How to delete your Gleeden ( Extra Marital Dating App) account?

Gleeden is a dating app for married women. Women who are facing difficulties in their current married life, can abuse (of any kind), non compatibility with husband, or any other difficulty, they can make their account on Gleeden app. So, if you have found your real soulmate on this app, or you feel like you shouldn't date anyone while being already married, or if your partner has changed himself for you, you can delete your account from this app. Now, how can you delete your account from Gleeden?

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Why do people want to delete Gleeden?


Though Gleeden was made for married women who are in NEED of love and a partner in a true sense. Gleeden was made for women who are married and are not happy with their husbands, for example, they are being treated badly by their husbands, they are getting cheated on by their husbands, their husbands and his family is torturing them, their husbands are raping them, and so on. But many women are using this app for cheating on their husbands. Women are matching with young men and are using them for sex. They are cheating their husbands who trust them blindly and they are not even doing any kind of injustice to their wives. So when their husbands get to know about their cheating wives, they want their wives to delete Gleeden. Maybe they can give their wives another chance, or they can divorce their wives.


Women do download this app for may be fun, or need. But, atlast, they are Indian women. Indian women are brought up as a shy and loving human being. Indian women love their husbands, and if their husbands are loving and caring, and women are the ones who are cheating, they feel much more guilt for cheating their husbands. Their guilt makes them delete this app. They feel that they are doing wrong or unethical. They must not cheat their husbands for spice in their lives. 


There is a chance that many women get caught by their husbands. And if their husbands are abusive, they will definitely abuse their wives even more when they come to know that their wives are on a dating app for married women. So, when they get to know about this activity of their wives, they force them to delete this app and to deactivate their accounts. And this can be the reason women want, or are forced to delete their account.

Completion of need

Many women who were once tortured by their husbands are now happy. Many women have now found the "perfect" partner for themselves. And when they get that perfect partner who is not abusive, who's family is loving, who is caring, the need of true love ends with that person. So when the need for true love is fulfilled and the search for true love ends , there is no need for the app. So those women would like to delete the app.

Statistics of the app

Many Indian couples who are not happy in their marriage and relationship are looking for someone else to love them. Especially women, who are not allowed to express their feelings in the family and relationship, they are keen to find someone to understand them and love them. Around 5,00,000 people in India are on Gleeden. The popularity of Gleeden is growing rapidly among Indian women. In 2018, women were 25 percent of Gleeden's Indian users. In 2019 it was 30 per cent. After the decriminalization of adultery in India, there is a hike in the female users in this app. The ratio of 2019 says that there are 70 per cent men and 30 per cent women. And globally there are 4.9 million users of this app.

Delete your account through the website of Gleeden

  • Go to Gleeden website and log in to your account.
  • After login to your account, go to My Profile and click on that, a drop down menu will appear then click on My Account
  • On my account page go to the bottom of page by scrolling down, and then click on DELETE MY ACCOUNT button given in the bottom right section
  • Now tell your reason, that why you are deleting your account by clicking on one option provided on your screen, then enter your password in the text field and click on the DEACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT button to delete your account
  • Now uninstall the app in your mobile

Delete your account by sending mail

  • Open your registered email account and compose a new mail
  • On subject enter the line "Request To Delete My Account"
  • Now write a letter to delete your account in your words.

How to restore Gleeden account

There can be a need to restore your Gleeden account. That need can be because of the reason that the person you matched with turns out to be a fraud, and because at first you thought that you have found your soulmate, you felt that there is no need of this app now, but anything can happen, even the person you choose for yourself can be found non compatible for you. Another reason can be, that at first you were forced by your husband to delete your account, and now that you have overcome his fear, you want to enjoy your ice too. And there can be so many other reasons. And because of these reasons there is a chance to restore your Gleeden account. If you have deleted or deactivated your Gleeden account and want to reactivate or restore your account, then you can do it.

Email the Gleeden app on its email id and include the following options below that correlate to your login method

  • The email address linked to your Apple login (this could have been created for you if you hid your email. Please check your phone settings for this email).
  • The email address linked to your Facebook account
  • Your Instagram username
  • Phone number (with your country code)
  • First and last name and/or name used in the app

Gleeden app is really useful for married women. Don't feel guilty in downloading the Gleeden app and making an account, if you are in an abusive relationship with your husband and want to find the actual love of your life, if you are not sexually satisfied with your husband (as adultery is legal in India), etc. At the end, it's your choice whether you want to make an account on Gleeden, and then whether you want to keep it or deactivate/delete your account or want to restore it again. Gleeden provides every facility which you may need. If you feel any difficulty, you can ask for help on the Gleeden website and they will help you with your questions and queries.


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