Top 5 Risks for Online Dating for Teens

'Online Dating' - has provided a space for people to connect with their compatible romantic love partners. Its demand has been skyrocketing like never before especially in the times of the Corona Pandemic! 

According to Forbes in India, 'The online business of the dating industry is INR 2,394 crore OR USD 323 Million.' India holds the third position of generating the largest revenue after the U.S. and China.

Even Roses come with the thorns, and so is the ONLINE DATING. Apart from having the online threat to female identities like harassment, stalking, mental tortures, and other scams, people may end up being the victim of serious physical abuses if they meet each other in person or in reality. 

'According to the economic times, - ordering food in India is considered 90 times safer than going for the online dating options, a survey by Indians.'

Compilation of various online dating risks, facts, and precautions for safe online dating has been done by us to help you stay safe in your next online dating with your romantic partner. 

Consumer Security Mindset Report, 2021 -

According to the McAfee Corp., the online switch of dating, financial transactions, and shopping has elevated tremendously. People dating online might share their confidential data with their romantic partners that may lead to fraudulent consequences. 

The results said -

  • Personal Shopping was increased by 63%.
  • Online Banking was increased by 68%.
  • Financial Planning was increased by 55%.
  • 74%, 3 out of 4 Indian folks were worried about online cybercrimes.
  • 42% of Indian Folks feel least secure when it comes to online dating

What are the best dating apps?

Promising for the self-confident women!

Decent for casual hookups!

Biggest dating station for free!

Promising for folks looking for long-term serious connections!

Coffee Meets Bagel
Decent app for taking a break! 

Promising app to look for old connections in new faces!

The League
Favorable for high aristocratic societies folks having high living standards!

Favorable for bisexual, & lesbian women!

Nice app to verify a date!

Plenty of Fish
Adequate for generic chitchats!

Useful for like-minded folks to shell out money together!

Only for folks looking to get their marriage match!

According to the dating reports compilation, 2020 -

"Most Dangerous States for Online Dating"

  • California
  • Nevada
  • Florida
  • Alaska
  • Colorado

"Most Safest States for Online Dating"

  • Montana
  • Vermont
  • West Virginia
  • Maine
  • New Hampshire

Risks of Online Dating for Teens

1.Confidential Information Leakage

As per the social media data, '70% of teenagers put all of their private details online keeping their account public.' This way you are giving an invitation to the worst nightmare that you will regret. 

Also, most of the time your location access is on which may be misused by your romantic partner you are in touch with, leading him to visit your place and harass you! 

Use the right privacy settings available on the app. Moreover, lock your profile to safeguard the misuse of your personal information.

Make sure to hide the following details with your romantic partner online or on dating apps -

  • Current Location
  • School Name
  • Graduation University Name
  • Birth Details
  • Hometown Address
  • Family Background
  • Family Pictures
  • Debit/Credit Card Details
  • Social Media Passwords
  • Weaknesses and Strengths

You are innocent, you never know how sharing 'Who you are in person can be taken advantage of!

2.Becoming Anti-Social

According to the LSE research, - 'Children who are less privileged/disabled physically tend to be smarter in having the right digital skills. Also, they are more prone to cyber-attacks, online risks and they may encounter a lack of support from others.'

According to online dating reports, '30% of introvert teenagers cut themselves off from society, friends, families and get involved in online dating refusing to have offline relationships which influence their overall wellbeing.'

Maintain a healthy checkpoint with your teenagers to ensure they have a balanced online and offline life like going for a sport, playing, dance, activities, meeting relatives, etc! 

3.Online Harassment Issues

According to the online forum sites, 'More than 80% of the teenagers have faced harassment online in some or other form.'

Getting blind and experiencing the emotional waves of childish love which seems forever at the beginning might lead to silently tolerating unwelcomed misuses, exposure of personal sexual images, sharing porn videos, and calling girls with random assaulting names.

Online Harassment might happen via -

  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Chat Forums
  • Dating Apps
  • Online sites
  • Other social media 

Be mindful of such incidents. There is a section of 'REPORT' on every app - where you can block and complain regarding such profiles.

4.Sexting Converting to Life Threats

As per the reports, '80-90% of the teens involve themselves into sexting at the initial days of dating their romantic partner.' They hardly know each other but in emotions most of the female teenagers fall for doing so, thinking that it's their true love for which they are required to pay the amount later on.  

Sexting if done with the wrong person might, unfortunately, lead to -

    • Bullying 
    • Harassment
    • Leaking chats torture
    • Emotional Abuse
    • Forcing/Demanding for consistent sexual intercourse
    • Pessimism and Depression
    • Embarrassment
    • Poor Self-Esteem
    • Loneliness
    • Suicidal Tendencies

Speak with your child on having the audacity to say no for sending their nudes (as it might get misused and go into the public eye). This judgment call needs experience and the right knowledge. The right guy will never force you for anything. He will respect your space.

5.Online Grooming Vulnerability

Teenagers who are at their young age may become friends with people who will try to gain their trust emotionally by taking them into confidence. They are nothing but the 'Sexual Predators.'

According to the NSPCC, 2019 stats - 'The number of teenagers or the secondary school students groomed online are more than 2,00,000/-.'

Guardians of teenagers must provide them education on staying away from online groomers.

How to Avoid Online Dating risks?

  • Avoid consumption of pre-ordered eatables by your partner (may have some chloroform to misuse you later).
  • Have an escape plan if you feel unsafe on your way with him. Inform at least one of your loved ones who can track your location all-around your journey and help you in case of any misshap. 
  • Prefer dating in public.
  • Inspect his social-media accounts before meeting him offline.
  • Prefer sharing a Google Voice Number instead of your number such that you can block him later if he seems to harass you. 
  • Avoid traveling on his vehicle, he may route you to the night of hell.
  • Don't share too much about yourself, maintain confidentiality. 

Victims of Online Dating Abuse

  • Urgyen, 24 years
  • Julie, 28 years
  • Avinash, 21 years
  • Bharati, 23 years
  • Rhea, 23 years

Be MINDFUL of who you date! A small mistake can spoil your entire life leaving you locked in a 'ROOM OF REGRETS.' Check all the necessary details in advance before landing down for the face-to-face meet. Try to gather as much information as you can about that person. Always remember that don't just date for fun if you aren't serious about the marriage commitments. Henceforth, choose your love partner from a long-term perspective not just to have physical or emotional pleasures! Believe me, it will deteriorate your situation eating you thoroughly leading to mental and physical abuse.


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