Is He The One? 17 Signs You’re Dating The Right Guy

 Is He The One? 17 Signs You’re Dating The Right Guy

Is He The One? 17 Signs You’re Dating The Right


You're dating this guy, and everything seems to be going well between you two. It's all fireworks, and every time you see him, your heart skips a beat. He says the right things and calls you frequently to see how you're doing. Not to mention the occasional special treat thrown your way.


It feels right, and you're almost certain you've found it. But maybe you've been hurt before and are afraid to fall in love with him again. Don't be concerned; you are correct in wanting to protect your heart.


Fortunately, there are several tried-and-true methods for determining whether he's the one for you.


One thing to remember is that if you get too caught up in determining whether or not he's the one, you may miss out on the good in him. Don't be harmful in your attempt to get to the bottom of his feelings for you.


Here are 17 signs that you're dating the right guy. Examine them out.


1. Accepts your flaws and all

You have them, and the fact that you are aware of them should make you grateful for your partner. He is aware of them as well, but has chosen to remain with you despite this. He has to bend backwards at times to avoid them, but he does so without complaint.


You are fortunate to have found a man who does not pass judgement on you and accepts you for who you are. Many girls suffer from a lack of understanding from the men they love. Because you've found one who accepts you for who you are, it could be a sign that he's the real deal.


2. He is willing to talk things over with you

Conversation is not something that comes naturally to everyone, and many people suffer from a lack of it in their relationships. It is critical for both of you to communicate; otherwise, how will you get to know each other?



Your guy makes time for you whenever you need to talk things out with him. It's possible that all you want to share is your dissatisfaction at work or something more personal that is causing you stress.


The fact that he makes time for you shows that he is concerned about your feelings. Listening is caring, so it's no surprise that he takes the time to sit by your side and hear you out. A man who is willing to listen to you is someone you should take seriously.


3. He's proud of you and your achievements

You've been named the best worker of the month, and your guy is overjoyed to join you in your celebration. In fact, he comes home that evening and offers to take you out to dinner to celebrate the accomplishment. And remembers to bring flowers when he comes to pick you up for the date.


He wouldn't go to such lengths to celebrate your strengths unless he genuinely cares about you. One reason to be optimistic is that, at the end of the day, he has no stake in your success but still intends to celebrate it.


What other proof do you need that he's the one? He takes your accomplishments personally. If you're bragging about yourself to other people, it means you're more than just a passing fling.


4. He gives you freedom without any restrictions

Many relationships fail due to a lack of freedom between the two. There have been numerous reports of love gone wrong as a result of one of them imposing too much on the other. Almost to the point where normal activities must be curtailed.


A certain amount of freedom is required in order to pursue personal goals without going overboard with the needs. It is necessary for a healthy relationship to exist.


If your guy understands this without expecting accountability for every breath you take, you've found a keeper. One who understands the fundamental human need for partners to be free to be themselves.


Celebrate the honour of having someone as open-minded as your guy. Unlike many other girls who are seeing guys who appear insecure, Lady Luck smiled on you and gave you the one who understands the meaning of liberty.


5. Trust is important to him

Trust could be the deciding factor in whether or not your relationship succeeds or fails. You can tell the guy a lot if you trust him. Consider it an opportunity to get really close to a guy because you know you can rely on him.


Keep in mind that he expects the same from you. If you've found a man you can trust, be prepared to be worthy of his trust as well.


Did you know that being able to trust your guy is a great litmus test for determining whether he is the one? Because you hope to be together for a long time, it's important to know if he's worthy of your trust. Or admires it in others.


6. He brings out the best in you

When you're with your guy, you're at ease. The reason for this is that he encourages you and brings out the best in you. You feel like you can conquer the world when you're in his presence. That's right; you have a man who cares about you enough to assist you in achieving your goals.


He most likely wants things to work out for you because he intends to be a part of your future. He's determined to stick with you; otherwise, why would he care about what's ahead of you?


If he helps you develop yourself in any way or shows an interest in what you're interested in, he's not a guy you should let go of. You've got the right one right there, and you'd better make sure he doesn't get away.


7. You feel alive in his presence

Checking how you feel around him is a sure way to tell if he's the one. If you feel alive and liberated when he's with you, that's a sign he's the one. He makes you feel as if you have the world's president on your side, as if you can do anything.


On the other hand, a man who drains you will make your life drab. Thank God your guy makes you come alive; he's definitely someone you want to stay with because he's perfect for you.


8. You make plans for the future

Your guy has assured you that he will be present. As a result, you can make plans for the days ahead with him. There is no risk of a change of mind, and you can proceed with the bookings.


A relationship with the possibility of a future is the result of two people making a commitment to each other. Being able to plan aids in the development of confidence in what you have with your one.


Can you imagine making plans only to have to abandon them in the middle? Thank goodness he isn't that type of guy.


9. You’ve met his family, and he’s proud to show you off

You've met the majority of his family, and his mother appears to like you. The fact that he has taken you to his parents can only mean that he sees a future with you.


To make matters even better, he likes your family and has an impact on them as well. Clearly, you've both received approval from the other person's family, implying that you're going to be together for a long time.


The way he treats members of your family reveals a lot about what's on his mind. You can bet you've found your one if he's out trying to endear himself to them. If that weren't the case, he'd probably be uninterested in meeting them.


10. Hardworking and is not afraid to break a sweat

Grandma was correct; after all, a hardworking man thinks about the future. He's not some slacker who only wishes to succeed in life but does nothing to make it happen. Your man has passed the test because he is focused and hardworking.


When a person has goals for the future, he achieves them through hard work and dedication to the cause. If he does an excellent job at work and doesn't seem to miss being with you, he's the one.


If he puts in extra hours to make sure the job gets done and isn't afraid of extra time on the job, consider him the type of guy who has forever written on his forehead. That one's a keeper.


11. You miss him when you are apart

The heart does not lie, especially when it comes to how you feel. It reveals the emotions that are going on inside and is a good place to look when trying to figure out what is going to happen next.


You were just with him a few hours ago, and you already feel a tug on your heart because you miss him. That's not just excitement; it's a longing in your heart to be with him.


Or maybe he's gone for a while and you're lying awake in bed way past bedtime counting the hours until you're together again. If you miss him, he's left his imprint on your heart and could be the one for you.


12. You love his scent

Did you know you can tell if your guy is the one by the scent he gives off? That's right, because his scent can either excite and delight you or dull you.


Do not disregard this important sense, but rather be on the lookout for the sensation his scent evokes in you. You, like your pet at home, have an important way to tell if someone is right or wrong based solely on his scent.


13. Empathy is part of who he is

You're bedridden with severe cramps and unable to do much that day. You've already called in sick to work and plan to stay in bed for a day or two due to the pain. He is the one if he comes around to check on you and even makes you some hot soup to make you feel better.


The thing is, he cares about you and will do everything he can to make you feel better. It may be a minor detail, but he is willing to give it a shot. That expresses a lot of his emotions, and because he shows understanding, you can safely say he is correct.



Being able to feel for another person indicates that the person has the ability to care. You want a guy who cares about you, and if he shows it, especially when you're down, you don't have to waste your time figuring him out.


14. What does cuddling with him feel like?

What do you feel when you cuddle with your guy? Is there a strong connection between you two that demonstrates how close you are? A simple cuddle can reveal a lot about your future together.


If it gives you a warm feeling inside and makes you want to spend more time with him, you're probably on the right track. The body does not lie and will provide clues as to how serious things are with him.


If you haven't found out yet, pay attention to your feelings when he cuddles you the next time you're together. In the warmth of his embrace, there's a lot for you to learn. Why don't you close your eyes and pay attention to the vibe you're getting from him?


15. You agree on quite some things

Even though you have opposing viewpoints on some issues, you agree on many others. During his free time on weekends, he enjoys watching football for hours. While you'd prefer to de-stress by going shopping.


The fact that you can come to an agreement and agree on a course of action indicates that he is a good fit for you. He is willing to bargain and does not push his own agenda, instead meeting you halfway.


Being able to agree on some things is not something to take for granted, as there are couples who can't seem to agree on anything. Celebrate the fact that you can reason with your guy and come to an agreement.


16. He’s emotionally available

It's a bad idea to date someone who isn't emotionally available to you. It's like trying to open a stubborn door that has been closed against you. Nothing is more aggravating than wasting time trying to get through to such a person.


If, on the other hand, your guy is an open book and you don't have to keep guessing who he is, you're in luck. He lets you in on his emotions while also listening to yours.


If you've found a guy who is willing to expose himself to you, you can begin making plans for the future together. You can confidently claim to know him because he isn't some enigma that you have to solve all the time. It can be exhausting and take its toll on you.


17. You are best friends

You share so much together and have a solid foundation to last a long time. If you were friends before falling in love with him, that's a good foundation for your relationship.


Do you spend a lot of time with him and enjoy your time with him? You share a common goal: to make each other happy. You both put the right energy into it. As a result, you're perfect for each other.


After you fall in love with a guy who is also your friend, it is not such a big deal for you to spend quality time with him.


Final Thoughts

For many couples in the past, the question of whether he's the one has lasted centuries. Even though there is no direct way for you to find out, the way he treats you can give you a good idea.


Is he, in accordance with what has been stated above, the one for you? Based on how well he fits the bill, you have the answer. He may not possess all of the qualities listed above, but because he possesses the majority of them, you can be confident that you have found the right man for you.


A guy may not say it out loud, but the way he treats you says a lot about how he feels. So, if he's doing everything right and demonstrates that he has a future, he's unquestionably the one for you.

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