Can COVID-19 be detected by CT scan ?

Corona virus has left us with no other choice except to follow the isolation procedure if you have symptoms and other mandatory protocols! Amidst this virus, doctors are working hard to find the best ways for coming up with the right procedure to enable the disease diagnosis among the folks without affecting them much. 

Huge debates and research have been going on for one year to declare which is the most precise and the appropriate method for finding out the covid-19 among patients. 

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CT-Scans and the RT-PCR reports have been two methods to detect the Corona virus in the human body which is still in the debate! 

Numerous doctors in Trichy city explained the fact that - 'Corona virus can better be detected by doing chest CT scans in the large audience base with the 95% precision for symptomatic patients having -ve reports in comparison to the RT-PCR tests.'

According to Mohamed Hakkim, - 'Corona virus directly affects the respiratory system worsening the lungs with each breath. He added that RT-PCR tests are effective in telling whether the coronavirus is in the throat area or the nose. In contrast to this, the CT scan done for the chest will enable us to know the severity of the disease with better findings done through the images of lungs.' 

Let's weigh the possibilities of what dangers and help we can get if CT-Scan gets full acceptance. 


  • As one of the studies from the New England Journal of Medicine conducted long back in 2007 revealed that - 'Almost 0.4% of the patients in the US witnessed the cancer disease primarily because of the CT Scan they had. Also, as per the latest studies, the risk has heightened to the 1.5% to 2% from the 0.4% which is the major point of concern.'
  • The Head of Infectious Diseases who is recognized with the name R. Aravind belonging to the Government Medical College based out of the Thiruvananthapuram revealed the fact that - 'Various hospitals are misusing this tool named CT Scan in almost 95% of the covid positive patients having the mild symptoms and who are prone to the fast recovery. According to them, performing this method on patients who are at a mild stage can lead to worsening their health. It should be used only in special cases and not for every next covid patient.' 
  • According to the WHO - World Health Organization and other doctors, - 'The usage of the corticosteroids for example dexamethasone are highly not recommended to be tested in the covid-19 patients carrying the mild or no symptoms at all. This can harm their body from mild to worse in a matter of days. Also, as per the research-based data, the corticosteroid is an anti-inflammatory drug that has proved out to be extremely helpful for patients having moderate to severe illnesses due to the Corona virus-caused disease.'

Is doing numerous CT Scans dangerous?

As per the research done from last year March 2021 to date, the motion artifacts of the human beings taking the CT Scan can prove to be highly harmful. When suggested by the doctor, it should be held with all the precautions in place. It must be carried on with the low dose procedures and fast scanning techniques must be used. It will ensure that there is the least possibility of mistakes happening during the procedure because of the movement of the patient's body.  

As per the researchers, there isn't any evidence of the Chest CT scan to date that can prove the beneficial and fast results for the detection of the covid 19 without producing the side effects if done often among the patients. 

Referring to data collected from one of the agencies named "International Atomic Energy," Dr. Guleria said that  - 'One CT-Scan holds the potential to match the chest X-rays done for 300 to 400 times. This number is subsequently larger than one can expect. It can cause ill effects on the person in the long term. Also, it increases the complications of cancer in the near future.' 

Can COVID-19 be detected by CT scan?

Yes, the life-taking coronavirus causes the disease COVID-19 which can be detected by CT scan. 

The director of the AIIMS - All India Institute of Medical Sciences, named Dr. Randeep Guleria did all that it takes to inform and educate everybody on the topic of the 'use of CT scans in the limited cases,' - He said that doctors must advise the patients undergoing this test needs to be highly careful while going forward especially if you are only having the mild symptoms like a bit of a cough, cold or a mild fever.

The harmful radiation coming from it can prove to be a problem in the long run. So, know what's right for you according to your health rather than going with what everybody is doing. Your case might be completely different from others and it might have issues that may get you into trouble if you go by the things your way. 

There exists something named the international multidisciplinary association which is meant for thoracic radiology. As per the Fleischner Society alliance statement belonging to this community, - 'Methods like CT-Scan are mostly meant for the patients having the severe respiratory tract problems. The imaging done via this alternative gives a clear picture of how much damage has been done to the lungs in the patients suffering from the covid 19 diseases. Imaging must not be held in the patients with the mild covid symptoms, he added.'

Overall, the everyday chest CT-Scan is not approved at all by the doctors yet. It varies from case to case. It's advisable only in the cases of having covid pneumonia. 

When is the right time for CT Scan?

The standard made to check the covid-19 among the patients is via RT-PCR tests. As per the doctor's statement, the CT-Scan is allowed as well as restricted to only those patients who are having the symptoms of coronavirus but their RT-PCR has come out to be negative. Ideally, this is the right time to get the CT-Scan done, and the doctors recommend it at this major time only. The CT-Scan helps to check the severity of the virus which goes undetected by the RT-PCR test. 

Major complications like pneumomediastinum and thromboembolism get detected by the CT Scan of the chest. 

In the advanced cases when the patient has the severe covid-19 and is struggling for his life in the ICU and despite all the treatment and medications he ain't showing any improvement in his heath, then also the doctors recommend the chest CT scan to diagnose the major complications like mucormycosis and aspergillosis. 

CT-Scan is advised in severe cases to detect coronavirus but the ill or side effect it might have on the people would vary. Doctors need to advise for the CT scans based on the situation of the patient, as it may lead to some other side effects directing to new health issues in them. Make sure to stay in touch with your doctor and medical staff to get the best alternative for such problems. It will make sure that you are on top of the treatment. 


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