For how many years can a breast cancer patient live?

For how many years can a breast cancer patient live?

Breast cancer seems to have become a pattern and common nowadays. Each passing year, it grows by 2 million new cases. The good news is that the treatment tools and diagnosing machines advancements are also increasing each year. Although, stating that for many years a breast cancer patient can survive can be a bit difficult but we can generalize it as one based on multiple factors. 

how long does a breast cancer patient live

Each case is different, the treatments and medications might react and work differently for each case. It's better to check with the doctors to get treated on time. The article below will help you to get a clear understanding of the years for which a breast cancer survivor can live. 

For how many years can a breast cancer patient live?

We have answered this question based on multiple factors. Read them from below to get an in-depth idea. 

  1. Breast Cancer Survival Rate based on Stage

The survival rate of a breast cancer patient can be highly determined by which stage that person is currently in! Stages help to understand the severeness and the depth of the disease. Let's know together what different stages could mean. 

Stage 0 - It is the initial stage of having very mild symptoms of breast cancer. It is generally considered to be a precancerous stage. Here, you won't see any presence of invasive cancer cells. 

Stage 1 - It is the starting stage of the tumor. Here, the tumor is very tiny and the survival rate of the patient is quite high. It can be cured with effectiveness in 90% of the cases. It is localized to the breast area only. 

Stage 2 - Stage 2 of breast cancer is verified when a person is diagnosed with cancer greater than 2 cm. Stage 2 is also detected when the tumor has scattered to the lymph nodes underarms. 

Stage 3 - It's a bit critical level cancer stage. Here, the tumor has scattered to all the skin areas, various lymph nodes, and chest areas. 

Stage 4 - It is the ultimate distant level cancer stage. It is the last stage of cancer and has attacked the various body parts like the liver, kidney, bones, lungs, etc. Getting cured of this stage is kind of difficult. 

  1. Breast Cancer Survival Rate based on Years

The rate of survival of women can be decided based on last year's data. On a whole, based on the depth of the disease breast cancer women survived for 5 years, 10 years, and 30 years as stated by 95% of the data. 

5 Years Survival Rate

  • Almost 99% of women having lived breast cancer survived for 5 years. 
  • Based on multiple stages, the immediate estimated survival rate is five years after the diagnosis of breast cancer & it has been a minimum of 90%. 
  • Almost 86% of the women survived for 5 years having regional breast cancer. 

10 Year's Survival Rate

  • Almost 84% of women survived breast cancer for 10 years as stated by ACS. 
  • Women having the tumor less than 2 cm reportedly had the 10 year survival period at a rate of 89%. 

30 Year's Survival Rate

  • Women having stage 1 breast cancer on average had a higher survival rate and they can live up to 30 years. 
  • Women having stage 2, stage 3, or stage 4 cancer have less than 30 years of survival period. 


  1. Breast Cancer Survival Rate based on Race

Researchers have shown that the race of women can widely affect the breast cancer survival rate. Here, are some facts on it below -

  • Black women are at a second number to develop breast cancer by 124.8 for every 100000 females.
  • Pacific island and Asian women are at a third number of catching this disease by 102.9%. 
  • Hispanic women are at a fourth number of developing it by 99.1% followed by Indian American women by 79.5%.
  • White women are at a higher rate of developing breast cancer in the US. 
  • Black women witnessed the highest death rate due to breast cancer I.e., 27.6 for every 100,000 women.
  • Pacific island & Asian women witnessed the lowest death rate I.e., 11.4 for every 100,000 women.

  1. Breast Cancer Survival Rate based on Age

The risk of having breast cancer increases with your age. Eventually, people as they age, their cells and other body parts stop functioning smoothly. It leads to a low survival rate when you are at your peak ages like more than 55 years. 

Reports stated that less than 2% of the total women were there who developed breast cancer in the US between 2013 to 2017 having the age less than 35 years. 

Why doctor consultation is mandatory for Breast Cancer Survivors?

Getting the right advice from the doctor on this subject is extremely necessary to cure your disease faster. The following reasons will create urgency on why getting recommendations from doctors on breast cancer problems is important. 

  • At what grade is your cancer? It will depict the pace at which your breast cancer is growing up. 
  • Breast Cancer can come up in multiple forms. The doctors' consultation will allow you to understand which type of breast cancer you are facing currently. 
  • Based on your age, doctors will help you know how soon you can recover.
  • How breast cancer can affect other parts of your body? 
  • Evaluation of the total amount of DNA in your cancer cells. 
  • Determining the exact stage of cancer - where it lies currently and how dangerous it has become. 
  • Problems you shall face even after getting the breast cancer problem rectified. 

Key Takeaways

Always remember that the above breast cancer rates provided are general statistics. With the high-level advancements in technology, the treatments of breast cancer are improving with each passing day. Moreover, each case is different. What is your case, might not be what other breast cancer survivors are going through. Based on proper treatment, such an illness can be taken care of and cured within time. 


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