What are the things that turn guys on the most? (10 Little-Known Things)

What Turns Guys On The Most? (10 Little-Known Things)


What Turns Guys On The Most? (10 Little-Known Things)_ichhori.com

Do you want to know what you can do to turn guys on?


Perhaps there's a specific man you'd like to impress but aren't sure how to go about it? things that turn guys on

things that turn men on

turn on for guys


Maybe you’re looking for extra inspiration to add some spark to your relationship?


If so, you've come to the right place. This article contains ten creative and undeniable turn on for guys.


However, before you scroll down and select your favourite, please read the following sentences carefully.


There is one aspect of male psychology that you must understand, and it has nothing to do with how horny you make him.


A thorough understanding of this can mean the difference between him viewing you as a "bit of fun" and a lifelong partner.


I'm referring to the 'Hero Instinct.' A deeply ingrained primal instinct that all men appear to possess.


Once you know how, it's fairly simple to activate this way of thinking within a man.


If you want to leave a lasting impression on your man, I recommend reading the story of how I discovered the 'Hero's Instinct.'


After that, you can use these 10 incredible things that turn men on to drive him insane.


What characteristics turn guys on?

Before we get into the unexpected ways that turn men on, let's take a look at the general characteristics that you need to exhibit in order for a man to be turned on in the first place. So, please see the points below for this list.


Be confident.

Men adore self-assured women, especially when they are self-assured about their sexuality. So, let go of the notion that men will only find you attractive if you act like a helpless damsel in distress. You must completely own who you are and demonstrate to him what you want and don't want. He will appreciate it if you show confidence in everything you do. It is a total turn on for guys. 


Take control.

Following on from the previous point about how men adore self-assured women, if you assert yourself, he will find it hot. You might think that men prefer to take the lead in the bedroom, but they also prefer it when women do.


Make an effort with your appearance.

Men think it's cute when you stumble out for a coffee date with makeup beneath your eyes, but if you want to turn him on, you should put in more effort. You don't have to pretend to be a glamour model to turn him on, but it might help if you do your hair, shave your legs, and put on some lipstick. It will be more about the fact that you have made an effort with your appearance rather than how you look.


10 Unexpected Things That Turn Men on:

1. Massage him.

You can offer to give your man a massage if you know he's had a long day. Don't give away the fact that he will almost certainly have a happy ending.


Allow him to lie down on the bed and begin rubbing his back with massage oil. It's time to get him to turn around after you've completely massaged his back in slow, sweeping movements. Allow your man to lie on his back and instruct him to close his eyes. While he's acting like this, it's time to remove your clothes and resume the massage. If his eyes are closed and you are quiet enough, he will not notice your change.


You can reapply the oil to his body, and your hands should begin to work around his upper and inner thighs. Alternatively, you could sweep your hands down his chest and stop at the top of his groin. He may begin to notice that the massage is becoming more sensual. This is when you might notice his penis rise. It's up to you to figure out how to get on top of him and connect both of your slick bodies.


2. Tie him up.

Your man may want to be dominated secretly (or not so secretly). Being dominated is one of the things that can turn a guy on. As a result, you must demonstrate to him who is in charge of the bedroom. All you need to do is find something appropriate to tie your man's hands with – a work tie would suffice, but handcuffs are even better. You want the dominance to come as a surprise, so don't tell your man what's going on before tying him up.


Place the handcuffs or tie one side of the bed to the floor. Begin kissing and arousing him. You can do this very passionately, preparing him to be dominated by you. You can coax him into lying beneath you while you straddle him. Place your hands above his head and kiss down his body. Then, get the handcuffs or tie and tie his hands together or to the bed frame.


The real magic begins at this point. He'll be so frustrated that he won't be able to touch you. Now, do whatever you think will make him happy. For example, give him a blowjob while returning your gaze to him. He may beg you to take him.


When you're ready to have sex, you can climb to the top and begin slowly riding him. He'll go insane knowing he can't touch you, but it'll turn him on like nothing else has before.


3. Wear your sexiest lingerie.

The majority of men are visually stimulated, and you should take advantage of this fact. A man will always be turned on when he sees his woman in sexy lingerie. So let us make the most of this opportunity. When you're alone at home and know your man is on his way home, go upstairs and take a look in your closet.


You must have some lingerie that makes you feel like you're on top of the world. If not, you can go out and go on a mini-spending spree, or you can get creative. A really hot look would be you in one of his completely open shirts, with nothing else on but stockings.


When your man comes home, walk slowly towards him in your lingerie. His jaw will most likely drop. Isn't that the best way to be greeted? Approach him and allow him to take you in his arms. You could also laugh and let him chase you upstairs.


4. Blindfold him.

Because he can't see you, this tactic will stimulate all of your man's other senses. He can't really rely on visual stimulation in this situation. This also works well if you're too shy to do more risqu̩ things with your partner looking at you Рhe won't be able to see you, so there's no need to be shy, plus, it is a turn on for guys!


Wrap the blindfold around your man and have him sit on the edge of the bed. At this point, he should ideally be naked or in his underwear. Make sure he can't see by giving him an eye test – make it fun, don't bore him.


It's time to start getting your man pumped up. The truth is that because he is blindfolded and knows you're going to start doing bad things to him, he may already be difficult. However, there is no harm in dragging it out a little longer to make him want you even more.


It is entirely up to you what you do next, but I would suggest constantly changing what you do to him so that there is still an element of surprise. You can then push him back onto the bed and climb on top of him in whatever position you deem most comfortable.


A cowgirl in reverse might be a good idea. Only when he is inside you should you tell him to remove his blindfold. He will see you on top of him when he opens his eyes. I recommend reverse cowgirl because he will get a good look at his penis as it enters and exits you.


5. Use sex toys with him.

Many men are unaware that women regularly use sex toys, so it might be fun to bring one of your favourites out and show him what it can do for you. If you don't already have a sex toy, you can go out and get one. You can buy a variety of sex toys on the internet or in sex or lingerie stores. There is so much choice, so do some research and see what you think would be best for you. You can read more about sex toys and female wellness, here.


However, if you want the sex toy to be something that both of you enjoy, it might be a good idea to get a 'Pleasure Ring.' Essentially, this is a vibrating ring that your partner will wear around his penis. Not only will the vibrations when he enters you make you orgasm faster or more intensely, but it will also contribute to your partner's erection lasting longer.


Introduce whatever sex toy you choose to him in the bedroom and tell him he can try it on you. It will be so appealing to your partner that you will want to enhance your sex with him, and he will enjoy using a toy on you.


When it comes to things like the pleasure ring, you might want to use it sparingly. As much as it will give you both a good time, don't overdo it. If you do, having 'normal' sex may not be as enjoyable.


6. Exchange sexual fantasies.

You can turn your man on by simply speaking to him. This is a great topic to discuss with him while you're in bed. Make the conversation if you're both lying there. Turn your man over, run your fingers down his chest, and ask him about his naughtiest sexual fantasies.


Many people, understandably, are embarrassed to discuss their sexual fantasies with others. As a result, you must make your man feel at ease. Perhaps you could tell him one of your fantasies, and he could tell you one of his.


You could make it into a game where you tell him one and he tells you one. Make it a game; don't take it too seriously. You could turn to him after discussing the fantasies and say something like, "So, are you ready to try the first fantasy you mentioned?"


He'll probably be confused as to whether you're joking or not, so just tell him you want him and that you want him to indulge all of his sexual fantasies on you. The fact that he knows you're willing to try new things will pique his interest.


7. Play sexual games with him.

Tell your man that things will be a little spicier for the time being and that you and he will be playing a sex game together. The mere thought of this will drive him insanely in love with you.


The first thing you can do is give your man small pieces of paper and instruct him to write down things he wants you to do to him on each piece of paper. Tell him you're doing the same thing. You can use as many pieces of paper as you want. You could, for example, set the game to run for a month or just a week.


After you've finished writing on your scraps of paper, fold them up so no one can see what you've written, and then exchange them all with the other person. You can tell your partner that he has three passes, and you have three passes as well, if you don't want to do it.


Then, for however long you are playing, you must each choose a piece of paper and do what it says to the other person. You can also do it in reverse, with your man writing what he wants to do to you and you writing what you want to do to him.


Furthermore, if you are less creative and want an app to tell you what you should do to each other, you can download a variety of apps by searching "sex game." It will, of course, have the same effect, but it will not be as personalised.


8. Watch porn with him.

You may believe that porn is something you should watch alone while masturbating. However, if you decide to watch some together, it can be a huge turn on for both of you.


You could always make a suggestion and see what he says. Chances are, he'll appreciate your suggestion and will respect you for being so bold in coming out with it. You can browse through various porn channels and videos. If you both watch porn on a regular basis, you can show each other what you like.


Watching porn together will not only turn you both on to the point of ripping each other's clothes off, but it will also allow you to share your fantasies with each other if you think that talking about it would make either of you uncomfortable.


If you're both feeling particularly naughty, you could even try one of the live webcam sessions and watch people having sex while you do things to each other.


9. Jump in the shower with him, or lure him in to shower with you.

Nothing gets you hotter than being unexpectedly turned on. So, if your man is taking a shower or coming home from work, why not go in there and change it up for him?


You can start turning yourself on while your man is in the shower. You have the ability to touch yourself and think dirty thoughts. When you're ready, open the bathroom door and jump in the shower with him. If he's facing the shower, you can start by kissing him slowly on his back, or you can get down on your knees and give him a blowjob. While rubbing shower gel all over his body, give him a passionate kiss.


You could, on the other hand, entice him into the shower while you're in it. While in the shower, bring the showerhead to your vagina and begin to enjoy the water (you'll love it, believe me.) Then, call your man into the bathroom and explain that you require his assistance with something. He'll be taken aback when he sees you – in a good way. He'll adore it. You'll see him move so quickly that he'll just jump right in there and please you.


Shower sex is popular. It's unexpected, steamy, and wet. You'll both enjoy it.


10. Do a striptease for him.

You will need to exude confidence and sexuality at this point. You don't have to take yourself too seriously, but you do have to turn him on without turning it into a laugh fest.


If he's sleeping, go to the bathroom or out of the room and change into some sexy nightwear. A baby doll nighty is an excellent example of what to wear. However, it must be a striptease, so you must be dressed sufficiently to strip them off for him. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure you have some sexy underwear underneath, as this will be the last thing you remove.


When you're ready, you could put on some music to set the tone. Enter the room and, starting at the foot of the bed, begin to move your body in a rhythmic manner. Assume that this man is paying you for your services - truly believe that you are a stripper. Then begin to undress one piece at a time. Maintain a sexy and enticing appearance at all times. Take it slowly because you want to build him up.


You could crawl up the bed and straddle him once you're in your underwear. Assume you're now performing a lap dance for him. You want to grind on him and show him all of your assets. You can then remove your bra while still in this position. You have the option of putting your breasts in his face. However, you must inform him that he is not permitted to touch.


Finally, you can remove your thong. Then you're naked, grinding on your man, waiting for him to take you. You can now say something to him like, "You can have me now." He will be so enthralled by this performance that his performance may suffer as a result.


Important words

I want to emphasise that all of the things I've mentioned in this article should only be done with the full consent of both parties involved. You and your partner should both be at ease, and if one of you isn't, at any point, stop.



I hope that with the tips you've learned today, you'll be able to pounce on your man the next time you see him and show him that you're a real pro at turning him on.


Have fun experimenting with your man in various ways, and be prepared to have a very sexually charged and excited man on your hands.


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