Sammi Cheng’s struggles with depression, plus 4 more Hong Kong celebrities who opened up about mental health

Sammi Cheng’s struggles with depression, plus 4 more Hong Kong celebrities who opened up about mental health, from Cantopop darling Fiona Sit to TVB actor Louis Cheung. 

As more individuals across the globe are taking a stand in opposition to the significance of mental prosperity, Hong Kong is seeing a lot of big names being transparent with their battles with mental illness. 


Canto-pop diva Sammi Cheng broadly went on a rest at the stature of her vocation to keep an eye on her emotional well-being, while combative techniques goddess Kara Hui as of late uncovered her fights with gloom. 

Hong Kong entertainer Sammi Cheng subsequent to winning the greatness in Asian film grant at the Asian Film Grants in Hong Kong in Walk 2017. 

Sammi Cheng was Hong Kong’s definitive pop diva during the 1990s and mid-2000s. Winning various honours for her collections, just as for her exhibitions on the cinema, she all things considered combat genuine melancholy for a very long time beginning in 2005. During a meeting advancing the 2013 film, Dazzle Criminal investigator, she talked openly about her fight with the sickness and referred to it as an extraordinary encounter. 

“I was quite awful at it previously,” she said. “I generally kept the negative sentiments inside, or communicated them more exceptionally, for example, having a tantrum. Having misery truly transformed me. I currently have a more hopeful point of view.”

Kara Hui (aka Kara Wai Ying-hung)

In a recent interview with Carina Lau on her talk show, 對照記, which suggests “reflection chronicles”, she revealed that she struggled with depression at the height of her fame. Dubbed the “Martial Arts Goddess”, Hui won her first Hong Kong Film Award (HKFA) in 1982 but was overwhelmed by negative press coverage, with reporters questioning her acting and her looks.

“When my depression was at its worst, I wont to be crying each day. I assumed I wont to be rubbish and useless,” Hui told Lau. This ultimately led to a suicide attempt within the first 2000s. Fortunately, the actress made a full recovery and a comeback, winning multiple accolades including her recent HKFA best-supporting actress award for Tracey. She ended the interview by saying that the ups and downs she had experienced in her life were like most people’s two lifetimes.

Shawn Yue

In a recent Instagram story, Hong Kong actor and singer Shawn Yue talked about his experience with a mental disorder. Within the post, Yue talked about how he had his first episode on an ad flight three years ago.

He said: “I suddenly got very scared. My hands and feet were numb, which I couldn’t breathe. I felt like I wont to be going to die, so I rushed to the steward and said ‘I can’t [fly], I might wish to travel back, I don’t want to fly.”

“The steward asked if there was a doctor on the plane, and there happened to be a faraway doctor. After the doctor checked me, he gave me a tranquilliser which I managed to end the journey safely. Later, I visited to see a doctor and it had been confirmed that [I have] mental disorder .”

Despite continuing to struggle with the disorder, he remains optimistic. “Don’t be afraid, the illness is getting to be cured,” he said.

Fiona Sit

Fiona Sit burst into Hong Kong’s music scene at the tender age of 18 within the first 2000s. Considered one of Canto-pop’s darlings, she shot to fame with silver and tiny screen appearances thereafter.

She once divulged to hosts Sammi Cheng and Lawrence Cheng on their TV show Joyful Athkii that she exhibited signs of severe depression as early as 2008. She became enthusiastic about the thought of suicide, and it wasn’t until she talked to her friend Khalil Fong, who convinced her to not die, that she sought help.

It took a year of rehabilitation, but she finally returned to her former self, saying that her recovery involved being more optimistic about life.

Louis Cheung

TVB actor Louis Cheung has been married to Canto-pop queen Kay Tse since 2007, but her meteoric rise to fame during their courtship damaged Cheung’s psyche.

An actor and media personality in his title, Cheung’s achievements were greatly overshadowed by his wife’s stardom. During a 2015 talk show, Cheung confessed that he used to be affected by depression over negative comments made by Tse’s fans since she earned extra cash than he did. He was labelled “soft rice king”, which suggests a kept man, thanks to the difference in their financial standings.

“They called me incompetent and a useless husband,” said Cheung, who added that he even considered suicide.

However, as Cheung’s career gained momentum in tandem with the couple’s unwavering marriage, the online hate cooled down. Cheung said their marriage is ultimately stronger thanks to the experience.

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