Vaccination of Pregnant Women: Pilot Project at Panchkula, Is it Safe?


According to the rules, pregnant women ought to be given all data about the dangers of Coronavirus disease in pregnancy and the advantages of immunization alongside the reasonable incidental effects before vaccination. 

Following go ahead given from Govt., on July 2, a vaccination drive for pregnant women was started in Panchkula at Civil Hospital in Sector 6 today.

Dr Veena Singh, General director, Health Service, started off the mission. Something like 11 eager moms got hit on day 1. 

Despite the fact that the locale proceeded with the vaccination today, it is yet to finish instructional courses of all ASHA and ANM workers who can additionally guide pregnant women about the vaccine. Educating the ASJA and ANM workers will be essential step for managing vaccination for Pregnant women in India's weak rural health care.

Dr Meenu Sasan, District Vaccination Official, said they chose to do it from Civil Hospital in Sector 6 as the office have prepared staff, including instructors. 

“We are yet in the period of preparing the staff for guiding pregnant women. The individuals who have the preparation can direct the pregnant women who come for antenatal registration at wellbeing focuses,” she said. 

Hesitancy another challenge for Vaccination of Pregnant Women

For the Health Department persuading pregnant women to get vaccinated is another test, particularly in towns and provincial regions where husbands and In-laws settle on choices for them. 

“One of the fundamental worries among pregnant women stays that the vaccine will influence the child. However it certainly will not be simple for us, we are confident. As vaccination reluctance among different gatherings has disappeared, we anticipate something similar in the event of pregnant women,’’ said Dr Meenu, adding that they would likewise request that their staff members do their touch to increase awareness 

On increasing vaccination habitats for pregnant women, she said they would initially zero in on the culmination of instructional courses. 

The CMO, Dr Mukta Kumar, said a pregnant lady who settled on vaccination could get jabbed at any phase of pregnancy. 

“The gap between the two doses (contingent on which vaccine they will be controlled) will be equivalent to for different gatherings,’’ she said. 

In the interim, Dr Veena Singh said: “Coronavirus disease can cause women pregnancy-related complications. Vaccination will give them protection.”

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