence, nonchalance, carefreeness are the qualities most apparent during a bad girl and it is one of the things guys love about girls. There is no doubt within the way she talks or carries herself. She is either independent and does not need the male’s money, or she is using her slickness to suck him dry.
Still, the male will always strive to provide for her, If she is independent. However, she knows how to play the game well until she is ready to let go If she is a gold digger.
Funnily enough, most guys know the difference between a sexy independent woman and a gold-digging confident one. Men keep going back to the aloof cruel woman because the thrill is within the resistance game bad girls play. Indeed though they play along, deep inside they know the relationship is toxic for them.

  •  Her dress sense exudes confidence

The way a girl dresses also has a huge impact on how men perceive her. Believe it or not, equivalent men who condemn inappropriate dressing among women fantasize about like women.
Still, a woman does not need to be partial-naked before she leaves a big impression on a man. The right dress sense is not only about pairing the right clothes, but about your confidence. Utmost bad girls complete their outfits with a badass I don’t give a fuck (IDGAF) attitude and this is what draws men to them.
They know the effect they have on men, but they pretend like they are doing not knowing. This attitude paired with their sexy outfit easily drives men crazy. You will be surprised at how many women a man has left behind due to an elusive bad woman.

  •  Men find the kiss‘em leave‘em attitude exciting

Utmost men, before they calm down, are bad guys. They have played the kiss‘em leave‘em game so much that they do not mind being on the other side of the game sometimes.
Men recognize a kindred spirit in a bad girl who seems hell-bent on taking revenge on every man due to what one man did to her. They find such bad girls refreshing and enjoy the adrenaline rush while it lasts. Some of these men know the connection is temporary, but some get sucked therein they try to vary the women.
Of course, the latter type of men generally have their hearts broken by girls like them, but they would rather have loved than not experienced the pain of loving.

  •  Most men think the thrill is worth the danger

Some men choose bad girls not because they love her or want to vary her, but because their lives lack adventure. They see bad girls as a challenge within the current season of their lives. She is unreachable, stoic, cold, and unfeeling, but they still want her.
They think they are up to the task of thawing her and making her bend to their will. You would be right to determine such men as neanderthal because why else would anyone want girls like that when he can date other sweet women? This is why, when a person finds a trace of a bad woman in a sweet woman, he latches on to her.

  •  Bad girls generally give good sex

As much because it is tough to admit, a nasty girl is great in bed. An average sweet girl is conservative and comfy with doing the minimum in the bedroom. On the opposite hand, a bad girl may be a wild beast who gives crazy sex.
What man does not need a woman who can give him a good ride in bed? In this regard, a decent girl can hardly compete with a bad girl unless she is ready to step up her sex games. You must have heard that even good men want their women to be mother Theresa with a good dose of Cardi B in them.

  •  Bad girls thrive on adventure

A bad girl is sort of a rolling stone; she never stays still because there are numerous places to be covered. When most men first meet an adventurous girl, they feel alive. With time, the excitement wanes because she isn’t willing to settle down when they are.
Guys do not mind relinquishing control once in a while, but can not leave control in the hands of an unstable woman for long. As such, they feed on the challenge she poses for as long as they will before replacing her with a stable woman.
Still, but it is what it is, If you are a good girl you might think it is unfair. As long as you are sure the man is completely into you, his history should not affect your future together.

  •  Bad girls make men feel deeply

Society has not only distributed gender roles, but they have also dictated how each sex should feel or act. As similar, men are always strong while it is okay for women to cry at the drop of a cap. What men won’t tell you is that they need to be able to express themselves as women do.
Most men do not generally find it easy to tap their feminine side when they date good women. Good women are usually wanting to please and make their men feel on top of the world.
A naughty girl still does not have any compunctions about calling her man on his BS or leaving him after she gets what she wants. Why any man would prefer such treatment is still a riddle, but the same is true for women who stay in toxic relations.

  •  Men find good girls boring

The picture of a monotonous life numerous men have in their heads is to fall in love with a good girl and plan to build a family with 2.5 children. Until a person is ready for this monotonous living, he will find it easy to go away good girls while he chases after the incorrect ones.

In reality, the monotonous life may be a steady one filled with comfort and stability. A good woman stands a chance of keeping an easily bored man if she will occasionally inject new interesting activities into the relationship.
In this case, the goal is to stay a sweet yet fun-loving woman.


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