10 ways to Keep your Long Distance Relationship Alive and Kickin.

 How to Keep your Long Distance Relationship Alive and Kickin?

Unconditional is a weird word.

If you know it’s worth, you are precious!”

Love is a beautiful feeling. It's about living in each other's comfort, caring for each other, be like each other and still not changing yourself completely. However, the efforts should come from both sides. Relationships come with a tagline like those in fragile products ''Handle With Care''.

Most of the couples start their relationship on a good note but gradually change and end on a bad note. Ending things is not the way out. Blaming each other won't do. If there's something wrong, both of them are responsible. Nobody wants to fight or make things messy intentionally. It's basic human nature to blame people and not accept their own mistakes.surviving with each other till the last breath isn't easy. There are certain things which every couple must keep in mind if at all they want to survive and live together in a long distance relationship.


Almost over 2 percent of people in the US are in a long distance relationship. This includes married couples as well as military couples. Number of military couples in a long distance relationship is staggering around 3.75 Million to 7.5 Million. According to a 2018 survey, almost 80 percent of long distance relationships last and 35 percent of relationships result in breakups after getting geographically close. Sad, but true. Efforts matter. Some research also says that 40 percent of relationships eventually come to an end. 28 percent of relationships fail when people do not plan out or are not ready for accepting changes. Studies record almost 75 percent of college students to be in long distance relationships. This can be a relationship which eventually turns into a long distance relationship or just a new found love or fling online.

Here's a quick guide to top 10 things that long distance couples should keep in mind to stay together, come what may. This should come from both sides because it's about You as a couple.

1.Forget your past (if any)-  before stepping into a new relationship such that it doesn't affect your new partner. Respect the decision you guys took in the past. Past does not ruin anything until and unless you allow it to ruin things and become dominant in your life. Keeping contact with your previous partner is okay (only if you want to) to the extent it's healthy and does not affect your new relationship. It should not affect your connection with your new partner.

2.Do not compare your partner with anyone else - It affects the self confidence of a person. Love the person the way he or she is. Yes, you can definitely suggest something to your partner but suggest it to that person only and avoid using sentences like '' be like him or her ''.

3.There should be privacy between you guys - Sharing things which are supposed to be with you both is not the way. If there's something wrong between you guys, talk to each other instead of sharing it with others and making it a mess.

4.The most important thing is Time - Try and spend some time with each other. If not several times a day, talk to each other at least once. A person may be busy the whole day but 15 minutes for the person you love, isn't much to ask for. If not a phone call, try and text each other and send replies to the same

5.Do not lie to each other-  Lies can not be a foundation to any relationship. Long distance relationships already have a lot of space for suspicion and lies add to it. Even if the other person does not know that you are lying , still you are lying to them and betraying them without their notice. Build trust with truth and not lies. Be honest.

6.Friends are important but do not keep your partner below them - when you are in a long distance relationship, you stay in a different place, surrounded by different people and the same thing happens with your partner as well. You are not around your partner all the time or in the same city. When you choose to be with him or her, you choose to be with the person. If a person can make an effort to make you happy or cancel plans to see you, you should also respect that and try to treat them the same. In the case of a long distance relationship, calls and texts matter no matter how busy you should inform what you are up to and if you are not doing something important, give them the time they deserve. 

7.Every relationship will not remain new forever - It's about how much effort you both put in to keep it as fresh as you started dating. Effort does not define exchanging gifts. It defines efforts to stay together. Long distance couples should follow this to be together and end up being together. Even if you fall out of love , start reviving it again and communicate

8.Do not lose interest in your partner once you start dating-  Feel the warmth when you guys are together. People say distance increases the amount of love and warmth between a couple but it is not the case every time. Long distance relationships stand upon video calls and texts. Distance is disturbing sometimes , but you need to get through it.

9.Respect - respect  each other in every situation and support each other in every decision. This will let the relationship grow and help you to be together

10.Find a home in your partner - Feel free to share everything with him or her. Hiding things makes stuff worse. If you guys have promised each other to be together. Keep it. Show your partner that yes you are an important part of my life.

Long distance is a bit tough but not impossible. If you love each other, you will be together. Relationships aren't easy but surviving with each other is a beautiful feeling. Finding each other by side in every ups and downs is even better. Your partner does not treat you the way he or she treats others. So do not judge or initiate a fight by looking at how the person treats others.

Promise to stay by each other's side. Be a true example to loyalty , unconditional love , a promise not broken and forever. Where there's a will, there's a way. If you want to stay together , you will end up staying together. Stay together, be together and yes trust each other and do not betray each other . Being honest is the big key.

All the best to the couples on their beautiful journey of love. May their journey never come to a halt, Amen. Love and peace from me to you.

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