Top 7 Things to Know About COVID-19 and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the dream of every woman - but getting pregnant during the pandemic can be cumbersome and panicking! Pregnant women require an indefinite amount of care from their eating schedule to maintaining good hygiene. 

According to the physicians and the health workers, - 'They have been doing a huge amount of research in coming forward with the best predictions and the real-time based data about the effect of the coronavirus on pregnant women but it will take more months to present data with 100% precision.'

Based on what prospect of this major disease can affect the overall mental and physical health of the women who are about to conceive, the following article covers it all! 

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Top Things to Know About COVID-19 and Pregnancy?

The Topmost major things related to the effect of covid-19 in pregnant women have been covered below -

AWARENESS 1: Do the covid +ve mothers show different symptoms as compared to the normal people who tested +ve? 

The coronavirus is contagious and hence, it can be asymptomatic too! You do not need proof via physical or internal symptoms today to declare the virus transmission or infection in your body. 

According to one of the researchers and the small study case, - 'Almost the analysis was done for the 215 pregnant women in the hospitals of New York City. The results of such a study find out the shocking outcomes. The result of the study stated that there were almost 33 women who tested positive for the coronavirus. Also, out of these 33 women, 29 women were asymptomatic which further led to the point of concern.'  

AWARENESS 2: What major risks are associated with the transmission of the virus from the mother to her child?

According to the researchers, - 'there isn't any proof that the virus can be transmitted to the infant from her mother when he is still in her belly.' Although, it's stated that the transmission of the virus tenfolds when he is born and comes in contact with the mother who is covid +ve or has been covid +ve earlier. 

According to the observations made by the researchers, - 'Newborn babies are less likely to catch the virus as compared to the adult people.' 

Although, the question remains the question - till time more research is done on this subject. Maybe with the time and more deliveries from the covid +ve mothers, we will be able to get the answer with precision, that how much risks new infants can have by coming into this world from the covid + ve mothers. 


AWARENESS 3: Is there any evidence to prove which food is useful or harmful for the covid +ve tested pregnant women? 

As per the research, the risk of transmission of the covid from the packed or frozen foods available outside has got the least scope of transmitting the coronavirus. 

Also, there is still ongoing research to find any specific food that can increase the risk of coronavirus in pregnant women. 

But yes, undoubtedly a lot of pregnant women can take the normal diet recommended in the general pregnancy period. Eat healthy, green veggies, fresh fruits, and juice to build your immunity and to give birth to a healthy child.

Apart from this, in case you are going with chronic illnesses, you need to stay connected with your doctor to ask about food that can be taken during pregnancy and the food that must be avoided. 

AWARENESS 4: Is paying attention to the pregnancy during the coronavirus pandemic required? 

Obviously yes! Whether it's pandemic or not, pregnancy needs special care from eating food to wearing clothes. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, - 'Women must wear cloth masks and gloves when going out for emergency cases like hospitals or grocery stores!'

Multiple precautionary measures advice for the pregnant women via their respective doctors must be followed by them without any fail for a safe pregnancy. 

  • Make sure to wear loose clothes to relax your body
  • Eat healthy and immunity booster foods
  • Avoid junk, packed and food from outside
  • Visit doctors for the recommended body checkup to know all is well
  • Avoid public transport during pregnancy as it may increase the risk of catching the virus
  • Don't hold any heavy utensil during pregnancy
  • Keep your rooms sanitized and don't allow too many outsiders to visit your room as it might increase the risk of infection
  • Wash your hands often at least for the 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching your face, and other body parts unnecessarily

AWARENESS 5: Are pregnant women at a higher risk of catching the virus? 

After a few pieces of research on this subject, - 'The pregnant women hold the 10 fold tendency to catch the coronavirus and other severe diseases at a higher rate in comparison to the non-pregnant women or the general peer people around her.' 

According to the data, "the pregnant women who were having the chronic illnesses like heart-related complications, liver swelling, diabetes, and thyroid problem were twice at a danger of grabbing the Coronavirus disease."

Researchers also revealed the preterm birth from the covid positive pregnant women.

AWARENESS 6: What should be done in the situation when you are pregnant and tested positive at the same time?

If such a situation takes place, then all you should do is practice the recommended advice by the doctors especially the CDC & the OB-GYN. You should maintain the distance between people who are tested positive for the coronavirus and other people in general. 

You stepping out of the home must only be in the case of emergencies like going for a medical checkup. You should avoid traveling at any cost possible. 

The intake of ibuprofen is generally not recommended to relieve pain for pregnant women. It is because of the news that came out to prove that the intake of anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen or NSAIDS can potentially worsen the coronavirus case. In case of any pain or fever, you can take Acetaminophen to get instant relief. Although, take suggestions from the doctor before taking any medications as your case might be different. 

AWARENESS 7: Is there any chance of spreading the virus via breast milk? 

According to the experts, - 'There isn't any research that proves the scope of the transmission of the coronavirus from the mother to her child while breastfeeding.'

But if the caretaker of the child came out to be coronavirus +ve somehow, then the risk of the transmission of the virus from the caretaker to the newborn child increases. 

But, doctors on the other hand recommend, the pregnant mothers who have come out to be covid +ve and have delivered the baby in this state should adopt the measure of feeding their child via pumping of the milk instead of direct breastfeeding. 

Pregnancy brings happiness to the mother like nothing else! With the ongoing pandemic, mothers might feel depressed or have negative thoughts about what's going on in the outside world. All they need to do is control the stress and anxiety level by adopting good and healthy lifestyle measures. This time what you eat, what your drink, what you think - everything gets passed on to the infant in some way! Your unborn baby's health is also connected with your health. You surely won't expect your child to suffer because of this. Right? So, it's quintessential to maintain a POSITIVE & HEALTHY lifestyle to help you deliver your baby normally. 


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