What are other dating apps beyond Tinder ?

Finding Dating apps Beyond Tinder

Online dating has been a trend in the young generation gone are the days where we used to send love letter through a bird , giving a rose to your date with so much of hesitation. Yes the old ways of dating were beautiful like a classic novel but with the change of time everything has evolved isn’t it. Now people find a date with a swipe only.

When we talk about dating apps “Tinder” has been the king of the amazon dating world”. According to the latest statistic, the tinder app is considered as the top of the list in the US for Q2 2019 with more than $112 million in user spending. However, Tinder is no longer the only dating app gaining interest among people. But if there is an innovation of one kind then there are many doppelgangers born to compete with each other in the market. So there are many dating apps emerged over the period of time that performed exceptionally well in the market.

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Ina recent study taken the major companies dominating the online dating market are Match Group Inc., Spark Networks SE, ProSiebenSat.1 Group (eHarmony) and Bumble. The average number of subscribers grew 11% to 10.1 million, up from 9.1 million in 2019, according to Match Group’s Q2 2020 results. During the entire pandemic according to April 2020 survey data of online dating app users in the United States, 31% of respondents were using online dating apps or services somewhat more than prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of the top dating apps beyond tinder are as follow:

  • OkCupid: This US based app is considered as the best choice besides tinder as a dating app. It comes with a feature of quiz and questioning which filter out the best matched for you according to your liking. It also help the user to gain the information about the person beyond the photographs. Simple interface gives you credibility to use. OkCupid is considered to be the most affordable online dating sites, because their free subscription is one of the best thing among all the dating sites. For free you can search and view complete profiles.

If someone is looking for more attention OkCupid comes with premium subscription. The premium offer starts from 4.96 $ to 9.95 $ per month. OkCupid lets you super recharge your profile temporarily one of the unique feature about OkCupid is that any member paying or not can get more attention on the profile temporarily. Simple interface with swipe feature makes it more interesting.

  • Bumble: Bumble is known as the most interesting dating app. This US based dating app comes with a unique feature which empower women. It breaks the norms by allowing women to make a move first during the dating. It is considered to be the best dating app to make connections and also to find best friendly connections. Bumble has the same ability that works a lot like tinder like if both people swipe right it’s a match.

The biggest flex in Bumble is that in heterosexual couple women first have to send the message. While other apps are also working on heterosexual and non-heterosexual couples and Bumble supports them all while creating the profile you get to specify both your gender – man , woman, non-binary and including all the genders. Bumble helps you to choose between dating, BFF (for finding platonic friends) and Bizz (for finding the connection)

  • Hinge: This is totally different dating app with lot of fun. The main aim of the Hinge app was to match singles with their friend’s friend. This is a USA – based online dating apps like tinder which allows its users to like exactly what they like about in other person through their “individual page like “of the profile. Hinge app come with this unique idea unlike other dating apps where we have to swipe on the profile and to judge them on the basis of their looks is quite disrespectful. To break this monotony hinge ditched the classic swiping feature. Hinge app focus on the traits of the personality of the person rather than just the photo.

In the New York Time of wedding section Hinge app was applauded for their unique inclusive idea, whereas Tinder and Bumble are working on the same. Hinge comes with this feature anti-ghosting features which allows you to eliminate ghost profile. This app also include this feature “Your Turn” it reminds the user to responds the message which have been left unanswered.

  • Happn : Happn app comes with a unique feature to match your date based upon location. This dating app has integrated feature which connects to other social media with a users’s location to show the potential matches in your vicinity.It shows people in your locality as soon as people sign up in your zone you will be seeing their profiles. This is a location based dating app where you can befriend with the people in your locality.

With over 95 million people are on happn , it set up a profile fast and users are attractive and charm is worthy of the money. This app make interesting and exciting conversation if you both have passed each other during the day. It allows you to like a profile secretly, so people won’t know who liked their profile. Happn app is considered to be the best dating app due to its unique features. This app is based on real-life encounter and preference. It also let you receive the message from the people you are interested. This apps also have a feature to boost invisibility mode.

  • Coffee meets Bagel : Women get suggestions from guys who have shown an interest in them. This app allows guys to get quality matches in the form of “ bagels “ every day.They have the option “ like it “ or “ swipe it “.It has detailed activity report.It allows you to meet people who has interest in you. Coffee meets Bagel is billed as the first dating app designed for especially for women. It is the unique feature is also called as #Womenchoice. 

This app send women daily list of users matches, who have expressed their interest in the past. Then they are allowed to choose to with whom they want to initiate the conversation. This app also resemble same features as bumble app as one of the female-friendly app. There are mainly 60 million people of Coffee meets Bagel using it as one of the best women friendly app. Study estimated that women find this app more comfortable to use rather than the other dating apps.

Dating apps with different features allows you to find a suitor based upon your liking. We live in the era of social networking it is always worth to find a partner online as we are evolving with the time. Not only exciting but also refreshing concept of dating this different apps serves us. No one would have thought that love can also be found online.

As there are many dating apps where we can find a suitor but one thing to keep in mind is when we look for someone we must see through their eyes132, because eyes tell everything and do not focus on the photograph try to go beyond the picture and look into the person and his trait. Because heart has many words to say rather than the face to show only attractive looks.


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