How to make Dating easier after Divorce?

Date, don't wait! We understand that the pain of the divorce is none less than a traumatic event in your life. But wait, are you among the one who is going to put your happiness in the hands of somebody else...? Well, if that is true then my dear you need to change your mindset. 

Nothing is permanent in life, you must be happy that you finally got rid of your toxic partner, or took steps of separating from each other as the situation demanded. 

You will be surprised to know that, 'The countries like France, Luxembourg by 84%, United States, Spain, and Russia are at the top list of divorce rates. Divorce rates in comparison to other nations are negligent.'

Let's throw light on more data on the below sections and learn the ways to easily cope up with your next date after divorce.

Divorce Stats, United States 

According to divorce, the following things are true in the case of otto the f U.S. -

  • Almost 40 to 50% of the first marriage ends up in divorce.
  • In the 1970s and 1980s, the highest number of divorce cases were reported in the United States. 
  • Almost, 60 to 65% of the second marriages in the US end up in divorce.
  • Divorce rates have become common in the last 50 years in America.
  • The reason behind so many divorce cases in the US is the easier laws to separate and incompatibility.
  • Almost 50 to 60% of partners who underwent infidelity problems chose not to divorce and stayed together. 
  • The divorce rates in the United States showed a decline after the 1980s but still exist. 
  • In 2018, almost 2.9 divorces were noted out of every 1000 couples.
  • More than 13.4 million married couples chose to get divorced who were staying with the second parent of the child, in 2014.

Divorce Stats, India

According to the data given by the economic times, the following things are true in the case of India -

  • India in the last 5 years noted only 13 divorce cases out of every 1000 married couples. It's less than 1%.
  • As per the data by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, - the divorce rate in India was 1% in 2017.
  • In the last three years, there has been a rise in divorce rates. Earlier it was 1 divorce out of 1000 married couples, now the number is 13 divorce out of 1000 married couples. Altogether, India still stands in the position of the country having the lowest divorce rates. 
  • According to the census of India, 'In 2011, Maharashtra had the highest number of divorce cases which is 2,09,782 and Andhra Pradesh had the least which is 86,280.

Ways to Make Dating After Divorce Easier

Get over your ex and then date

According to one of the experienced and certified professional counselors named Nikki Martinez, 'You need to get over your ex, keep past in the past, and have the willingness to start the new journey to embrace the fun, excitement, feeling of love with your new partner.' If your cupboard is already full, then you won't be able to adjust new clothes inside - MAKE SPACE! 

How to do it?

    • Practice mindfulness - Stay in the present!
    • Calm yourself via Meditation.
    • Take time to heal yourself, don't rush!
    • Stay away from all the memories of your ex.

Don't look for Mr. Perfect ex….my next….who is perfect? Well, NOBODY IS! Open your mind and look beyond the situation - His real intentions, why he broke up last time, or why is he still single and why he wants to have you? What are his goals? How does he make you feel when he is around you? Is he only into materialistic love or looking for a soul to soul connection?

Once you get the answer, you are good to go, as said by Dr. Walfish! 

Why so?

    • Bombarding you with costly gifts, replying exactly in seconds, pushing you for commitment is the first red flag to RUN! Such people only want to use you, well even if you are in your 40s or 50s, you can still be a victim of getting a sex predator.
    • Get his background screening and reality check of your date via your friends, colleagues, etc. 
    • A real person will make you at comfort, and you will know it! 

Be open to other choices

Don't look for a specific 'TYPE,' you never know what good can come out of people who aren't in your dictionary type. Be open to other tastes as well. Try our new people, you will get to know how far it can go with them. 

Why so? 

    • You hang along with the people who fit your type and end up spitting it, according to Dr. Campbell! So, give other tastes a chance to check your compatibility with! 
    • Come out from the loop of your comfort zone and embrace the new types..which can give you new vibes! 
    • Put off the label - like handsome, tall, fair, rich, etc, - Dear look for somebody who can hold your hands at your worst & still manage to love you! 

Talk over your last marriage

 According to Dr. Campbell, 'Divorce is a part of your life, you should not be ashamed of it, discuss your marriage openly with him and check his response. If he makes you feel less worthy even by one inch, - he isn't a good fit at all.'

Why so?

    • The response he shows towards what made you divorce, - will be everything to make a call if he is the one. A true gentleman will always understand your heart and words instead of focusing on your loopholes or insecurities.
    • Tell him you have children and your plans post marriage. 
    • Check his gestures, and intentions, what he is expecting out of this marriage? 

Hold on to your negative emotions

Be yourself, but make sure you don't bombard your next date with all the toxicity your ex left for you. It will do no good but scare the next person. 

Why so?

  • Projecting negative vibes on people you meet, can immediately turn off the second person.
  • Your anger, frustration, pain is obvious but keep it in the dustbin or burn it before starting a new chapter of your life.
  • Be patient, talk about your hobbies and how you heal from your past. 
  • Trust your gut, the vibes you feel, and introduce your children slowly with your new date. 

The fact of 'moving on from somebody you loved with all your heart doesn't seem to be so obvious and simple! But, believe me, time heals everything. One bad incident in the past can not decide your future by putting a stamp of DIVORCED on your forehead…! You are worthy of an unconditional abundance of love...and will always be! Don't shy away from dating new people by packing yourself under the four walls, feeling hopeless and unloved. Go out and date like-minded people...well, you never know the opposite person might prove to be the best partner for you as we know 'opposites attract.' Make sure whosoever you date this time isn't the same toxic person under the new FACE. 


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