How can teachers use Facebook to get students?

Life has totally changed since the day, there was an outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China which gradually spread worldwide. And since then all of us were snatched off of our daily lives and were thrown into the new normal where we are asked to use masks whenever we step out of our homes, practice social distancing and what not. But this outbreak of the pandemic has not only costed us a daily normal lives but also has greatly affected our economy, thus leading to a lot of people losing their bread. And one such criteria of people who have been deeply affected by the negative outcomes of the pandemic are our teachers.

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Yes, Teachers one of the most important pillars of our society, who help shape the society by teaching our nation’s younger generation to become responsible citizens in future are affected by the pandemic, as they are thrown out of their schools and colleges because of no income from the students or are given exactly the half amount of what they deserve. While no one is to be exactly blamed here but in some cases we do have school authorities playing dirty tricks on the innocent teachers, so as to not pay them for their hard work.

How many teachers lost their jobs in 2020?

According to Forbes, during the month of April 2020, 1.1 million teachers and school staffs lost their jobs.

And according to reporting from Reuters, citing a U.S. Labour Department report: (all in the month of April 2020)

§  In Public Schools from grade Kindergarten through 12th grade, around 469,000 teachers and school personnel’s have lost their jobs.

§  In private Schools and Colleges, Universities and K-12 Private Schools, around 457,000 teachers and school personnel’s have lost their jobs.

§  In Public Colleges, State Universities, around 176,000 professors and other college staff have lost their jobs.

And these numbers mentioned above tell us how badly the pandemic has affected our teachers and school staffs leading them to unemployment. And so all the teachers are moving towards a weapon called ‘Social Media’ which helps people earn in any field just by sitting at the comfort of your homes and Facebook is one such app that is trending for the same. So how can teachers get students on Facebook or via Facebook? Well, before we get to know about it, let’s get to learn some more interesting facts about teachers and their losing of jobs.

According to a new report mentioned by and the survey done by Horace Mann Educators Corporation, US,

§  Around 77% of educators are working more today than a year ago. (Online classes have put up a lot of pressure and with all the new emerging technologies, learning them also takes up time from the teacher’s schedule thus leading to an increased work load)

§  Around 60% of them enjoy their job less. (meaning teachers losing interest in their jobs and will prefer quitting rather than being sucked up at one place with not much growth)

§  Around 59% of them do not feel secure in their school district’s health and safety precautions. (state’s poor hygiene health is one of the reasons why teachers feel like giving up their dream jobs of teaching and shaping the future of the young)

§  And roughly around 27% of them are considering to leave their jobs, retire early or take a leave of absence because of the pandemic.

And these numbers mentioned above tell how not only because of the falling economy of the country that the teachers are losing their jobs but there are reasons because of which either they are losing their jobs or they themselves are quitting or retiring from teaching But even so there are still quite a number of teachers who have lost their jobs but still wish to continue working and teaching students and for them;

 How can teachers use Facebook to get students? - Lets Learn

Now we all know that because of the pandemic either teachers are being fired or they themselves are quitting their jobs in fear of getting infected by the deadly virus and thus are finding ways to continue their jobs as teachers but from the comfort of their homes. So how can Facebook help you in finding students and help you earn?

  • §  Being a teacher from today’s generation, there are high chances of you having a Facebook account but if you don’t then first and foremost open an account.
  • §  After you have managed to open an account on Facebook, you can join various communities and groups related to teaching, parenting, and students and so on.
  • §  Once a part of those groups you can create attractive post that states that you are a teacher of a certain subject and wish to take online classes for the mentioned subject. Thus the interested people can contact you and once both the parties have agreed you can teach them by using Facebook Room (a feature by Facebook that allows up to 49 people in a room for a group video call).
  • §  You can launch a marketing campaign on Facebook to gather students.
  • §   Or also can take help of good advertising agency which focuses only on teachers, who will help you advertise yourself and your class among Facebook users.
  • §  You can also self - upgrade your skills and also take external help for creating a group, page.
  • §  You can also create a business page on Facebook for yourself rather than a standard page as a business page will help you reach to more students and people than a normal standard page would ever do.
  • §  Learn about Facebook business marketing and with the a help of Facebook launch an event or campaign advertising your classes or yourself as teacher who is looking for students to teach them online from the comfort of their homes.
  • §  You can all the information about Facebook marketing and business on
  • §  And last but not the least you can use other social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. to advertise your Facebook page where you teach students online via Facebook rooms or other online platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, Google Classrooms and many more.It is highly recommended you get right help and guidance before investing money yourself.

And even though we have these modern day technologies which will help you gain students not only from your locality but all around the world for you to continue teaching and earn a living but what matters the most is your teaching. It all depends on your teaching. If the students love your way of teaching, you are bound to get more students just by mouth to mouth advertising that would be done by the students and their parents who are already under your guidance.

Remember! In schools students don’t have a choice but listen to you as the school authorities have hired you but here in the world of Facebook and Instagram, it is the exact opposite. Here they themselves are hiring you, so you if you can’t live up to their expectations then they will stop coming to you and as a result you will lose students and won’t be able to earn money.

Thus, while teaching via online platforms one needs to be very careful and always needs to watch out if he/she is understood by the students. If the students are understanding everything you teach and is it entertaining enough for them to stay glued to your teaching?


27% of teachers are considering quitting because of Covid: survey (

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