Best Skin Care Clinic in Bengaluru

 Best Skin Care Clinic in Bengaluru

The silicon valley of India, known as the IT hub renowned for the world’s major IT corporations, start-ups, and Indian tech companies. Bengaluru is a victim of several skin ailments, but it does offer a wide range of skincare clinics for all skin types and people from all walks of life.

While everything has become so fast, the increase in pollution has only damaged the skin. People hardly have time to think and take care of one of the largest organs in our body that is our skin. Proper skin isn’t about looks or physical appearance, it’s more about staying healthy. Unhealthy skin is susceptible to infection and skin allergy. 

Healthy skin is a must  

Like all our body parts even our skin changes and grows, so you need to be observant. Keep the skin hydrated enough, have a balanced diet that provides your skin with minerals and vitamins, using sunscreen can also be of great help. 

Sometimes the skin needs special attention from the dermatologist. One must otherwise also visit a skincare clinic for proper checkups and conditioning. These dermatologists perform specialized diagnostic procedures related to skin conditions. 

Skin Cancer insight 

They arise from skin and different cells that have the ability to expand or spread and can also be highly infectious. The unpaired DNA damage triggers the mutation. Here are 3 types of skin cancer 

  • Basal Cell Carcinoma

  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma 

  • Markel Cell Carcinoma 

According to numerous studies conducted the major causes of skin cancer are the UV tanning beds and also the harmful rays from the sun. But if you detect skin cancer early it can be cured easily without any surgery and sometimes it can also be detected early before it penetrates thecan skin.

Here are some symptoms that you can look out for and get cured easily. 

  •  A pearly white, skin-colored, or pink bump

  • A brown, black, or blue lesion

  • A flat, scaly, reddish patch

  • A white, waxy, scar-like lesion

You can reduce your risk of skin cancer by limiting or avoiding exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Checking your skin for suspicious changes can help detect skin cancer at its earliest stages. Early detection of skin cancer gives you the greatest chance for successful skin cancer treatment.

Make an appointment with your doctor if you notice any changes to your skin that worry you. Not all skin changes are caused by skin cancer. Your doctor will investigate your skin changes to determine a cause.

Skincare clinic in Bengaluru


Amidst the hustle-bustle of work and city life, it becomes a tedious task when it comes to picking the right skin clinic.

We bring a list of the best skincare clinics in Bengaluru that can be of great help during times of distress. 

Olivia Advanced hair and skin clinic 

One of the best skin clinics with services like scar treatment, wart removal, and other pigment-related treatments.

Sun Clinic
Headed by DR. B. Rahul Shetty a skin specialist, Services provided are breast augmentation, chemical peel, and reconstructive surgery, and facelift. They can also be contacted online.

NU Cosmetic Clinic

The clinic provides services like wart removal, anti-aging treatment, laser treatment, botox, and tattoo removal.

Kaya Skin Clinic

One of the very well-known clinics is headed by DR. Sindhu P.S.
The services provided range from hair removal treatment to skin rejuvenation to hair breakage. 

 Wish Integrated Cosmetic Clinic 

One of the best and renowned clinics headed by DR. Minu Jain is the one-stop solution for all your skin-related problems. 


Vibes is one of the popular skin clinics in Bangalore. It provides services like laser resurfacing, botox and filler injections, hair fall treatment, acne /pimple treatment, scar treatment, and allergy treatment, and decent charges.

DR. Gaurav’s Skin Clinic

Dr. Saurav’s Skin Clinic is one of the best skin clinics in Bangalore. The clinic is headed by Dr. Kisalay Saurav who is an expert skin specialist with over 11 years of experience in the field of Dermatology. Some of the services that he provides include facelift, acne treatment, fractional skin, hair loss treatment, and rejuvenation.

Kushal Clinic 
Kushal Skin Clinic is a quiet skin clinic among the youth. The clinic is headed by Dr. Kushalappa who has experience of over 12 years as an expert Dermatologist. Some of the services that the clinic provides include wart removal, freckle removal, mole removal, hair loss treatment, laser hair reduction, and anti-aging treatment.

Amba Laser Clinic 

Amba Laser Skin Clinic is one of the best skin clinics in Bangalore. The clinic is headed by Dr. Arun Kumar who is an expert Dermatologist with over 21 years of experience. Some of their services include wart removal, acne treatment, scar treatment, liposuction, hair loss treatment, tattoo removal, dermabrasion. 

Dermasculpt Hair Tranplant and Skin Clinic 
Dermasculpt Hair Transplant and Skin Clinic is regarded as one of the well-known skin clinics in Bangalore. The clinic is headed by Dr. Deepak Devakar who has experience of around 14 years in the field of Dermatology. Some of the services offered include hair loss treatment, chemical peel, facelift, hyperpigmentation treatment, stretch marks treatment, and sunspots treatment.


According to a study and article published by vogue- Indian skin is exposed to a lot of heat and temperature and therefore people have high chances of facing skin-related issues. The Indian skin on a whole is prone to a lot of pigmentation, exposing skin to a lot of bleach can worsen the case further.

According to a study published in the Lancet, projections indicate that by 2030 NCDs will account for almost 75% of all deaths in India, and the years of life lost due to coronary heart disease will be greater in that country than in China, the Russian Federation and the United States of America combined.

In the hospital-based cancer registries (HBCUs), cancer of the cervix is the leading site of cancer in Bangalore and Chennai.

A recent population-based cancer registry data of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) shows that Bangalore has 113 male and 139 female cancer patients per 100,000. The Cancer Atlas published by the ICMR indicates that thyroid cancer is more prevalent in the coastal areas of Karnataka and Kerala. The most common skin concerns on the Indian’s face according to a study by Dr. Sharad are periorbital melanosis and perioral melanosis. Other than this PCOS is a major problem in Indian women and can show up in the form of acne and oily skin. Therefore, if at any time you develop any skin problem, clinics in Bangalore are what you can eye on.  Go for the Cure. If at any point in time, you developed a desire of opting in for skin related treatments, then, this list of the top 10 best skin care clinics in Bangalore is what you must keep hand to get treated by some of the talented and experienced personnel of the industry, who could put an end to all your ailments in one go. Take care of every symptom and do not ignore them. Also always take care of yourself and your skin during such unprecedented times. 


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