How To Have A Successful Amicable ( Friendly ) Breakup (9+ Sensible Ways)

How To Have A Successful Amicable ( Friendly ) Breakup (9+ Sensible Ways)

How To Have A Successful Amicable ( Friendly ) Breakup (9+ Sensible Ways)


Let's say you've been in a good relationship. But the spark is no longer there. It's simply not working. It's not that you don't love them, and you know the other person still loves you; it's just that you're stuck in a rut. But you don't want to offend your soon-to-be 'ex'. How do you say goodbye to someone who loves you and has faithfully loved you for so long?


How To Breakup With Someone That Loves You?

It is difficult to end a relationship. Not only are you saying goodbye to something familiar and secure, but you're probably wondering what to do next. And how do you end a relationship without completely losing this person? How do you maintain friendships so that you can continue to enjoy their presence in your life?


You adore them, and they've been such an important part of your life for so long that you most likely share important things and live together. Perhaps you and your partner have children. It's a difficult thing to do, but it is possible to have a breakup of this magnitude and still be friends by the end of things.


1. End it as soon as possible

If you're going to end it, most people make the mistake of "waiting for the right moment." Make a decision and finish it as soon as possible. No one likes being dragged along for the ride, thinking everything is fine, not realising you intend to break things off.


2. Be 100% honest about why this is happening

Allow your partner to ask questions and refrain from defending yourself or your actions. Just be truthful. The last thing anyone wants is to end a long-term relationship without a satisfactory resolution. It doesn't matter if you're not in love with them or if you're falling for someone else. You must be completely open and honest about everything.


3. Make sure you’re in a private space

Your partner will need the freedom to express their feelings and question you about why you're ending the relationship. Everyone deserves closure, and no one deserves to go through a breakup in public.


4. Don’t make your partner be the one to have to leave right after the breakup

It is not safe to drive while hysterically crying. Or while enraged. Make certain that you are the one who can get up and leave so that your ex-partner has time to process and mourn properly. Don't linger around watching them cry if you've spent a lot of time with them.


If you're going to leave, let them mourn and get it over with, but give them some space. Get in your car and drive away. If you are concerned about them, contact one of their friends or family members and inform them of the situation, as well as request that they check on your partner.


5. Be gentle, but rip off the band-aid too

People frequently make the mistake of leaving things open-ended with a'maybe we can work on it?' Don't leave things open-ended in order to make yourself feel better. For the time being, it is coming to an end. You don't want anyone thinking things might work when you already know they won't. This is someone you've cared about for a long time, and they deserve to be told the truth.


After A Breakup... What To Do?

There are a few important rules to follow if you are ending a long-term relationship and want to keep things civil between you two. Breakups are difficult, and if strict boundaries are not followed, things will turn sour.


1. Do not have break-up sex, or continue to sleep with them

Sex is the single most perplexing factor in breakups. You do not want to have sex with your ex-partner after the relationship has ended. This will only make matters worse for both of you. This may give your partner the 'one last hope' feeling that you and he or she can work it out after all.


2. Spend some time apart

You can't expect this person, who, let's be honest, you just crushed into a million tiny pieces, to become your friend in a matter of days. It may take a few weeks or even a month for that person to feel comfortable around you. And the same goes for you - you are the one who is ending the relationship, but breakups are painful for both parties.


It would not be a healthy friendship if you attempted to be "friends" before both of you were ready. If you have children with your partner, you will still need to co-parent and be on the same team for the kids. However, healing requires space and time.


3. Follow strict personal boundaries when you two start talking again

When you two finally start seeing each other again, try to avoid old habits (if you do start being around each other for any reason). No familiar touching, no reminiscing about how it was, and keep all of your old feelings at bay. You must maintain healthy physical and emotional boundaries with your ex, especially since they may still love you.


4. Give an appropriate amount of time before starting to start dating again

Give yourself a healthy amount of time before dating again as a sign of respect for the person you spent years with. The 'general' rule is three months. Each situation, however, is unique. You have to consider how long you've been together and what kind of life you've built together. Take some time to heal for yourself and your partner so that you can process, accept, and heal.


5. Stay off social media with your problems

No matter what kind of words you and your ex exchange, do not post them on social media. The key to keeping your ex friend is to avoid being vengeful or spiteful. So, whatever the problem is, don't take it up with Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Don't even bring it up with your family or friends.


They are probably in pain, so they will be angry - there will almost certainly be heated words and possibly some yelling. Expect it and accept that it is normal. Because anger is easier to process, pain is easily displaced as anger.



1. What is an amicable breakup?

An amicable breakup is the end of a relationship between two people who remain friends because their love for one another outweighs the pain or anger of the breakup. They respect and love each other, but their relationship did not work out.


2. How do you get over an amicable breakup?

An amicable breakup can be a great thing after a healthy amount of time for healing, as well as healthy communication and closure. Especially if you and your partner share assets or children and are establishing a life together. It takes time, healing, and resolution.


3. How long does it take to get over a mutual breakup?

It really depends on how long you and your partner were together, the type of relationship you and your partner had, and the type of breakup you had with each other. Typically, it takes about three months for people to truly recover from a breakup.


4. Do both parties hurt after a breakup?

It's common to believe that the person who dumped you isn't upset about the breakup. During the process, however, both parties cry. Even if they were the ones who initiated the breakup, that doesn't mean they don't care about you. Following a breakup, both parties experience emotional pain.


5. Do guys hurt after a breakup?

Men grieve in different ways than women, but they all feel pain after a breakup. They may not cry tears, but they certainly feel the same emotional pain that women do when they experience true love.


Are You Still Friends With Any Of Your Exes? Conclusion

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