How to meet someone without online dating?

When we think about dating someone, the only thing that comes into our mind is, online dating. Apps like tinder have made it very easy for people. But if you are the one who wants to meet someone without online dating, there are many other ways to do it. As per a research, less than 20% singles are on dating sites and apps which is low considering the current scenario.  

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Though online dating is the popular way to meet people, but it is not the only way to do so. Let’s take a look at a few ways to meet someone without online dating:

1.60% people meet through friends: Meeting new people through friends is one of the oldest methods. For example is your friend has a cute co-worker, best friend or a sibling, you can ask them to help you. “Jeannie Assimos, eharmony’s chief of advice, tells Bustle, "Not only can you get the 411 on who this person is and what they’re like, you already have your friend’s stamp of approval.” To meet singles, this is the best, tried and tested way. 

2. 37% people meet at public areas or bars: This is again one very common way to meet people. Meeting at public places and bars is very likely to happen in our day to day lives. A lot of people come to socialize in bars and their intention is to meet new people. According to Assimos, "Think of bars as the sea where those 'plenty of fish' we’re always referencing are." 

3. 27% people meet at workplace: Meeting at the workplace is the third most common way. When we go to work, we meet certain people every day. National certified counselor, Dr. Sophia Reed PhD., tells Bustle, "But since you are there most of the day don’t be afraid to get to know someone you find attractive in a professional way first." Since the relationships start with building friendship and then eventually start dating, it is quite happy work hours. Such relationships last longer than what you think. Workplace is making more personal connections and also a great opportunity for socializing. 

4. 27% people meet at event: Many people go to various events like sports, trade shows, music events, etc. A dating and love life coach, Evin Rose Lipman, said, "Instead of going to generic bars, actually create a list of places your dream partner would spend time." Ask yourself, what kind of a person you are and then you can go to an event of your liking. You will meet someone of your choice. Later on, you will have a lot of time to talk to the person about your likings and disliking on your date. 

5. 25% people meet through Family: That is very common. Many people meet new people with the help of family members. According to Lipman, "I encourage clients to come up with a list of everyone they know whose judgement they trust, like family or friends in healthy relationships." She further adds, "They're likely to have quality friends, networks in their industries, or other social circles you may not be tapped into yet." You should always have a great rapport with your family. Apart from that your family knows what is best for you. Do not feel hesitant to ask your family for help. They will help you in getting a good match for you. 

28% none of the above: As per a survey conducted, it is said that 28% of the people find a perfect match for themselves through other ways. The truth is that single people can be found everywhere. For example they can be around you walking their dog down the street, in the gym, the coffee shop and also, the grocery store. Lipman says, "For those of us who are 'too busy' to make time to actively go out to meet people, we need only to open our eyes to the possibility of connecting with people wherever we already spend time." She further says, "How many of us look away when we see someone we think is cute? Get in physical proximity to anyone you're interested in, and initiate a 'hello.'" So the suggestion is to try and be open, ready to connect, approachable. In short, keep your mindset broad and open. Try and maintain eye contact intentionally (if you like someone around you) and keep your face up. Once this comes in your practice, you will not feel awkward or scary. 

7. 3% through dating events and services: Just 3% of men and women use dating agencies to find love, two per cent attend velocity dating events, and another two per cent enlist help from the dating coach. Very few people go these routes, but Karenna Alexander, matchmaker and dating coach, informs Bustle, they should. "Singles-oriented events like mixers and velocity dating are some real life ways to meet someone," she states. "Everyone is solitary and looking. While you might get a "few bad apples" who aren't single, it can still worth attempting out. If occasions aren't your style, you can test contacting matchmakers in your town and ask to be placed in their free data source. "You find out when they'll have a client who will want someone who matches your requirements," she states.

More ways people meet to date:

1.Support your enthusiasm and find someone to be enthusiastic about

Do you feel interested in serving the homeless? Assisting out at pet shelters? Raising money for breast malignancy research? You could meet someone you are passionate about while helping out a few of your chosen organizations and supporting important causes. Try spearheading the sign-in middle for volunteer occasions.

By helping to sign everyone in, you can capture the individual who already caught your eye. Plus, it presents a fantastic possibility to ask them why they decided to help and how they grew their passion for the organization or charity. At the conclusion of the day, you can leave feeling good about the work you’ve done and the love connection you made.

2.Listen to your heart

In a conversation with my hairdresser, Ashley Love (no I am not making that up), I found out that she met her partner during a karaoke competition 12 years ago. He judged for the competition, and she ended up winning second place. The two have been together ever since. Moral of the story: maybe The Bachelor touched on something when they released the “Listen to Your Heart” season, and maybe we should all sing a little more often. Try visiting a karaoke bar in your university town to possibly find your soulmate.

3.Prayer meetings 

If you are looking for someone who shares your faith, try searching at your churches or temples for your perfect partner. Religious groups often host numerous events like Bible studies, theology conversations, meet-and-greets and other community events. Meeting someone within your religious community could benefit your love life if you would like your faith to build the foundation of the relationship. To discover a match made in heaven (literally), see if your university offers any student organizations associated with your beliefs.

4.On the beach

With the sun touching your skin and the wind blowing your hair, now’s the time to strike a conversation with the hot group that put their towels down next to yours. You could offer them some sunscreen, a game of football or a walk along the ocean. Not only will you glow from the sun, but the flirtation that will ensue will keep your cheeks blazing.

Finding your soul mate without online dating is very simple and easy. Now, with the options mentioned above you can definitely find the love of your life. 


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