Red Velvet’s Joy and singer Crush dating?

 Red Velvet’s Joy and singer Crush dating?

Red Velvet’s Joy and singer Crush dating?

Korean Pop music often abbreviated as K – pop is a million dollar music industry and has made a place for itself in the Global music industry as well. South Korean Pop music, a part of the South Korean Culture, which is influenced by styles and genres from around the world, which also includes pop, experimental, jazz, hip – hop, R&B, folk, country, classical and also it’s traditional Korean music roots. The term K – Pop for South Korean Pop music became popular only in the 2000s, earlier South Korean Pop music was called as Gayo. 

With the advent of the social media, and during the 2000s there was surge of the Korean wave known as Hallyu and Korean music, dramas and culture was spread far and wide. And steadily Korean Pop music industry became one of the biggest music industry in the world with groups like BTS known as ‘Princes of the Pop’ and BLACKPINK ‘Best Girl group ever’. In 2019 K – pop saw a significant growth with 17.9% increase in revenue which went up to a whopping 44.8% growth in 2020, thus showing enormity of the industry. And BTS is considered to be the biggest and most powerful boy band in the planet followed by BLACKPINK which is considered to be the most powerful girl group in the world. And BTS alone brings in more than 8, 00,000 tourists in South Korea due to their enormous fan following and charisma. 

 But the life a K – pop artist is not that simple, they have to face a lot of challenges in order to thrive in this million dollar industry and make a name for themselves. 

And today we are going to clarify the rumours if K – pop girl group Red Velvet’s Joy is dating singer Crush or not but before that let’s have a look at what these K – pop idols have to go through,

  • Strenuous work schedule, with strict diets and almost no freedom to live as you wish.
  • Being locked up in practice studios, school and dorms with almost equal to no social life during trainee days. The only friends they have are their band members.
  • The stress of debut, even after being a trainee for months and years doesn’t guarantee their debut into the music industry.
  • After debut, the stress of being successful and after becoming hit comes the stress of being able to continue the same level of work each time and fulfil the expectations of the fans successfully.
  • Being a famous K-pop star (because Asian ethnicity and not westerner) you have to face a lot of hate and will get trolled for not singing in English, for looking different than those westerners.
  • A K-pop idol has to constantly prove why his/her/their music is the best even when sung in Korean, a language not understood by majority of the population in the world. 
  • With fame comes malicious comments, name callings and various rumoured scandals from the haters to defame the K-pop idol’s image and reputation. 
  • And being k – pop idols they can’t even date as fans prefer their favourite idols being single, and there have been incidents when their favourite K – pop stars have started dating or have got married, they were asked to leave the bands or the industry by the fans, as they thought more than producing songs they are interested in dating. 

So as we read the above mentioned points, we get to know that how difficult is to live the life of a K – Pop celebrity as they have to maintain and go through a lot of things in order to secure their places in the industry. And today we are going talk about the dating life of girl band red Velvet’s Joy and Korean singer Crush.

Rumours started going around after the two singers collaborated for the song called as ‘MayDay’, last May. It was reported that the two singers even after their collaboration for the song was done stayed in touch and frequently met each other and thus eventually started dating. Apart from collaborating for a song, these K – pop singers shared a common interest dogs, which helped them strengthen their bond. Even before their agencies could confirm that these two celebrities that is Red Velvet’s Joy and singer Crush are dating or seeing each other, their fans had already started sharing their excitement on social media about these two lovebirds and how they are together. When it comes to supportive fans they can be very quick to catch these type of actions or movements but the good outcome of it is that they support their idols wholeheartedly. 

It was only recently that Red Velvet’s Joy’s agency and singer Crush’s agency that is P’ Nation and SM Entertainment confirmed that these two idols are seeing each other and they have developed their Sunbae (senior) and Hoobae (junior)relationship to a lovely and romantic one. (as reported by And this just took the internet by storm and their fans started sharing happy moments of the couple and also said that they had already given many hints of them being together. 

Now that we know the real deal about these K – pop idols dating each other, let’s also have a quick look at who Red Velvet is, and who Joy and Crush are. 

Red Velvet – Red Velvet a South Korean girl group under SM Entertainment which was originally a four member group with Irene, Seulgi, Wendy and Joy but later on it became a five member group when their fifth member Yeri joined the group a year later. The group Red Velvet is known for the unique image that they represent, the RED represents their brighter, vivid side, whereas the VELVET represents their more elegant and softer sides. They can also be seen in a cameo in the famous 2016 K drama Descendants of the Sun. 

Red Velvet’s Joy – Born as Park Soo – Young is Red Velvet’s Joy. Joy is a talented actor, singer, host and most importantly the band member of one of the most famous girl groups Red Velvet. She was seen playing a role in many K dramas such as ‘Tempted, His Lover, The Liar’ and so on. 

Followed by Red Velvet and Joy let’s have a quick look at singer Crush. 

Crush – Crush born as Shin Hyo – Seob is a South Korean singer, song writer and producer. Crush known for being a R&B and hip –hop singer, can be seen using Jazz musical instruments, implementing in his style of music thus creating modern tunes. 

And thus this news of Red Velvet’s Joy and singer Crush dating seems to be a very happy occasion for the fans of these K – pop idols. Although as already mentioned that often fans don’t like it when their favourite K – pop stars or idols date but it seems that it is not the case for Joy and Crush, as even before their agencies could confirm their relationship, fans had already started shipping them and then were overjoyed as they had started noticing all the hints given by the idols. Thus, as K – pop fans and enthusiasts we just hope that these two stars should end up together forever and should not have to break up for silly reasons or any reasons at all. 

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