Which things you must not do on tinder?

Which things you must not do on tinder? 

 5 things you can not do on tinder 

Which things you must not do on tinder? ichhori.com

Can you find someone on Tinder by name?
 Some things in life would be really helpful. Bernard’s Watch, for instance (who does not want a magical stopwatch that can stop time?). 
 Matters of the heart are no exception. There are several Tinder features that we wish existed and that would, relatively frankly, make our love lives a lot easier to navigate. But alas, we can not have everything. 
 Before we give you the bad news about what you can not do on Tinder, then is a reminder of what you can do. 
There is a fancy new Explore point that lets you peruse profiles of people based on specific mutual interests. You can block your ex (or your boss, your family members, or anyone else you would rather not bump into while swiping). You can videotape call your dates. You might not be able to get a blue tick on Twitter, but you can verify your Tinder profile. 
 Alright, now you have got all that to enjoy, here are five things you can not do on Tinder. 

  • Find someone on Tinder by name 
 No, you can not. From a privacy perspective, it certainly makes sense why it is not possible to search for people by name. 
  • Tell if someone deleted their Tinder 
 There is nothing definitive that will tell you whether someone’s deleted their profile. But if a person has vanished from your conversations or matches, also it is safe to assume they have moreover deleted their Tinder or they have unmatched. 
 Either way, your energy is best spent on swiping for someone new. 
  • Create a Tinder account without a phone number 
Alas, this is not possible. Tinder’s policy means everyone must use their phone number to create an account. 
  • See if someone is active on Tinder 
 This is a confusing one because Tinder users who do not have Tinder Gold will have likely spotted a teaser point at the top of their exchanges which shows lately online swipers alongside the words likes you. Sadly though, you can not see if someone is active on Tinder. But Gold users do get access to the knowledge of who is formerly swiped right on them. 
  • Know the last time someone was active on Tinder 
 Sadly you are not suitable to see this information on tinder. However, you will know if a specific match has read your message If you have got read receipts turned on. But else, you will be in the dark. 

 Happy swiping, folks!

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