How to use Gleeden Dating App ? (Extra-Maritial Dating App)

More than 5 lakh Indians have registered on this app amongst which the maximum users are men so ladies you have a lot of options ahead!  As it is run by women so they have made it totally safe for the female users and also it’s authentic. So whether you want a last minute getaway, a weekend escape or any sort of adventurous journey, you can always come in touch with Gleeden to create your special moments in an effortless manner without having any extra tension. 

How to use Gleeden Dating App ?

The name of the Gleeden is being considered to be a blend of two words where Glee means enjoyment and Eden refers to the garden of Eden which was parallel to Paradise. Briefly gleeden has been the first website that is initiated for married people based over an international platform. It is an app where the married people are allowed to meet some like minded individuals and to interact secretly with them without any sort of dishonesty. Gleeden is specially made by women, for the women and they can chat and interact with other users and get in touch directly with other users from all throughout the world, but the users need to reveal their marital status in a sincere way.

Steps for using the Gleeden Dating Application

  • You can start by creating your account on Gleeden's homepage which is or you can download the app named Gleeden from Play Store directly. Then you follow all the instructions which are required during the stage of registration. 
  • You have to provide the username, your country, hometown postcode, your date of birth and the valid email ID. After validating the user conditions of their site you would be able to access their site and get the benefits from the array of tools provided by them. 
  • For obtaining the best search results linked with your account, you need to complete your profile for which you can upload your photos so that people can recognize you. 
  • After that write a good bio as it will help you to make yourself clear and reachable for other users.
  • After that you can go to search and look for other users by putting their ID's in the search bar for finding perfect dates for you or you can browse through the automated list provided to you based on your preferences and choices.
  • If you like someone then you can send them a crush to make them aware that you are interested in them or you can directly message them for connecting in a better way. Also there are options for sending virtual gifts which you can use too.
  • Lastly, keep your profile updated because whenever a person starts talking to you the first thing which you do is you directly visit their profile for checking them out . And it is the same for everyone else, so you have to spare a minute or so from your other tasks to do some housekeeping in your profile . 
  • Put a nice description of yourself or put a couple of lines about your needs, that is what you are looking for and to make it more interesting you can upload some photos of yours in the albums and this will make the person whom you have contacted to get interested chatting with you.

Now let us answer some common questions that is usually present in most of the women’s mind

Is Gleeden Dating App a legal platform?

Yes absolutely then it is a legal app where both committed and single people can contact other people and be honest with their marital status. With their updated technology and Services everyone can interact and meet openly as per their wish even after maintaining their complete security and secrecy. 

Is it important to provide a valid email ID ?

You have to provide the valid email ID because all the information regarding your profile and member interest would be sent to your email and after your profile gets completed a link for confirmation will also be sent to your email id. You can always opt out from the emails by changing your email alert settings from My Account.

Are there a variety of options available in the Gleeden Dating App ?

Gleeden is there for the ladies to give them an opportunity for discovering exactly what they are looking for. It offers everything that a woman desires from a married dating platform. If you are seeking for casual sex or any long term fling, then you can get the right choice after browsing through the profiles  given over here.

Is Gleeden Dating App responsible for encouraging infidelity?

No, not at all, the only goal of Gleeden is to make a common platform where everyone can interact with each other. They do not want to encourage their members to get separated from their spouses or to be unfaithful to them. According to the research carried out by First privacy financial in 2005, their  ground breaking survey noticed that 1 out of every 3 members registered on some traditional meeting websites are married. Based on this data they created the platform where married people can legally and openly meet with like minded partners as they want to respond to the needs of the marriage people, in order to help them in their pathetic situation. 

Can there be any security issues after using Gleeden Dating App?

Gleeden also ensures that the users are able to maintain their anonymity if they wish so, with the help of picture blurring and other particular features in order to protect their identity. But you yourself also need to be aware that there might be some cheaters  also who can try to indulge you in fraud cases. So don’t share your personal information or financial information and particulars with any users.

What to do if a user is disturbing you and you want to get rid of him ?

Whenever any user is disturbing you can always block them and put them in the black list so that they can not contact you anyhow through this app in the future. Also you can reach out to the support if there is anything serious regarding any user or some other issues and the support team will be reaching you as early as possible.

The reasons which makes Gleeden Dating App most famous and different from any other dating platform or meeting sites are as follows: 

  1. Their main aim is not only to bring the members together but they actually want to anticipate the expectations of their users along with their needs after providing them with some reliable content along with the high quality interface.
  2. This is the site which has the best International coverage.
  3. They help in moderating their members consistently since registration to the approval of profile and even they always help their users throughout the duration of their usage of their services.
  4. Credit system helps their users spend on their particular needs and there are no long term contracts.
  5. Their policy also guarantees 100% real members and unlike some other dating sites, they do not run after adding members to increase their statistics. So they only promote the users after proper verification of their ID.
  6. They always stick in providing unique content to the members regarding statistics, blogs, articles or studies.


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