Online dating after divorce- Things to consider!

To invest in a new relationship is hard after the breakup, because you have already invested your emotions in your previous partner. According to the report conducted by Statistic Brain Research Institute 1 in 6 relationships begin online. And this number may increase as nearly 49 million people have tried online dating and currently 8,000 dating sites exist today. This number is likely to increase due to the 80 % of the youth on Tinder. The research conducted by Philipp Hergovich of the University of Vienna states that people who date online are likely to have successful marriages and less number of divorce happen to people who meet online. Though online dating after marriage doesn’t mean to search a partner for a second marriage, online dating after divorce can be a good initiative for a new beginning and to move on from the past. This statistic show us that it is totally fine to go for an online date.

Before stepping into online dating after divorce, it is important to clear our mind from the past in order to step into the new one. But what are the parameters one must consider before stepping into it? 

dating after divorce

What are the things to be considered before starting online dating after divorce?

 According to the therapist Marisa Lascala we must consider the following parameters before dating.

1: Wait until your separation/divorce is confirmed: Separations are hard but in order to move into the new relationship we must get rid of the past. It is highly advised by the therapist and relationship advisors to get separated/divorced from your current spouse and only then to move for the future.

2: Ask yourself: Sometimes the answer we need we already know, it is really important to ask yourself whether you really want to be in a new relationship or it is just due to the other reasons, reasons such as parental pressure, peer pressure, age restriction or just for distraction. You must only go for online dating after divorce if you are really ready.

3: Be genuine and careful: It may seem hard to understand but it is necessary to be loyal to yourself but also to your spouse, set your expectations of what are you exactly looking for in this relationship. And before you use any online dating website be aware of the frauds and be alert to whom you approach especially women.

4:Don’t rush, take it slow:  No matter how surgery it seems you should not rush for anything in life and especially when it comes to a new relationship.  Take it slow in the beginning during online interaction and if you find that your wavelengths are matched then go for an offline date. Don’t rush to introduce your partner to your family unless and until you are sure by all your heart.

5: Make some room for your emotions: No matter how you control yourself, emotions are the things one cannot have a grip. Yes we may draw a line for ourselves but within the as well the feeling will bloom. It is important to consider that one must allow themselves to bubble up, it is very necessary to open up about your feelings, you should be inviting to whatever comes with the new relationship.

6: Put your Priorities first: How we perceive others matters but how we perceive ourselves matters the most, what are our expectations? What are our needs? What are our priorities? Priorities in online dating can be our likes and dislikes, pros and cons in relationships, past experience. It is very necessary to figure out what we are exactly looking for in a partner.

7:For single Moms:  If you are a single parent and thinking of finding a partner or to date a partner through online dating , one must be clear with the thought that the dating will have an effect on their children as well ( positive or negative depending). As a single parent it is quite hard to live a life alone, then online dating turns out to be a great concept. For a single parent one must have a clarification from both sides that they both are fine with the concept of being a parent and having a child. Hence one must reveal in the beginning itself that they are responsible single parents as it will avoid unnecessary obstacles.

8: Trust and have faith: If you find it difficult to interact in the beginning, then you must know that it is okay to not be okay. Sometimes the past experience holds us not to move forwards but that’s what encourages us to move out of our comfort zone. The world is full of endless possibilities and there is always a hope.

Gone are the days when we used to find partners through family arrangements. This may exist now but it will not according to the report by Statistic Brain Research Institute states that 17 % marriages start from online dating. 

Why is online dating after divorce preferable? 

Online dating is fast, you can make your mind to date someone faster and the procedure is extremely easy based on the like and dislike operation. Dating online allows you to take the pace on your own. You are not bound to anything you can take it as you wish. Online dating after divorce comes with many option such as worldwide it totally depends on the person to find their reach. Online dating makes it simpler to interact and it is really for introverts and shy personalities. People with these personalities have difficulty in interaction so online dating becomes the best concept to go with.

It is nothing new as we are living in the 21st century, as we are moving forwards with the new possibilities online dating is the best thing to discover. As the latest statistic states that gone will be the days when people meet through family arrangements and will find spouses through online platforms. But every coin has two sides. The same goes for online dating. There is also a higher risk of frauds on the online platforms. But equally the couples arranged from family sources are likely to have the same experience. It totally goes with the respective experience as there is no specific evidence which is better family arrangement or online dating after divorce.

What are the best online dating platforms available in India? This question may occur many times, once you made a choice for an online dating what next? Where to find the leads? According to the researched article by Time Next there are 13 best dating apps available on the Indian platforms which are as follow:

  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Happn
  • OkCupid
  • TrulyMadly
  • Hinge
  • Aisle
  • Tantan
  • Coffee Meets Bagel
  • Woo
  • Go Gaga
  • Badoo
  • Moco

As we are moving forward we must look for the “better “future, living the past behind and giving yourself a chance to love again. Having a progressive mindset and positive approach towards life helps us to lead a happy life.

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