Is your boyfriend a nerd?

 Is your boyfriend a nerd?

Is your boyfriend a nerd?

Newsflash – nerds are cool! You only need to consider Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, or Elon Musk to urge the image. These guys weren’t racing across the soccer pitch attracting attention from adoring cheerleaders.

They were the ones in the college library swotting to pass their coming test. But you know what? In dating, they are the simplest boyfriends.

Here and now nerd guys rule. If you are a woman dating a nerdy man congratulations. You have made the connection between a great man and a nerdy man.

Still, I am then to enlighten you, If you have not recognised the full potential of the nerd. Now, you might suppose that you know everything about nerdy men. You may believe that there is a nerd conception and that dating a nerd means playing videotape games and watching Star Wars.

You would be wrong.

There are many reasons why you ought to date a nerd guy.

1. They are not trying to impress anyone

At the academy, girls do not date nerds. More likely they are bullied or overlooked by the cool crowds. But within the dating world, it is a special story.

The nerdy man has learned that it’s okay to possess different interests and tricks.

They beat to their drum, and that they are proud of that. As a result, they know they do not have to impress anyone.

If they want to go to comic con or binge-watch repeats of Star Trek or Star Wars they will. And there is an authenticity about living your life this way.

2. Nerdy guys are happy to remain in

Have you ever wished for partnerships where the man wanted to stay in a cuddle up on the settee with you? Now you have one. No longer do you have to stand in a cold football stadium pretending to love watching your guy run around the pitch.

No longer you are forced to pack your health club bag and work out with your fitness-mad beau. Do not fancy clubbing tonight? Give your man a call, he will only be too pleased to twist up with you and binge-snack your way through pint-sized popcorn and your favourite romcoms.

3. They do not have big egos.

Some men get their self-esteem through their bodies. You know the type; maybe they are not that altitudinous, so they go wide and muscly rather. Others get it through material effects, similar to precious cars or boy toys.

Nerds get their self-confidence from within. Nerds and geeks do not need confirmation from other people. Their intellect gives them confidence. As a result, they do not feel the need to show off or compensate in other ways.

4. Nerds do not mind learning

Because a geek does not have a big pride, you can tell them and educate their staff. And by stuff, I mean sex. We all know that it can take a while for a man to get to know our bodies and what turns us on. Some guys are happy to be shown.

On the other hand, some guys suppose they know it all and get worried, indeed angry if we try and tell them what works for us.

Not the nerd. He will hear patiently, practise until he gets it right. He is happy to take instruction. He knows that it does not reflect on his prowess as a man. It reflects better on him to be observant and willing to find out.

5. Nerds are passionate

The very definition of a nerd is passion, and with passion comes an entire lot of other characteristics. I will give you some examples; passion leads to curiosity, which also leads to a desire to learn.

Literacy is the core of intelligence. When we are passionate about a subject, quite again and again this overlaps into other areas of our lives. So a nerd that is passionate about computers might be good at taking effects apart and fixing them.

Or a man that is a calculation geek may love tackling your tax accounts for you. You see, there are many advantages to dating a geek!

6. They need a cracking sense of humour

The academy was hard for nerds. Numerous of them honed their sense of humour to manage negative commentary or bullying. Coupled with their intellectual prowess, these guys are super-fast when it comes to cracking the funnies.

Their observational humour is another to none. The great thing about nerds is that they will take a joke and just run with it. Puns, inside jokes, jokes that only you two are in on will take a lifetime of their own.

7. They value personality over appearance

Still, you do not have to worry about not wearing makeup or slopping around in trackie bottoms, If you are dating a nerdy man. Your beau won’t suppose any lower of you because he did not start a relationship with you because of your appearance.

He took the time to urge you to understand you as an individual. He values your personality and character. Either, he can not judge you when his prize possession is a Pokémon tie. So he won’t watch if you put on many pounds or lose a many.

8. Nerdy guys do not judge

Nerds are the most non-judgmental people during a relationship. Maybe it is because they suffered at the academy. Or perhaps it is because of their weird passions.

A geek knows that whatever makes you happy is okay. Nerds think it is cool to have a collection of four hundred demitasse frogs in your bedroom. Or to only wear the colour purple. A geek will live and let live.

9. They won’t play mind games

When it came to tattling out the manipulative bone nerds got overlooked. Nerds live their real life, so why would they begin to play mind games with the female they love? It is not in their nature.

It is a touch like flirting; nerds do not skill to try to do it. Suppose your typical nerd is as if he or she was a personal computer. They warrant the hardware for colluding or devious behaviour.

The good news is that they are doing have an enormous commitment chip!

10. You will be yourself with a nerd

Is not it exhausting dating a cool hunk that works out a day and appears gorgeous without trying? You have to get on you’re a-game every second. You can not relax and be yourself. Well, with a nerd, you can.

Undo a button or two if you have eaten an excessive amount of, your nerd won’t club an eyelid. Roar and cry at the television when your favourite girl gets excluded from America

It is a touch like flirting; nerds do not know the way to roll in the hay. They lack the hardware for scheming or devious geste.

The good news is that they are doing have an enormous commitment chip!


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