What is Monkey Branching?

Welcome to the introduction of terminology called Monkey Branch

Welcome to the introduction of terminology called Monkey Branch_ichhori.com

A Monkey Branch relationship happens when someone in a committed monogamous relationship begins dating another while  in the current relationship. Someone who is a Monkey Branch sends text messages, calls, flirt, or dates to people who are not their partners. The monkey branch partner has one leg on the inside and outside of the door. This person keeps their choices open and does not fully commit  to the relationship. 

Why do people branch off?

Monkey branching tend to do so because they feel that something is missing in their current relationship or that they may find someone better than their current partner.  Someone may diverge because they  feel that their needs are not met in the relationship and  someone else wants to do so. 

Monkey branching can also occur when people are tired of their current partners or want to make them jealous by showing off other potential partners. This can be due to either anger, revenge, or hurt feelings. 

Monkey branch relationship due to internal factors such as low self-esteem and low moral standards. Excessive reliance on others for emotional support and well-being can also lead one to seek relationships other than current ones. If you are reluctant to solve past problems, you may also look for a backup or safety net when the relationship ends. 

Monkey branching does not occur randomly. If you are vigilant, you can catch your partner in the early stages of the monkey's branching behavior

But what are the stages of a monkey branch relationship? 
Read below for more information. 

Level of monkey branching 

Stage 1: Initial attractions 
The first stage of monkey branching is when your partner becomes attracted to others. 
In this phase, partners will exchange numbers for new crushes and become flirting.
Stage 2: Consistent conversations and SMS 
Once the numbers are exchanged, your partner will want to stay interested in their unrequited love. 
Partners are always on the phone during this phase. They may not be dating, but they always chat and call. 
And it's not with her friends. 

Stage 3: Secret 
At this stage,  the  monkey brancher begin to keep secrets. 
They  start keeping their whereabouts secret and may be more private on their phone. 

Stage 4: Oral discussion 
At this point you will notice something is wrong. 
Your partner may become more critical and regularly discuss with  you to end your relationship. 

Stage 5: Disappointment 
If you haven't ended this monkey branch relationship yet, your  partner will start to actively disappoint you. 
If you schedule a reservation, it will be canceled immediately before. Suddenly they get too busy for you. 
If you notice this, don't wait until stage 6. 

Stage 6: Go outside 
The final stage of the monkey branch relationship is when your partner leaves the relationship forever. 
During this phase, you will ask why  the sign did not appear. 

Let's not allow it. There are 12 signs to watch out for early catching of monkey branching. 

Monkey Junction 

12 signs of Monkey Junction are:

# 1. Change in appearance 
One of the first signs that your partner may be monkey branching is a sudden change in their  appearance. A partner rarely wears smart clothes, but if he suddenly starts wearing smart clothes when he leaves home, he may be trying to impress someone else. 

And it's more than just dressing! Sudden changes in  appearance can also increase visits to gyms, haircuts, or  dye stores. 

# 2. Can't take time into account 
If your partner can't tell you what they did, who and where they were, they are likely to get out of your relationship. When a partner is  monkey branching, he often lies about where he was and what he did. 

They may also not be able to explain their time, it's a sure sign that something is wrong. If your partner claims to be at work or college, but the phone is hung up, the monkey may be branched. 

If you're wondering where your partner is, it's also possible that you're pointing to a monkey branch. After all, who doesn't send "I'm on the way" SMS or make a phone call when you're caught in a traffic jam? 

# 3. You spend an extraordinary time on your phone 
If you notice that your partner is spending an extraordinary amount of time on their phone, it could be a sign that they are monkey branches. It's normal for people to look at their cellphones all day long, but if they're always staring at your cellphone when they're standing in front of you or  hanging out with friends, there's another reason. maybe. 

Also, if you notice that they keep answering calls from  unknown numbers, it may indicate a monkey branch. Apart from spending a lot of time on the phone, your partner may be more private on their phone. 

If you are sharing a password, you may notice that the password has been changed. And when they face them, they take a defensive stance. 
Deleting  call history and messages may also indicate that your partner is a monkey branch. 

# 4. Change of affection 
If your partner is Monkey Branching, you may notice a sudden change in affection. 
In a monkey branch relationship, the branching off partner will not show much physical intimacy and attention to your needs. This may mean that they have less sex  or pay more attention to the outside world than you do. 
You may also find that your partner is a little farther away and less considerate of you.

And here's the fun part! 
A change in affection does not necessarily mean a decrease in affection. Someone who is a Monkey Branch may suddenly start paying you more attention than expected  to get rid of their scent. 

# 5. Using dating apps 
This is the most obvious sign that the partner is a branch of the monkey. 
If you notice a dating app on your phone, or come across an email from a dating site, it's likely that your partner is trying to create a safety net for you.
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