Where to get help for teenage anxiety in Females?

 Like other normal problems, ANXIETY is normal too. You...I...or anybody can have it without any invitation. If you come across a teen girl trying to tell you about her anxieties or insecurities, don't neglect it at any cost rather acknowledge it, make her feel comfortable, and tell her to talk about it. 

Apart from depression and substance addiction, ANXIETY cases among girl teenagers hold the same place in terms of its stats and skyrocketing increase rates.

Ever thought about developing the strong foundations of powerful relationships with teens? 

Teachers bond with a female teen...

Parents bond with a female teen...

Relatives bond with a female teen...

Mentors bond with a female teen...

Friends bond with a female teen…

Siblings bond with a female teen…

Neighbors bond with a female teen...

All of these bonds, if solid and strongly rooted can reduce the chance of developing anxiety in the Brain of your female teen by 95%, researchers say! 

According to psychologists, 'If the stress in teens reaches the last level or becomes chronic, then there is a 90% chance of your teen girl to go through from an anxiety disorder.'

Let's learn the possible options available today to get immediate help for your teen girl. 

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Child Mind Institute, Anxiety Survey Results

  • Almost 7.6% of the teens suffer from separation anxiety. 
  • Almost 9.1% of teens suffer from social anxiety disorders.
  • Almost 2.2% of the teens currently are going through the GAD - Generalised Anxiety Disorder. 
  • Almost 19.3% of the teens have a particular phobia which further leads to anxiety.
  • Almost 2.3% of teens suffer from panic disorders.

Mindblowing Data

    • According to the UC Berkeley researchers, in the year 2008, the total number of teens of 18 to 26 years old suffering from anxiety almost doubled.
    • According to the Pew Research Center, every 7th female teenager out of 10 suffers from depression with no early cure. 
    • As per Pew Research Center, anxiety and depression are more common in youngsters than bullying.
    • As per psychology reports, more than 40% of teens suffer from anxiety during their mid schooling and higher studies period.
    • More than 16,000 studies were conducted in the year 2019, on increasing teen anxiety and the ways to cope up with them.
    • Studies also revealed that parents, mentors, psychologists, counselors, friends, Guardians, and teachers play a major role in curing the early age anxiety disorders in teens.

Where to get help for teenage anxiety in Females

1.Psychologist: Cognitive-behavioral therapy

It is treated with the help of a therapist or a psychological specialist. 

What therapist will do? 

    • Closely works with you, monitors your recovery progress, and keeps a constant eye on your overall development.
    • Helps in the identification of key factors, thoughts, and beliefs causing stress and anxiety.
    • Identifies your past traumas, mental and physical abuses.
    • Suggest genuine ways to correct all the negative emotions leading to anxiety in a teen girl.

2.Fitness/Spiritual Enthusiast: Techniques of Relaxation

According to the experts, 'Diverting your focus on spirituality helps to cure 90% of the anxiety providing reasons.' 

Once your mind is in your control, you can get calmness from within which further puts anxiety at a halting stage.

How does your mentor will help you? 

    • Slow and peaceful Meditation
    • Listening to Soothing Music
    • Abdominal Breathing
    • Yoga 
    • Tai chi
    • Spending time with nature 


Medication is the direct way to take control of your inner flow of emotions causing anxiety. This helps you to relax and control the anxiety-causing hormones.

Which medicines are generally offered for anxiety?

    • Your psychiatrist diagnoses your problem from the roots and gives the medicine prescription accordingly.
    • Anxiety Medicines often take the time interval of 4 to 6 weeks to show results.
    • Medications used for social or normal anxieties are similar to the medicines used for treating depression in 90% of the cases.
    • Benzodiazepines, an anti-anxiety drug -  prescribed by the doctor in several cases. 
    • Beta-blocker, - helps in minimizing the anxiety caused because of public speaking, social anxiety, interviews, or tests. It treats performance anxiety in the female teenager.


4.Understanding Parental Bond

What's a better bond than parents? I can't recall any other bond, well not sure about you! Parents play a vital role in controlling anxiety in their teen girls related to clothing, behaving in a certain way, learning things like cooking, stitching just because she has to get married someday, periods, class bullying, eve-teasing, rapes, mental breakdowns, low marks, breakups, etc. 

According to the researchers, 'More than 60% of the teens feel misunderstood, and lack love from their parents and respective family members.' 

Please note that this itself can be a major reason for developing early age anxiety disorders in teen girls. 

What do teen girls expect from their parents as help?

    • The brain of an adolescent needs lots of love, care, and understanding.
    • With attention and close-bond, teen girls benefit majorly in developing confidence about who they are.
    • Teens grow more when not forced or pressurized. 
    • Instead of punishing them because they could not score up to your expectations, tell them it's okay, their love ain't going to change based on the grades. This statement will automatically boost the brain of a teen girl.
    • Teens brain wants non Judgemental treatments, for example, treating her differently because she has darker skin, crooked teeth, small heights, handicapped or some ugly body features will do no good to her but will only lead to developing anxiety in her adolescent age which ultimately might lead to suicidal cases.
    • Talk to teens about their fears instead of pressuring them to choose a particular career or go for something which they hate to do. Break this hierarchy where a doctor's daughter should only choose a career of a doctor, a lawyer's daughter should choose a career of a lawyer. LET HER CHOOSE WHAT SHE WANTS TO!


According to the researchers, - 'Biofeedback is one of the most rarely used tools in India for treating anxiety disorders in a female teenager, but it's commonly used in the foreign countries.' 

How does the treatment happen?

    • Requires the use of electronics, to assess the reaction of your body when put in a stressful situation. 
    • Shares all the information you need to know about your internal processes.
    • Based on the norm that if a teenage girl can understand that internal thoughts create anxiety, then she can easily control them from coming in the future.

Final Words

Teens always want one thing - NON JUDGEMENTAL SUPPORT! They are at their raw ages. Especially females go through a lot. From early periods to eve-teasing to getting themselves adjusted under gender judgemental responsibilities. It builds up pressure on the teenager's head leading her to anxiety and depression. Everybody wants to be understood...same rules apply to teen females as well. Understand that she too has her own life, she has all the right to lead her life with her own terms and conditions. This will give her confidence and freedom to make her own choice. 

Support must start from home, avoid toxicity and create a healthy home environment. Pay attention to what your teen is saying, what is her schedule, how she is reacting to multiple things etc. It will help you to detect and treat her anxiety at the earliest to let her lead life peacefully in the future. 



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