What is Neena Gupta's "SACH KAHU TOH" book about?

Neena Gupta is an Indian actress and television director, She was born on 4th June 1956. She took her education from Delhi University National School of Drama. She got into acting and became an actress and television director. She, later on, got married to Vivek Mehra in 2008. And she got a baby girl her name is Masaba. She is known for her work in both art – house and commercial films, she won the national film award for best-supporting actress for playing a young widow role in Who Chokri in 1994. In 2018 she saw her career renewal for starring as a middle-aged pregnant woman in the comedy-drama Badhaai Ho, for which she won the Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actress and received a nomination for the film fare award for Best Actress.

Neena Gupta’s television appearances include a leading role in the drama series Saans in 1999 and as the host of the Indian version of the television quiz shows The Weakest Link, named Kamzor Kadil Kaun.

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Neena Gupta was born on 4th May 1959 in New Delhi to R.N.Gupta and attended The Lawrence School, Sanawar. Neena Gupta did her Master’s Degree and M.Phil in Sanskrit and is an alumnus of the National School of Drama in New Delhi.


Neena Gupta made appearances in serval international films, such as Gandhi in 1982, in which she played the niece of Mahatma Gandhi and Merchant Ivory films, The Deceivers in 1988, Mirza Ghalib in 1989 in custody 1993 and cotton marry 1999. She also made an impression in Indian parallel cinema such as Mandi in 1983, Rihaee 1988 Drishti 1990 and Suraj Ka Satvan Ghoda in 1992. These performances further established her profile in Indian movies alongside her art-house film contemporaries Rekha, Dimple Kapadia, Smita Patil and Shabana Azim. Despite this Neena Gupta never had a major commercial hit and found it difficult to find more dramatic roles.


Neena Gupta was in a relationship with former West Indian cricketer Vivian Richard in the 1980s. Together they have a daughter named Masaba Gupta. Since Richards was already married Neena Gupta decided to raise masaba on her own as a single mother. It was then that she chose to move from  New Delhi to Mumbai. In 2008, Neena Gupta married New Delhi based – chartered accountant Vivek Mehra in a private ceremony in the United States.


Neena’s daughter, clothier Masaba Gupta may be a drive to be reckoned with, however, the veteran actress mentioned that she did not have the funds to supply starting to her by way of the C-section methodology. The excerpt from her guide learns: “As my maturity approached, I started to worry as a result of I had little or no take advantage my account. I will afford a pure beginning as a result of it would price solely ₹2000. However, I knew if I needed to possess a C-section, I would be in bother as a result of the surgery price of nearly ₹10,000. Fortunately, a tax reimbursement of ₹9000 came using a variety of days before my supply and that I lastly ended up with ₹12,000 in my bank account .”


However, she shares her events of motherhood with joy and pride that only a mother can know. She credits the presence of Masaba not just for much that’s beautiful and joyous in her life, but life itself. Recounting a tragic incident when a fireplace engulfed the sets of television serial ‘The Sword of Tipu Sultan’ resulting in loss of the many lives, she shares how she had removed from the centre of the accident to see out on her daughter within the green room. What if she hadn’t? She shudders at the thought then can we at the possible consequences. 


West Indies cricketer and Masaba’s father Vivian Richards did not communicate with her for 5 years due to a cancelled journey. Neena Gupta wrote in her diary that they needed to cancel their journey on account of Masaba’s college admission. “However Vivian did not perceive the significance of it. Or perhaps I was not clear sufficient in explaining to him how troublesome it had been for a child in this state of affairs to urge admission during an excellent college. He thought I was not critical about assembly him and was simply making an excuse to drop out. This was not the case in any respect. He hung abreast of me, dismissive, and offended, and did not name me another time for five years.


One of them, yes. I have many, many regrets. I looked after my father for a very long time and so many years of his life, but on his last day, I got angry with him because he was being volatile about a very small thing. I got irritated with him and told him, ‘Do whatever you want to do’ and I went off for a walk. And I lost him. I keep telling myself that after doing such a lot for him for therefore a few years, why did I behave like this on his last day? We all have regrets. I keep thinking, ‘I should have spoken to him at that time and should not have walked away.


Neena Gupta talked about her guardian’s turbulent relationship. She said, My father was invasive sufficient to marry my mom for love. However, he was additionally a dutiful son who could not refuse when his father pressured him to marry one other lady from his neighbourhood.”

Neena Gupta adds, “This betrayal from my father shattered my mom to the extent that she truly tried and fortunately did not finish her life. It took me a short time to understand that it was not regular for fathers to travel away after dinner each night. Those fathers did not come house within the morning for breakfast and a change of garments before leaving for the workplace. Those fathers did not spend the evening with some variation of ‘Seema Aunty’.


Just a couple of years within the past, the veteran actress made headlines after she requested work on Instagram. After a couple of years, she was provided with a role in the film Badhaai Ho, which earned her crucial acclaim. Nonetheless, after she put up, Neena mentioned that she felt ashamed and was scared of what her daughter Masaba would say.

She wrote, “The media I will deal with; my friends asking me if I want to be okay if my life and marriage was okay if it is affecting. What was scaring Neena was her daughter, an extensively recognised and well-known clothier and the public determine, Masaba Gupta would say.” Neena  added that as an alternate she acquired a ‘lengthy and respectful message from her daughter who had shared my put up alongside her followers.’


Neena Gupta’s much-awaited memoir, which she wrote during the worldwide pandemic (lockdown) in 2020. And it realised in June 2021. The book is titled Sach Kahun Toh. After her popular video series on Instagram where she shared her life advice and reflections. 

Neena Gupta’s memoir ‘Sach kahun toh’ is her story of a life well lived on her terms dignity and grace. While little about her life is unknown to the public, in this candid memoir Neena chronicles her extraordinary personal and professional journey. The book is divided into five parts wherein her life unfolds chronologically. 

In part one ‘Delhi girl’ and years at National School of Drama; In part two ‘Bombay girl’ is about her early years of struggle in the city of dreams; In part three ‘The Princess Arrives’ is about how Neena’s life changed when she decided to become a single – parent to Masaba; part four ‘Mad Times’ is about her career-high in TV followed by finally getting her big break in films through Badhaai Ho and the last part four Neena Gupta’s and a Mehra is where she dedicates a chapter each to her close family members.

‘Sach kahun toh’ is a telling memoir about her life experience that has made Neena Gupta an iconic personality. While it gives the readers a glimpse of what makes her a strong woman, it also tries to showcase her as so unconventional as people perceive her to be. From becoming an actor from a middle-class background to breaking stereotypes, to being a single parent to finally finding love and having a family on her terms.


This is Neena Gupta’s story told in her own words. It’s noted that the author has tried to have a fine balance between revealing intimate details from her life to respecting other people’s privacy by concealing their identities in the book. Overall, the charm of this memoir lies in Neena Gupta’s honest and conversational writing styles. Fans of the actor would admire her a bit more being brave and resilient after reading the book. 

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