How to get a Job through online interview ,easily?

Everything changed when the pandemic began. Earlier work from home was not really a thing but now it is. The work people used to do from the office, they are now doing it from home. Isn’t it great? For getting their jobs done and filling gaps in their organisation, companies are hiring people through online interviews. Nothing is stopped in this pandemic, everything is the same but the approach is different. People started thinking differently. Pandemic taught that an entire organisation can be run online without any compromise.

There are numerous video conferencing softwares available to conduct interviews from the comfort of homes. The biggest advantage is that the aspiring candidate does not have to relocate themselves. The candidates can appear for the interview from any place and the interviewers can conduct the interview from wherever they are. Video interviews have acquired fame over the course of the years with organizations of different sizes on the grounds that they employ professionals. Many candidates have experienced the advantages.


The video interviews are particularly helpful during the underlying phases of screening applicants, saving significant time and assets, and smoothing out the recruiting cycle. Online interviews have a very different experience for both the interviewer and the interviewee. It saves on a lot of time and resources for sure. Conducting and appearing for interviews from offices can be really tiring. Anyway, we want this pandemic to end but there are many people who think working online is better. 

Statistics - 

Almost 86 percent of organisations are conducting online job interviews which is a lot. Around 85 percent of the organisations are using new technologies to hire people for jobs. If 250 people apply for a job, not everyone gets called for interviews. It is likely that only few people get a call for personal interviews. Which can be around just 2 to 3 percent of the entire number of applications. There are 75 percent chances of gen Z’s to contribute to the workforce by 2025. People might need 2 to 3 interviews before they have a final job with the company. 60 percent of human resource professionals use video interviews to hire people. Online interviews are six times faster than in person interviews. Online job interviews have increased by a whooping 49 percent since 2011. 

Reasons why getting a job through online interview is easier are as follows -

  • Your interview location is home - everything becomes easier when you are at home. All that stress remains but then you need not handle the extra stress of reaching a location on time, getting a cab or bus, preparing on the way and other extra stuff. For online interviews we just have to be there on a meeting link and that’s it. Get hired from home. You can get a peaceful corner at home plus there is no chance of looking at other aspiring candidates and think that there are lesser chances of getting hired. Here at home you can just concentrate on yourself without any fear of other competitors and avoid getting more nervous in real time. Isn’t it amazing!
  • Less time taken - online interviews speed up the entire process and can be easily done. The less time taken , the less stressed you are. When people answer questions swiftly, their chances of getting hired increases. Online interviews save time for both interviewers and the interviewee . Online interviews are very easy to schedule from both ends. 
  • Reduces the stress - many people get nervous when it comes to in person interviews. They cannot really express their thoughts openly and confidently because they become stressed after many interview rounds and if anything goes wrong in any of the previous rounds, then it  really affects the final personal interview. Here at home, you get time to take shower, get ready with ease without the tension of going outside and reaching a particular location on time. Therefore , the stress factor is really low in online interviews. 
  • Answering questions -  employers will ask questions anyway whether it's a physical interview or online interview but the biggest advantage in case of online interview is that the employee doesn’t have to face the interviewer in person. In case  of online interviews one can consider it as a video call where they are giving interviews. In case something is messed up, leaving the room is not awkward. The leave button is just a click away. 
  • Cost effective - online interviews can save the cost of travel and other expenditures because whatever we need is available at home. When we have what we want we are confident and people who are confident have greater chances of getting hired.
  • You can be prepared - online interviews give us chances to prepare well and guess what you are not distracted from the preparation. You need not pay attention to find the correct location or paying the driver. You can just wake up, get ready and be prepared for the interview. It is that simple. Forget about surroundings and just focus on yourself and your interview.
  • Relieving stress without fear of getting watched - people are generally stressed when it comes to interviews and people have different ways of relieving stress. One can listen to music in public but cannot do Yoga or power posing to make things easier. One cannot do these things in public due to the fear of getting watched and the fear that what if they miss out on their name being called but here at home they can literally do whatever they want to in order to relieve stress. Yoga, power posing, meditation , music, anything and most importantly they can relax at the most comfortable corner of their home without getting distracted by other competitors and their desire to get hired.
  • You are the only person interviewing - when we do not see people around us, we feel that we are the only person appearing for the interview and for a moment we tend to forget that already there are few more people standing in the queue with us. We receive an email regarding the interview, and all we worry about is entering the meeting link on time and that is it. There is no harm in forgetting that there are more people who applied for the position, if that feeling can make us feel better.
  • Family support - your family will always be there for you even if something goes wrong. The thought of having them with you is divine and nothing can replace that divine feeling. You can come out of the room and share your fears with them, and they will definitely make you feel better, you need not face all the fears of the pressure test situation or the stress interview alone. Even if you have to appear for the interview alone, you will still feel that your family is just outside your room. 

“ interviews are the pathways to success “ - Unknown

Now that we know why it is easier when interviews are conducted from home, it is now even easier to stand out and shine in these interviews very easily. When a person is less stressed , it is highly likely that the person is more confident because they do not have any other tension except the job interview and in turn there are higher chances of getting hired in an interview. Being fully prepared for the interview is all that is required to shine and everything comes following easily. Good luck for your next big day to come. 


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