How to end a first date: 13 reasons to end date without feeling awkward

 How to end a first date : 13 ways to end a date without feeling awkward 

How to end a first date: 13 reasons to end date without feeling awkward

First dates are odd, are not they? They can be charged. You are full of expectations and opportunities. You have first date butterflies in your stomach and can not stay for the evening to start.
On the other hand, your nerves are racked up to the maximum and you worry about the minimal details.
All you will be able to think about is that the preparation, the start, and also the actual date itself. What will you wear? How will the chat flow? What will you talk about? Will you hit it off or will it be super awkward?
No one stops to suppose about how the date will end. But ending the date on the correct terms is simply as important because of the date itself. Why? Because this is often the lasting impression you give your date before you allow.
But a date can go several ways. Maybe you had an amazing time. You felt there was a solid connection and you would like to ascertain this person again.
On the other hand, perhaps you had nothing in common with this person. You could tell by their body language that it did not go well and now you feel awkward in the last few moments of the evening.
Also, there is the scenario where your date likes you further than you like them. For you there just was not a spark and you do not want to give them false stimulants.
You see, there are many other ways to finish the first date.
So how does one avoid the end of date awkwardness?
13 Ways to finish a primary Date
If it went well and you would like to ascertain your date again


If you are during a diner it is easy to ascertain when the date is coming to an end. You will have finished eating and the server will present you with a bill. Now is the time to supply to pay half.
Generally, a gentleman will pick up the tab for a first date, but that does not mean you can not offer to pay your share.
You can say commodity along the lines of
“ I had a great time, why do not we resolve the bill?” or “ Can I pay half?”
Do not contend on paying half if a man wants to pay. It is still seen as a tradition and a male thing to do.


Still, perhaps you suppose you would like to see this person again If the night was not too bad. However, also as the night is winding down, throw in some hints that you would be over for an alternate date, If so. Keep it nice and casual so that you do not come across as too demanding, but not too vague so that it seems as if you are just being polite.
For illustration, you will use the subsequent
.“I enjoyed your company, I hope we will roll in the hay again soon.”
“ Thank you for bringing me to this diner. I know an honest place in town if you fancy going.”


Also again, if you are feeling confident and it had been the simplest date ever, you will be direct. Tell your date you would like to see them again. Make eye contact, touch them on anon-sexual part of their body similar to an arm or knee.
Say Commodity like
“ I had an incredible time tonight, are you free this weekend?”
“ There is a party at my friend’s club on Friday night, would you like to come?”
Be specific about a time and a place for the coming date.


The end of the night is often the foremost awkward, and it all revolves around whether to kiss your date goodnight. The trick is to not place too important significance on it.
Say to yourself that you are not setting this kiss up to lead anywhere, and it is not a route to sex. The end of the date kisses maybe a goodnight kiss which is all.
Now that we have established that it is simply a goodnight kiss, a simple thank you for a lovely evening you can give them a quick goodnight kiss on the impertinence.


You had an okay time, leave it until the coming day before your text to say and communicate that you hope to meet up again. However, Message that evening, If you had an amazing time and it was a stylish date.
Women love men that are direct and do not play mind games. Also, if you text a polite thank you Text you are more likely to get a positive answer to a request for a coming date.
If it did not go well and you do not want any further contact


Unfortunately, there are still some people who suppose that because they have paid for a night out it entitles them to commodity more. By paying for your half you are sending a veritably clear Text that you do not owe anything.
You are also sending a direct signal that you aren’t interested. However, but I have to contend on paying my half, If your date insists on paying the bill say I am sorry.’ Indeed if you sound like a broken record, stick to your guns and go your separate ways.
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