How does Omicron affect pregnant women?


How does Omicron affect pregnant women?

How does Omicron affect pregnant women?-


It looked like the country could finally remove the masks and be covid free, but Corona proved everyone wrong with it’s new variant, SARS-CoV-2 Omicron, which was discovered first in South Africa. 

Now , you might be wondering what exactly is the Omicron variant and what are the symptoms and effects of this new variant? In this article we have covered all about it and how it affects pregnant women. Let us read further to know more.


Basics about Omicron:

What we do know about this variant is that it is one more level higher than the delta variant. Having that said, this variant has raised concerns over its transmissibility, immune system evasion and vaccine resistance power. As it is an upgraded version of Covid-19, eventually, it is believed that this variant would spread more quickly and contagiously, if proper precautions are not taken. 

It is said that every symptom of the Omicron variant is the same as that of previous variants. The only new and unique thing is that it causes night sweats and that it spreads 70 times faster than others and majorly affects lungs.


● The first case of the Omicron variant in India was detected in Karnataka on December 2, 2020 and the totale reached to 1525 cases as on January 2, 2021.
● The head of WHO warns not to take Omicron lightly as it is now present in almost every country. And also, it can only be prevented by social distancing, wearing masks and vaccination.
● WHO approves COVAX vaccine, another effective vaccine against covid-19, co-led by CEPI.
● India starts vaccination for 2 to 18 years of age group.
● Booster doses are recommended for the already vaccinated ones for an increase in immunity.


Scientists are working hard day and night in the direction towards the treatment of the Omicron variant. They are conducting regular tests to know how effective the previous vaccines are on Omicron and how sensitive are the symptoms in this one.


The effect of Omicron on pregnant women:

Even for a few seconds, if we do not talk about Omicron in particular, then also studies say that women who are pregnant and are suffering from Covid-19, in general, will have complications at the time of birth in comparison to those pregnant women without the infection.

While several types of bans such as travel bans, and restriction on public gatherings, have been introduced since the announcement of the first case of Omicron and other preventive measures are being taken, researchers worldwide are straining their brains over the rate of transmission of this new variant and how vulnerable it is for pregnant women.

If we take a look at how the delta variant affected pregnant women, it resulted in a higher number of cases in terms of complications and stillbirth, and a higher rate of risk was involved. 


➢ According to the researchers from the University de Paris in France, simply if we analyse pregnant women who had covid-19, irrespective of any variant, they were admitted to ICU more than those without covid. Also, some women even suffered preeclampsia, eclampsia and even death.


However, researchers in this field are still studying this new variant and whether it imposes much risk or not. Apart from an increase in several complications and stillbirths four times as that of delta variant, the symptoms are none different than previous versions of covid-19 and the information continues to be limited. Let’s just hope that in this new year, the people do not have to suffer much.


Pregnant women and complications they can suffer if they have Covid-19.

As discussed above, pregnant women sometimes suffer from preeclampsia and eclampsia. Preeclampsia is a complication in pregnancy where the woman suffers with high blood pressure and some signs are shown to indicate that her other organ systems might be damaged. Whereas, eclampsia is a condition of new onset of seizures or coma in a pregnant woman with preeclampsia.

Other issues or complications that a woman might suffer include high frequency of gestational hypertension, haemorrhage (either before or after birth), premature and spontaneous birth, and cesarean section apart from stillbirths, diabetes, placenta previa, placental abruption and blood clots.


How do vaccines help?

Well, according to one of the many studies published in magazines, yes, vaccination is proved to be useful for both the woman and her baby, especially for the ones involving a higher risk of covid-19. Also, it is suggested and advised to pregnant women to have the proper and full information about the effects of covid-19 on oneself in order to get the best health care. However, one must not forget that “prevention is better than cure.”



Although the cases of the Omicron variant are increasing rapidly, the cases of deaths are limited, touchwood. Thus, many researchers admit that if we do not lower our guards down, we may be able to stop this mutant from rising. But if we do the exact opposite and the cases increase, then people will rush towards hospitals and again the health infrastructure will be overwhelmed, not with severe cases, but just out of people panicking.

Also, those who are infected with this Omicron Variant, their symptoms are very mild like stuffy nose and fatigue. Nothing serious has been reported yet, thanks to the god’s grace. And even there has been no hearing of a major complication in pregnant women due to the Omicron variant. 

Luckily for us, we have tools to fight against any variant of Covid-19. And that is - Full Vaccination (even booster doses for the ones who are already vaccinated), Wearing masks when stepping out of home, and mantaining Social Distancing or Avoiding physical contact in crowds. Another small precaution which you can take is having yourself tested, either at a hospital or at home, whenever you feel unusual. If one realises early that he/she has covid-19, then self isolation can prevent the spread of this infection to other people.

Let us not forget, no good has ever come out of panicking and there is no such situation to panic and disturb the arrangement made for the benefit of us only. If you just follow the simple rules, simple measures of preventing covid-19, then humans can win this fight over this deadly virus!


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