How to get Overseas Students for Teaching?

Education has always been an important part of our lives, without a proper education as equal to as illiterates. And thus, it also becomes highly important to see from which institute we are getting our education from? And not only that the faculty, the reputation of the institute everything matters. But earlier getting a foreign degree was so difficult and many people were unable to afford it but with the invention of the internet and social media everything is possible now and same is the case with getting overseas students for teaching.

how to get overseas studentys for teaching

Being on an international platform, being able to teach students’ world-wide, and gaining international success for their contribution in the field of education is a dream for many teachers. But it was difficult to achieve earlier without the invention of the internet as being able to teach international students meant either you go abroad to teach or your school or university has exchange programs through which international students come here to learn. But the chances of both happening are very less, however with the invention of internet the table have turned and now it is much more easier to get overseas for teaching. So how exactly can we achieve this goal?

How to get overseas students for teaching and some of them as follows:

Udemy, Domestika and other online platforms – On online platforms like these you can create your own courses and sell them and on such platforms you will be able to get international students as well and if you have an amazing response then it will help you create a perfect batch of students for you and will create a good reputation for you.

YouTube Channel – YouTube will work as an indirect method for you to gain international students. You can create your own videos and upload it on YouTube and because YouTube is an international social media platform, anyone can have access to your videos from all over the world and once you have got a good number of subscribers, you can even start your classes via zoom or Google meet.

Other social medial platforms like Twitter can also be of help, You can post on these global platforms about your classes or your profession as a teacher and let people know that you are interested in teaching students worldwide and interested people can contact you via mail or phone number if you have mentioned them in your bio.

And one of the best ways to get overseas/international students is through Facebook and how can that be done is mentioned below:  

  • Being a teacher from today’s generation, there are high chances of you having a Facebook account but if you don’t then first and foremost open an account.
  • After you have managed to open an account on Facebook, you can join various communities and groups related to teaching, parenting, and students and so on.
  • You can also join specific groups related to parents from other countries, where you can create posts for everyone to see and if they are interested they can get back at you.
  • Once a part of those groups you can create post that states that you are a teacher of a certain subject and wish to take online classes for the mentioned subject. Thus the interested people can contact you and once both the parties have agreed you can teach them by using Facebook Room (a feature by Facebook that allows up to 49 people in a room for a group video call).
  • You can launch a campaign on Facebook to gather students.
  • Or also can take help of any advertising agency who will help you advertise yourself and your class among Facebook users.
  • You can also self - upgrade your skills and also take external help for creating a group, page.
  • You can also create a business page on Facebook for yourself rather than a standard page as a business page will help you reach to more students and people than a normal standard page would ever do. 
  • Learn about Facebook business marketing and with the a help of Facebook launch an event or campaign advertising your classes or yourself as teacher who is looking for students to teach them online from the comfort of their homes.
  • You can all the information about Facebook marketing and business on
  • And last but not the least you can use other social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to advertise your Facebook page where you teach students online via Facebook rooms or other online platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, Google Classrooms and many more.

All the above mentioned ways are some of the best ways to get international students for teaching but according to me one of the best ways to get overseas students for teaching is that you as a teacher offer them something which the others are not offering them. It can either be your unique way of teaching or your amazing lecture notes or the subject that you teach. 

For example, if you look around nowadays many youngsters among with some adults as well are interested in learning about Korean culture and language because of its increasing popularity in the television, film and music industry. Thus a lot of people are finding online classes that will teach them basic Korean and it’s culture, so that they understand that country’s culture and people better.

Similarly we can teach people Hindi as many foreigners nowadays are interested in Hinduism, and Indian culture. So helping them learn about it and feeding to their curiosity will also help you gain overseas students.

Also, in a similar manner every country has something special to offer to the people outside our nation and thus as a teacher it is your duty to find something interesting for them to offer. Like Maths for example is a very common subject and every other Maths teacher can solve Questions just like the other just by following the rules of mathematics. But where is the fun in that, how will it make you different when you are teaching a very common subject like maths?

Well, the answer to this question is that you can adopt the learning style of Vedic Maths. It is learning style of mathematics mentioned in the book written by an Indian monk Bharathi Krishna Tirtha in 1965 which includes a list of mathematical solutions retrieved from the Vedas. And when you offer something which is different from the others, people will definitely be interested and also it has to be fun and exciting than your normal boring way of learning. 

So to conclude we can say that all the online platforms like Udemy, Facebook, Instagram, etc. can get you overseas students for teaching but also a unique way of teaching like no other, and subject that the students/people are interested in can also get you overseas students for teaching. And for all of this to happen, one also needs to keep in mind that they as a teacher also need to improvise their skills according to international standards, learn how to teach a class where people belong from diverse nations, race, ethnicity and cultures, who have gathered together to gain knowledge. 

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